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Открытый урок"Вооруженные силы Соединенных Штатов Америки"


Конспект открытого урока по военному переводу

«Вооруженные силы США»

учителя английского языка Новиковой И.В.


topic: the armed forces of the United States of America

aim: to learn the structure, the mission and the actual command of the US

armed forces.

equipment: textbooks, schemes, cards with tactical symbols, activity sheets, a

recorder, a tape with a radiogram, pictures.

I. report: A cadet on duty: Stand up. Attention. Comrade teacher, the 2nd platoon is
ready for the English lesson. Cadet... is on duty today.

T: Good morning.

Cs: Morning, comrade teacher.

T: Sit down.

C: At ease. Sit down. -

II. aims and purposes

T: The theme of our lesson is the armed forces of the United States of America. We are going to learn the structure, the mission and the actual command of the armed forces of one of the most powerful and influential countries in the world. We'll practise reading and writing, translating and decoding the terms, role playing, speaking and listening to the tape today.

III. vocabulary

1. First of all let us revise active terms and expressions you are most likely to need

today. Repeat the words after me all together, please. (T - Cs )

armed forces

armed service



Air Force

Commander - in Chief

Secretary of Defense

Department of Defense

Chief of staff

Joint Chiefs of Staff

Joint staff





Thank you.

2. I'd like to make sure that you know the following words in the schemes on the board. Read and translate them, will you? (CI, C2)

President of the USA

Department of Defense

Joint Chiefs of Staff

Joint Staff

Military Departments


Department of the Army

Department of the Navy

Department of the Air force

US Army Branches

Arms Services


Military Police Corps


Chaplains Corps


Army Medical Service Etc.

Well done. Your mark is....

Corps of Engineers

Signal Corps

Chemical Corps

3. Well, who wants to match the terms and word - combinations on the board? (C)


fighting service Marine Corps Corps of Engineers Signal Corps Military Police Corps Chaplains Corps Chemical Corps Army medical service Combat support

Fine. Your mark is ....


боевая поддержка

вид вооруженных сил

войска связи

служба военных священников

химические войска

медицинская служба армии

военная полиция

корпус морской пехоты

инженерные войска

4. It's time to check your homework. Will you decode and translate the abbreviations in your exercise-books? (C)

ADA Air Defense Artillery

FA Field Artillery

CNO Chief of Naval Operations

DAF Department of the Air Force

CINC Commander-in-Chief

AF Air Force

S A Secretary of the Army

CofS chief of staff

JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff '

JS Joint Staff

Good job. Your mark is ... .

артиллерия ПВО полевая артиллерия начальник штаба ВМС министерство ВВС главнокомандующий военно-воздушные силы министр армии начальник штаба комитет начальников штабов объединенный штаб

IV. scanning

Now you can easily read the text about the US armed forces on page 9. Before you start scanning, read the questions through to yourselves and be ready to answer them on your own in writing afterwards. I'll begin testing you in a few minutes.

US Armed Forces. The armed forces of the United States consist of three armed services: the Army, the Navy and the Air Force.

Under the Constitution of the United States the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces is the President.

Each armed service is controlled by its department: department of the Army, department of the Navy and department of the Air Force.

The departments are headed by civilian secretaries, but actual command of troops

in each department being exercised by the chief of staff.

The three departments make up the Department of Defense, headed by the

Secretary of Defense. He is appointed from civil life with the advice and consent с

the Senate.

The US Army includes a number of arms and services. Arms are those directly

involved in the conduct of actual fighting. They are Infantry, Armor, Air Defense

Artillery and Field Artillery.

Services are those .whose chief mission is to provide logistical and administrative

support and whose personnel are not usually directly engaged in combat

operations. They are Army Medical Service, Chaplains Corps, Military Police

Corps and some other services.

There are also combat support arms which provide operational assistance to the

combat arms. They include the Corps of Engineers, the Signal Corps and the

Chemical Corps.

Will you answer the questions? One after another, please. (CI, C2, C3...)

