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Открытый урок по теме: "School subject" в 8 классе

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План конспект открытого урока по английскому языку.

Класс: 8 «Б»

Тема: «My school days»

Дата проведения: 13.12.2014

Время: 14.00

Цель задачи урока: обобщить и систематизировать знания учащихся по теме « Школа».


-Закрепить изученный лексический и грамматический материал  по теме «Школа»;

- Развивать умение говорить о любимом учебном предмете, используя изученную лексику.

-Формировать умения и навыки чтения.

-Совершенствовать коммуникативные навыки школьников;

-Формировать грамматические навыки: спряжение «Direct & Indirect speech


-развивать монологическую и диалогическую речь учащихся;

-развивать творчество, внимание, наблюдательность, мышление;

-развивать интеллектуальную и эмоциональную сферу личности учащихся.


-Воспитание положительного отношения к школе, желания учиться.

-Расширять кругозор учеников;

-Обучение культуре общения.

Учебный материал:

-учебник English 8 class

-раздаточный материал.

Оснащение урока:

- Мультимедийная установка;

- Наглядный материал.

Применяемые технологии

коммуникативно-ориентированное обучение;

-развитие познавательных интересов;

-личностно-ориентированное обучение;

-игровые технологии.

  1. Организационный момент. Приветствие.

  2. Определение темы урока и постановка цели и задач урока.

  3. Основная часть урока.

  1. Фонетическая зарядка.

  2. Систематизация лексических единиц.

    1. фронтальный  опрос учащихся.

  3. Развитие навыков аудирования

  4. Физминутка.

  5. Reading (Развитие навыков  чтения).

  6. Развитие навыков монологической и диалогической речи:

  7. Writting ( письменное задание).

  8. Reading (Развитие навыков  чтения).

  9. Развитие навыков аудирования (с использованием ноутбука)

IV  Пояснение домашнего задания.

V Подведение итогов.



                                            ХОД УРОКА.

I. Приветствие.

T: Good day, boys and girls.

P-s: Good day teacher!

T: I’m glad to see you. Sit down please and let’s begin our lesson.

II. Определение темы урока и постановка цели и задач урока:

-The theme of our lesson is “ My School  days”.

Today we’ll speak about your favourite school subjects and objects.

 remember the words, we’ve studied before, read the text, play various games, sing the songs.

III.Основная часть урока.

1.Фонетическая зарядка.

Let’s do our phonetic exercise

Classroom rap

Come into the classroom,

And say you name.

Hand in your homework.

Don’t play game!

Open the window.

Close the door.

Look at the teacher.

Stand on the floor.

Now clean the blackboard.

Don’t sit over there!

Work with your classmate.

Don’t brush your hair!

Read your English book,

And count to eight.

Pick up your pencil.

Don’t talk to your mate!

2. Активизация знаний учащихся:

What’s the date is today?

P: Today is the 13th of December

T: What day of the week is today?

P: Today is Saturday

T: What is the weather like today?

P: It is cold. It is snowy. It is sunny.

T: What season is it now?

P: It is winter.

T: Do you like winter? Why?

P: Yes, I do. We have New Year holidays.

Now let’s speak about school subjects.

- What subjects do you know?

Вставить предметы

What is your favourite school  object?

Развитие навыков аудирования.

Listen to me and try to guess the subject.

  1. You can sing different songs at this lesson.( Music)

  2. You can draw pictures at this lesson. (Art)

  3. You can count and do sums at this lesson. ( Maths)

  4. You listen to music or sing at this lesson. (Music)

  5. You run, jump, play football, basketball, volleyball at this lesson. (P.E.)

  6. You use computers at this lesson. (Computer Studies)

  7. You study cities and countries at this lesson. (Geography)

  8. You study historical events and their dates at this lesson. (History)

  9. You study chemical elements, the structure of substances and chemical reactions at this lesson. (Chemistry)

  10. You study physical objects, substances and natural forces such as light, heat and movement at this lesson. (Physics)

  11. You study living things at this lesson. (Biology)

  12. You learn how to behave in dangerous situations at this lesson. (The Basics of Life Safety)

  13. You learn foreign language at this lesson. (English)

Переделайте предложения из прямой в косвенную речь:

1    Robert said,' This film is very funny'.
...Robert said (that) the film was very funny...

2    'I'm starting a new job next week,' she said.
3    'I got my exam results last week,' he told them.
4    'I can't afford to buy this dress,' said Sally.
5    'I would buy a car if I had enough money,' he said to her.
6    Frank said, 'That's the house where I was born.'
7   ' That was a wonderful party,' said Jill.
8    'Oranges grow in hot countries,' the teacher says.
9    'A lot of people visit museums,' he said.
10    'This is a very famous statue,' the tour guide told us.
11    'I don't like that jacket,' said Bob.
12    'I'm lost,' the boy said.
13    'I may be a little late this evening,' she said.
14    'You'd better clean up this mess,' Mum said to Claire.
15    'I've already done the shopping,' she said.
16    'I found this note under the sofa,' said Sue.
17    'I won't be late again,' he said to us.
18    'If I finish work early, I'll call you,' she said.
19    'I've been training hard recently,' he told the reporters.
20    'Shall I make some tea?' said Zoe.
21    'We must go home now,' said the man to his children.
22    'Those are the boys who chased me,' Sarah said.
23    'I'm going to a party tonight,' Lynne told her friends.
24    'I used to have long hair,' Laura said.
25    'There is too much violence on TV,' says Grandad.
26    'You ought to make a decision soon,' Andrew told her.

Ответы к упражнению:

  1. Robert said (that) the film was very funny.

  2. She said (that) she was starting a new job the following week.

  3. He told them (that) he had got his exam results the week before.

  4. Sally said (that) she couldn't afford to buy that dress.

  5. He said to her (that) he would buy a car if he had enough money.

  6. Frank said (that) it was the house where he was born.

  7. Jill said that it was a wonderful party.

  8. The teacher says that oranges grow in hot countries.

  9. He said that a lot of people visited museums.

  10. The tour guide told us that it was a very famous statue.

  11. Bob said that he didn't like that jacket.

  12. The boy said that he was lost.

  13. She said that she might be a little late that evening.

  14. Mum said to Claire that she had better clean up the mess.

  15. She said that she had already done the shopping.

  16. Sue said that she had found the note under the sofa.

  17. He told us that he wouldn't be late.

  18. She said that if she finished work early she would call me.

  19. He told the reporters that he had been training hard recently.

  20. Zoe offered to make some tea.

  21. The man said to his children that they had to go home then.

  22. Sarah said that those were the boys who had chased her.

  23. Lynne told her friends that she was going to the party that night.

  24. Laura said she used to have long hair.

  25. Grandad says that there is too much violence on TV.

  26. Andrew told her that she ought to make a decision soon.

Развитие навыков монологической речи:

Look at the screen, complete the story about the child.

(-Hi! I’m  Betty. I’m eight. I’m in Year 4 at school. I like English and Russian, but my favorite  subject is Music.)


-Open your copybooks. Write the day of today. The -- of October.

Write the story about Betty.( самостоятельная работа учащихся).

( She is...)

V Подведение итогов и пояснение домашнего задания.

Your homework will  write the same story about your friend.

Чем запомнился вам наш урок? Понравился или нет? Почему?

         Сегодня вы активно поработали на уроке, выполнили много заданий, я поставила вам такие оценки... (после этого учитель раздает смайлики)

На смайлах дети пишут рефлексию урока как и что им понравилось

Our lesson is over.

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