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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Открытый урок " Взаимоотношения "
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  • Иностранные языки

Открытый урок " Взаимоотношения "


hello_html_54f4366.gifhello_html_m9427628.gifhello_html_m39ff290c.gifhello_html_m3256abe6.gifPlan of the lesson

Theme : Relationships Date: 19.11.2015

Subject: English

Type of the lesson: combined lesson

Aims and objectives: to organize the pupil's activity in learning English, promote their general education and cultural growth


- oral speech practice

- listening activity

- to develop the speech, memory and attention

- to develop pupil's logical thinking

- to involve pupils into communicative activities

- the upbringing the interest, accuracy and discipline

Expected results :

- knowledge of lexis

- right usage of new lexis

- ability to speak on covered theme

- ability to understand spoken English

- fluent speaking on the theme

Didactic material and equipment: Methods of teaching:

- slides - speech exercises

- tape - oral approach

- cards - writing

- technics - work in groups

Lesson procedure :

Teacher : Good afternoon ! I'm glad to see you today. Show me your smiles! Let's begin our lesson. Who is on duty today? What date is it today? What day is it today? Who is absent ? Open your copybooks, write the date, class work

Checking H.W.: Your home work was to find proverbs connected with school life

Student 1: Business before pleasure

Student 2 : Think twice before you speak once

Student 3 : There is a place for everything and everything has a place

Student 4 : Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today

Teacher : Also I asked you to think at one question : Why do we learn English?

Is it important nowadays ?

Pupils say their opinion.

Teacher : Thank you for the answers. And now the new lesson. To come to know the theme the following activity should be done. ( the letters are written on the board separately )

Look at the board : O S R L N A I P T E H S I

I need two volunteers to come to the board and write as many words as you can using these letters and the others do it in copybooks.


air ten nail real soap pen hen pole set ran pet

Teacher : can you write one word from all these letters : RELATIONSHIPS

Today we are going to talk about different kinds of relationships between people.

Look at the first slide. Can you name me the main types of relationships


Friendship Love

Family Professional

Look at the next slide. There are six photos of different people. Who are they to each other?

A - father and son

B - sister and brother

C - Sisters / Friends

D - Mother and daughter

E - Sisters

F - Husband and wife

Teacher : I'll give you some definitions of family relationships. What is the English word for each one ?

- your father's son, but not you ! ( brother )

- your mother's brother ( uncle )

- your father's father ( grandfather )

- your mother's sister's daughter ( cousin )

- your brother's son ( nephew )

- your grandfather's wife ( grandmother )

Teacher : Now I want you to watch one video which is called " The unique connection "

Think : why has it such title?

All you know when your mother is angree or happy , when your father is tired. You can even feel that your mother is going to come from work by hearing her steps on stairs. Am I right ?

Teacher : Thank you for your answers.

Some of you will be given grammar cards to work individually. ( 3 pupils )

The others will work with me .I want to check how attentive you are.

I will give you some cards. The tense form is written at the beginning and one sentence at the end . I'm going to start the reading my sentence , your task is to identify the grammar structure on your cards and say " I am your partner ". Then you are reading your sentence.

Teacher : She never listens to me

F - ( Present Simple Tense ) / I had been working hard the whole year, so I was exhausted.

R - ( Past Perfect Continuous ) / We have gone to the forest and now he has a cold.

I - ( Present Perfect Tense ) / She will be dancing the whole day tomorrow.

E - ( Future Continuous Tense ) / I met him when I studied at the University.

N - ( Past Simple Tense ) / He has written 10 books and he is just twenty!

D - ( Present Perfect Tense ) / He said he would go to the dentist.

S - ( Future in the Past )

Teacher : Great! Show us the other side of your cards. What word do you see? Who are you to each other in any situation ? Right you are! Friends. Don't forget it!

I think that you are a little bit tired. And when you are tired, the best way is to listen, or sometimes to sing songs. Do you know the song Complicated ? Who is the singer?

( Pupils are given worksheets with the song ) The task is Match 1 - 22 to a - v

(Check the cards while the music plays )

Uh huh, life's like this

Uh huh, uh huh, that's the way it is ( × 2 )

1 Chill out a) you will see

2 Lay back b) you could only

3 And if c) what you yelling for

4 Let it be d) it's all been done before

5 I like e) talking to me

6 When we're f) you the way you are

7 And you're g) but you've become

8 One - on - one h) driving in your car

9 Somebody else i) like you can't relax

10 Watching your back j) you look like a fool to me

11 You try to be cool k) round everyone else


Tell me ...

Why'd you have to go and make things so complicated

( I see the way you're ... )

Acting like you're somebody else gets me frustrated

( life's like this you ...)

You fall and you crawl and you break and you take what

you get and you turn it into

Honesty, you promised me I'm never gonna find you


No no no

12 You come l) you're making me

13 Dressed up m) aren't where it's at

14 Well you n) over unannounced

15 You see o) like you're something else

16 Laugh out p) you're not fooling

17 Take off q) when you strike your pose

18 You know r) when you become

19 Anyone s) all your preppy clothes

20 Somebody else t) like you can't relax

21 Watching your u) you look like a fool to me

22 You try to be cool v) round everyone else


Repeat lines 1 - 4 and 9 - 11

Chorus ( × 2 )

Teacher : All you have family, friends, you'll have professional relationships. What about love? Let's talk about it. Look at the next slide. There are some phrasal verbs. Write them into your copybooks for vocabulary.

- chat smb. up - разговаривать

- go out ( with smb. )- выходить

- fall in love ( with smb. )- влюбиться

- get engaged ( to smb. )- быть помолвленным

- get married ( to smb. )- выходить замуж, жениться

- get divorced - развестись

- fall out ( with smb. )- поссориться

Label the pictures and the phrases.

a - chat smb. up

b - get divorced

c - fall out with smb. out

d - go out with

e - get married

Complete sentences with the right word:

1. After they got…, she never got married again.

2. He …in….with her at first sight.

3. If two people get…, they have formally decided to get married.

H. W. make up dialogue

Marks / Conclusion:

1. What is the theme of our today's lesson?

2. What types of activities have we done today?

3. Which one do you like the best?

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