  1. Who is the CINC of the US armed forces?

  2. What armed services do the US armed forces consist of?

  3. What departments control the armed services?

  4. Who heads each department?

  5. Who exercises the actual command in the departments?

  6. What is the difference between an arm and a service?

  7. What troops belong to arms?

  8. What are the examples of services?

T-C: Do you know who the Commander-in-Chief of the US armed forces

nowadays is?

T-C: Do you know who the Secretary of Defense in the USA nowadays is?


V. two-way translation

role play

group work Right, I'd like you to do some group work. It's a role play -a conversation of an American officer with cadets about the US armed forces. One of you will be an interpreter, the other -a cadet and the third - an American officer. Open your books on page 14 and do ex.7 orally. Work in threes, please. (CI - C2 - СЗ, СЗ -C2-C1)

1.Господин майор! Не могли бы Вы рассказать нам о вооруженных силах своей страны?

l.Yes, of course, and with great pleasure. So, what are you interested in?

2.Во-первых, какие у Вас имеются виды вооруженных сил?

The US armed, forces consist of three armed services: the Army, the Navy, the Air Force.

З.А кто возглавляет вооруженные силы США?

4.Министр обороны военный или гражданское лицо?

5.А кто возглавляет виды вооруженных сил?

They are controlled by the Department of Defense, headed by the Secretary of Defense, But the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces is the President. According to our Constitution the Secretary of Defense is appointed by the President from civil life.

They are also headed by civilian secretaries: the Secretary of the Army, the Secretary of the Navy, the Secretary of the Air Force. But actual command in the armed forces is exercised by their chiefs of staff.

6.У Вас есть генеральный штаб?

We have the Joint Chiefs of Staff instead. They include a Chairman and Chiefs of Staff of the three armed services. And I'd like to know the organization of your Suvorov military school.

7.Суворовское военное училище возглавляет начальник училища в звании полковник или генерал-майор.

8.До свидания.

Thank you very much. I invite you to visit the United States and our military schools. Good bye.

Thank you.

VI. speaking

pair work

individual work

Now one of you is going to decode a few tactical symbols on the board. (C) And the rest of you can try to say some words about the US armed forces and army branches. Work in pairs, please. (CI - C2, C2 - CI)

Tactical Symbols

military unit *

** squad

section ***


AT company


medical platoon



Well tried.

Are there any mistakes on the board?

Very good. Your mark is ... .

VII. setting homework

For your homework I want you to make a short essay on the armed forces of Russia which have much in common with the US armed services. You can use the same terms and expressions from the text about the armed services of the USA and take it as a basis of your written work about the armed forces of the Russian Federation in which you a going to serve very soon.

VIII. listening

Well, let us play sort of a game. I've got a secret radio intercept. You are going to listen to the tape and then correct some mistakes made by a radio operator. Listen, check and hand in the papers in five minutes, will you?

Tiger this is Shade

How do you hear (read) me? Over.

Shade this is Tiger.

You are loud and clear. Over.

Tiger this is Shade.

I have a report (message) for you. Over.

Shade this is Tiger.

Go ahead with your report (message).Over.

Protect (defend) in sector by zero three one eight double zero November having

(employing) two companies forward and one company in reserve.

Did you receive (copy)? Over.

Shade this is Tiger.

Copied. Wilco. Over.

Tiger this is Shade.

Roger. End. (Out).

Thank you.

IX. dialogues

We've just enough time to have fun. You were to prepare a few funny stories at home. Will you tell us them? (CI - C2)

A lion met a knight sleeping in full armor in the shade of the tree. He sniffed scornfully: "Again this stale canned meat ration".

Two soldiers were discussing their sergeants.

"My sergeant has the worst memory in the world", said the first.

"Can't remember anything?" the second wondered.

"No, he remembers everything".

"Hello... .Doc. you better hurry up. The company clerk just swallowed his fountain


"All right, I'll come at once. What are you doing in the mean time?"

"Using a pencil".

