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Открытое мероприятие по английскому языку "All about Mass Media"

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Сценарий мероприятия « All about mass media»

- Good afternoon dear guests, students and teachers. Today we’ll spend some unusual evening. It’ll be the battle between two teams. The team of 8a and 8b forms. So, before beginning of our competition let me introduce you our jury. (представить жюри).

- Now attention to the screen (интервью Рита Рифовна).

- As you guessed the topic of our today’s battle is….(what?) Yes, you are right. It calls Mass Media. So, let’s begin our competition then. And the first task will be the next. It will be a game which calls 1) “Do you understand me?” You have got the words on the topic “mass media”. Your task is to give the definition of these words so that the other group could guess the words. You may use synonyms antonyms but you mustn’t use the derivative words. (раздать слова на листках).

1) weather forecast ( It’s a TV or a radio programme about the temperature, sun, rain and wind for today or tomorrow).

2) Internet (It’s a set of inf-n which can be used with the help of a computer).

3) Soap opera (It’s a serial about relationships between people especially about love usually with a happy end).

4) Talk show ( It’s a TV programme where people discuss different problems expressing their opinions).

5) Quiz (It’s a set of questions on different subjects to be asked)

6) an Advert (It’s a short film or a short article which gives us information about an object and makes us buy it).

7) Reporter (a person who supplies news to a newspaper, for radio or TV).

8) Book (number of sheets of paper, either printed or blank fastened together in a cover).

9) Newspaper (It’s a serial publication containing news, other informative articles and usually advertising).

10) Journalist ( a person who writes news, stories or articles for a newspaper or magazine or broadcasts them on radio or TV

11) photographer ( a person who takes photographs, either as a job or hobby).

12) Radio (waves which carry information through the sound. You can hear different adverts, news, songs and many interesting).

13) TV set (a device that combines a tuner, display and loud speakers for broadcasting different programmes).

14) Tabloid (a newspaper with sensational and crime stories, astrology and celebrity gossip. It’s smaller than broadsheet).

15) Broadsheet (a newspaper of a bigger format, which has long, detailed political and economical news, business or cultural news).

16) It’s a program which gives facts and information about a particular subject- a documentary

- Thank you teams. I see that all of you coped with the task. Very good. We continue.

- And the next task will be 2) Abbreviations. Now look at the screen again. There are some abbreviations. Look though them and give me full answer. (показать презентацию «аббрев.»)

- The first team will be…(назвать команду). Attention! Listen to the questions to this task:

Вопросы по заданию “Abbreviation”

1) MTV – What information can we watch at this channel?

2) RTG – How many languages of broadcasting has this channel? Do you know? (Russian, Turkish, English)

3) BBC – How many channels does BBC consist of totally? (20 channels)

4) CNN – Who founded this channel? (Ted Terner 1 June,1980)

5) CBC – Where does the headquarter of this channel situated? (In Ottawa)

6) NG – Is it American or British channel? (it’s American channel).

  • Thank you teams.

  • Now we interrupt on short advert! Don’t switch off your TV

(просмотр рекламы красного дивана).

Do you want to get this sofa? Ok, I’ll share with the secret! You can find it in our school only!

  • Now we continue our battle. Teams, I gave you 3) home work. You should prepare some inf-n about different kind of Mass Media. Have you done it?

  • Ok, you are welcome. First team, (8a) you please.

(Первая команда покажет «прогноз погоды». Вторая команда покажет радиоэфир со знаменитым певцом и споет отрывок его песни всей командой).

  • Ok. Thanks. It was really interesting.

  • So, let’s play a well-known game which calls 4) Snowball”. Do you know this game? Have you ever played it?

  • Now look at the screen again. (включить видео со словами).

  • It’s a video with the words. Your task is try to remember as many words as you can.

- I remind you that it’s a battle. Mass Media battle. We continue to check your knowledge! Are you ready?

