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Открытый урок в 1 классе на тему "I can speak English"

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Date: April, 9.

Form: 1 D

Theme: I can speak English

Lesson: Revision lesson


  • Educational – to repeat the alphabet; words (family, numbers 1 – 10, colours, pets, professions); to do some exercises; to play games.

  • Developing – to develop children’s skills in speaking, listening and memorizing.

  • Cultural – to speak about English language in general.

Equipment: cards with pictures of useful words, computer, audio materials (exercises, song “The Alphabet”).

Methods of teaching: explanation, exercise.

  1. Organization moment: Good Morning, pupils! Sit down, please. Today we shall sing songs, play games and do some exercises. Now, I’ll give smiles. At the end of the lesson you should show smile you want.


  1. Phonetic drill: Here are our best friends: Rob and Vicky, Trumpet, Cabu and Paco. Let us sing the song “The Alphabet” together. (CD1 - track 22) Excellent!!

  2. Now I’ll give cards with exercises. You should match the letters.



  1. Great! The next task is … Look at the blackboard. This is Rob’s family. Let’s remember the words “Family”

Good! Make the words from the letters:

m u _

d _ d

s i _ t _ r

b r _ t h e _

f _ m i _ y

  1. Very good! There are cards with colours on the blackboard. Choose the number of the card and name the colour.

  2. Draw and colour.




  1. Here is a picture. There are a lot of numbers there. Colour the picture as it necessary.


  1. Reflexion: Do you like our lesson?

Super” – funny smile

Bad” – sad smile

  1. Marks for the lesson

The lesson is over, Good Bye!

School – lyceum # 27

Open Lesson

I can speak English”

Teacher: Tarkan E. V.

Astana 2015

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