Excellent work.

X. summing up

All right. It's time for us to stop now. That was a good piece of work. We've had some practice in scanning and role playing, in speaking and two-way translation, in listening and decoding abbreviations and tactical symbols. You've learnt a lot about the structure, the mission and the actual command of the armed forces of the United States of America - one of the greatest countries in the world and the leader in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Later on we'll study US army units, grades, arms and services in detail, especially the Air Force, as most of you are going to become pilots and fighter-pilots. I hope the lesson was interesting and helpful for your further education and future profession as servicemen.

Good bye, everyone. lt's time for us to have a break.

Анализ урока.

Предмет: военный перевод на английском языке

Учебник: Военный перевод А.И.Сафонов

Утвержден министерством обороны Российской Федерации в качестве учебника для суворовских военных училищ.

Класс: 10

Тип урока: вводный

Тема урока: вооруженные силы США

Оборудование: учебники, схемы, карточки с условными тактическими знаками, листы с заданиями, магнитофон, аудиозапись радиограммы, плакаты.


Образовательная: знакомство с вооруженными силами США. Развивающая : развитие монологической и диалогической речи, обогащение и усложнение ее словарного запаса, усиление ее коммуникативной направленности.

Воспитывающая: воспитание нравственных, патриотических качеств и гражданского долга.

Урок начинается с постановки перед учащимися конкретных целей и задач. Затем идет повторение и закрепление лексики по теме с помощью различных типов упражнений: повторение за учителем (отработка фонетики), перевод терминов по опорно-логической схеме, расшифровка сокращений.

В ходе урока осуществляется постоянное повторение и применение лексико-грамматического материала по данной теме. Все этапы урока и виды учебной деятельности логически связаны между собой, построены по принципу от простого к сложному, мотивированы и нацелены на усвоение главной темы урока и умение осуществлять коммуникативное общение по ней на английском языке с учетом принципа сознательности, (повторение лексики - поисковое чтение - ответы на вопросы по тексту - двусторонний перевод - беседа - письменная работа).

Все виды учебной деятельности учащихся оцениваются сразу же после ответов. Домашнее задание дается с пояснениями и имеет творческую направленность. Учащиеся должны самостоятельно написать небольшой доклад о вооруженных силах России, используя лексико-грамматический материал, закрепленный на уроке. В конце урока подводятся итоги и подчеркивается значимость изученной темы.

В результате различных видов упражнений отрабатываются и закрепляются умения и навыки, которыми учащиеся овладевают на школьном курсе английского языка: чтение, перевод, ответы на вопросы, пересказ, диалогическая и монологическая речь, понимание английской речи на слух.

Помимо коллективной ведется индивидуальная, дифференцированная работа со слабыми учениками. Им дается возможность принять участие в учебной деятельности в роли курсанта Суворовского училища, в расшифровке условных тактических знаков на доске во время пересказа текста сильными учениками.

Урок построен в соответствии с методическими требованиями, предъявляемыми к современному уроку. Учащиеся проявляют активность и самостоятельность во время поискового чтения, ответов на вопросы, ролевой игры, беседы о вооруженных силах США. Положительную мотивацию и интерес к уроку вызывают такие виды речевой деятельности как военный юмор, работа с радиоперехватом, ролевая игра в переводчика, кадета и американского военнослужащего, а так же использование ТСО и наглядных пособий( логические схемы, условные тактические знаки, картины с изображением военной техники вооруженных сил Америки).

На уроке используются различные педагогические методы и приемы, и дидактические принципы обучения: наглядности, доступности, целесообразности, научности, актуальности и связи с жизнью, активности, сознательности, самостоятельности и творческого подхода, систематической последовательности и преемственности учебных заданий. Оригинальные уставные и другие военные американские тексты, взятые из открытых источников, имеют большое практическое значение для учащихся, так как они собираются посвятить свою жизнь защите Отечества, а Соединенные Штаты Америки являются лидером в НАТО и имеют военные базы во многих странах мира.

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