- The next task will be the 5) Quis. Let’s check if you know other information about Mass Media. So, let’s begin (включить презентацию с викториной Mass media название).

- Very good!

We continue our battle and do the next task. It will be connected with grammar and vocabulary. It calls “Word formation”. There is a sheet of paper with some text. You must transform the words from the capital letter paying attention to the grammar, of course. Take your time and be attentive.

Задание “ Word Formation”

- Thank you teams. It was interesting. I want to say our jury to begin to count scores of our teams while we do the other task.

6) “Faces of famous people” (включить презентацию со знаменитыми репортерами).

1) Opra Gail Winfrey (full name) – American TV host, producer and public figure

2) Steve Irvin – famous American naturalist, TV reporter, TV host of famous programme “Crocodiles’ hunter”

3) Phil Donahue – American journalist, TV host and director

4) Jeremy Clarkson – English TV show host and journalist. One of his famous TV shows is “Too Gear”

5) Anne Applebaum – American-English journalist and writer, the author of GULAG and IRON CURTAIN.

6) Jason Dawe - British journalist and TV show host. He writes articles about cars in one of the headings of Sunday Times.

7) Andrei Malakhov – Russian TV journalist, showman, TV show host of “Let’s talk”

8) Vladislav Listiev – Soviet and Russian TV show host and journalist. His famous programmes are: “Взгляд”, «Час пик», «Поле Чудес».

9) Vladimir Pozner – Soviet and Russian TV journalist. He is the president of “Academy of Russian TV”.

10) Dmitri Guberniev – Russian sport commentator

11) Ekaterina Andreeva – Russian journalist, actress, leader of information programme “Время

12) Artem Borovik – Russian journalist, president of publishing holding “Top Secret”

(7) As our battle becomes closer to an end it will be our last task. It calls “Movies and TV programmes”. I’ll give you sheet of paper. There are some pictures and definitions. You should match them. ) дополнительное задание на всякий случай

Thank you so much. I see that you are interested in mass media rather good.

So, our battle came to an end and I want to ask you to do some conclusion of our today’s competition. There is a large piece of paper where you should write what you knew? What you have fixed? Was it interesting for you or not? Generally, it must be your opinions or feelings showed on this paper. Is it clear? Ok. Begin then!

- And while our teams are doing this task I want to spend some quiz with our spectators. Are you ready? Quiz calls “Are you a couch potato?”

Answer these questions “YES” or “NO”. For “YES” you’ll get 2 points, for “NO” – 1 point.

  1. 1.Do you have 'watching television' on the top of your list of hobbies?

  2. 2.Do you get offended, if someone refers to television as 'an idiot box'?

  3. You do not remember birthdays and anniversaries, but remember the entire month's TV schedule.

  4. You remember over 100 channels by their numbers on the remote control

  5. You prepare for a TV session with lots of popcorn, burgers, pizzas etc.

  6. You have seen all the seasons of '' and remember every episode

  7. Watching television for 5-7 hours on a stretch is a normal routine for you.

  8. You wait desperately for new shows, which are being advertised heavily.

  9. You meet your friends only to watch TV together.

  10. You are always looking out to buy a bigger, better television.

Let’s count your score!

If your score is 10-12 points: You are not in love with your TV set

It is good that you do not watch TV so much. Keep TV watching to a minimum, and enjoy life. That is the way to go.

If your score is 13-20 points:

You are in love with your television set. Your favorite pastime is watching TV shows. Yes, you are a couch potato. We would suggest - switch off the TV set for a while, and explore the outdoors and socialize more

  • Our battle came to the end and now I want to suggest you to do some cluster. At the centre of the paper there will be one word “MASS MEDIA”. You should broaden it adding words or phrases which you have known form today’s battle. And don’t forget to draw your mood on it too, you can show it by your smiles or any other pictures.

  • Meanwhile our jury are counting the scores. (попросить жюри посчитать баллы).

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