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Открытый урок по Великобритании


План открытого урока по английскому языку в 6 классе «Великобритания»

Бигулова Зарина Казбековна.

  1. Организационный момент

  1. What day is it today?

  2. What is the date today?

  3. What season is it now?

  4. What are we going to do now

  5. What are we going to speak about?

  1. Home task: Well, you said that we are going to speak about Great Britain.

You will do it because tomorrow you are to write a composition “My Favourite Part of the United Kingdom”.

So, open your record books and write down your home task.

  1. Explanation of the composition.

Your composition should have an introduction, the main part and a conclusion.

Can you begin your composition with the sentence “My favourite part of the UK is Britain, for example?

What should you write in the introduction?

  1. Where is the UK situated? Look at the map of Europe and answer.

(P1- the UK is situated in the West of Europe.

P2- the UK is situated in the Western part of Europe.

P3-the UK is situated on the islands in the west of Europe)

2. What is the full name of this country?

3. Of how many parts does the UK consist?

4. What are they?

So, these four sentences should be in your introduction.

Then you can start describing your favourite part.

What should you write in the conclusion?

It would be very nice of you if you write some proverb. For example, So many people, so many minds; Tastes differ.

Then I like to use the following expression- And it is up to you to decide what is the best part of the United Kingdom, but I like……best of all.

  1. Actualization of knowledge.

And now imagine that our guests don’t know anything about the United Kingdom and your task is to persuade them to go to your favourite part.

Well, let’s start.

Look at these pieces of paper.

What are they?

Who can solve the puzzle and make the map of the UK?

And now you will tell us about your favourite part of the UK.

P1- England is the largest part of the UK. Its symbol is the red rose, symbolizing peace; its patron saint is St George. The country is divided into 5 regions: the Southeast, the Southwest, East Anglia, the Midlands and the North of England. London, the capital of the UK, is in the Southeast. The Southwest is famous for its pirates and its romantic past. East Anglia is the birthplace of Oliver Cromwell, an English general and a politician. The Midlands are connected with William Shakespeare and Oxford University. The North of England is famous for the Lake District and Hadrian Wall.

By the way, what is the Russian for

- the Midlands (Центральные графства Великобритании)?

-the Lake District (Озерный Край)?

-what is the Ossetian patron saint? You see? We have the same roots, the same patron saints.

And now e shall play. Some of you will read the description of the 5 regions and you are to guess what region is it.

P1: The heart of England, the largest industrial area, the industrial cities of Manchester, Sheffield, the big port of Liverpool. The birthplace of Shakespeare. (The Midlands)

P2: An area with a lot of wild and lonely parts, the city of York is situated here. Many tourists come here to look at the ruins of Hadrian’s Wall. (The North of England)

P3: A farming region with a lot of small family farms, the most westerly point of Great Britain. Stonehenge is situated here. (The Southwest)

P4: A highly populated region, a lot of industry near the Thames, the garden of England, the main ports and airports are situated here. (The Southeast)

P5: A very flat area, Cambridge and the Fens are situated here. Oliver Cromwell was born here. (East Anglia)

P2- Scotland is the country situated to the North of England. Its symbol is a thistle; its patron saint is St Andrew. The country is divided into Highlands and Lowlands. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. It is known as the Athens of the North and is divided into the Old Town and the New Town. In the Old Town you can see the Castle, Holyrood House, the residence of the Queen and a modest monument to a dog Bobby. Princess Street is the main tourist attraction of the New Town. It is the main shopping center.

P3- Wales is situated to the west of England. Its symbol is a daffodil; its patron saint is St David. Cardiff is the capital of Wales and the main port. Rugby is the national game of Wales. The Welsh speak English but the Welsh language is widely spoken too. Even if your English is fluent you won’t be able to understand Welsh. It is the land of mountains, fields, forests, waterfalls and streams. Snowdon, the second highest mountain in Britain is in Wales too.

And what is the highest mountain in Great Britain?

Ben Nevis. Its height is 1344metres.

Snowdon. Its height is 1085 metres.

Lysaya Mountain. Its height is 1036 metres.

Stolovaya Mountain is nearly 3000 metres.

So as you see their Snowdon is like our Lysaya Mountain.

P4- Northern Ireland is a country situated on the island of Ireland. Its symbol is a shamrock; its patron saint is St Patrick. Legend says that shamrock was used by St Patrick to illustrate the Holy Trinity. Belfast is the capital and the largest city of Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is famous for its shipbuilding, rope manufacture and textiles. It’s interesting to know that “Titanic” was built in Belfast. The country consists of 6 counties. The Irish population is divided into the Protestants and the Catholics. The Protestants are of British origin, the Catholics are mostly Irish.

Thank you. Do you know that Irish people have a wonderful sense of humour. I want you to read about Irish Philosophy.


Do you like it? Do you agree with it? The main thought of this philosophy is- Don’t worry. Be happy.

  1. Systematization of knowledge.

Well, we have listened to your reports about the parts of the United Kingdom. Now I advise you to fill in this table. It will help you while writing your composition. Look at these figures. They show the population in every part of the United Kingdom. Let’s try to put then in the table.

53 million people

5 million people

3 million people

1,5 million people




Patron Saint


Interesting Facts

  1. Developing auding skills

And now I advise you to see a film about one famous attraction of Great Britain-Stonehenge. Who remember in what part of Great Britain it is situated? (In the Southwest). You are to see it and to finish 4 sentences and to answer 1 question. Give Yes/No answer,

  1. Stonehenge was built not to celebrate the Sun but to worship (поклоняться)…………………………..

  2. Construction began over ……….. thousand years ago.

  3. Some of the stones were transported from …………………………………..

  4. ……………………………………………….is the principle cause (главный источник) of information about the Druids.

  1. Did the Druids build it?

Let us check up your answers. So, if you decide to write about the Southwest write about Stonehenge too.

  1. Reflexion

And now we shall see who knows the UK best of all. You are to ask him/her questions and he/she will answer.

-Where is Heathrow airport situated? (England, the Southeast)

-Where is Snowdon situated? (Wales)

-Where is Edinburgh situated? (Scotland)

-Where was “The Titanic” built? (Northern Ireland)

That’s all for today. Thank you for your cooperation. Everybody gets 5 today. Good bye.

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