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Открытый урок на тему "Food festivals"

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Short term plan

The name of school

Mynbayev secondary school


Teacher’s name: Taganov J.

CLASS: 8 “A”

Number present:


Lesson title

Food festivals 


Lesson objectives

All learners will be able to: Spell the name of pain, understand vocabulary, describe them

Most of learners will be able to:

Understand specific vocabulary

Assessment criteria

Say topic words with clear pronunciation. Say expressions clearly 

describe person and objects use adjectives in degrees

Language objective

Direct speech/reported speech

Values links

 To keep ,to increase and to hand down traditions and friendship between people

Cross-curricular links

Biology, Geography

Previous learning



Planned timings

Planned activities (replace the notes below with your planned activities)





Good morning pupils! How are you felling? Who is on duty today? Who is absent?  Are you ready to learn English?

If you haven’t any questions for me, Let’s  begin!

Teacher divides pupils in  several groups  with cards: Play game “Bingo” 


Student’s book  8  grade

English in Messages

Second edition






L2  Task 1  Listen  and repeat new words  attentively after teacher

Regular & Irregular verbs:         

Say, tell, read, sit, sleep, fall,

Play, talk, jump, look, stand, shout,

Use prepositions. Complete the description of Jane’s room.

The bed’s on the left and there’s small wardrobe on the right. There are some posters …… the wall …… the bed. There is a table …… the bed, and there is a lamp and clock  …… the table. There is a chest of drawers …… the table, and there are some shelves …… the chest of drawers. There is a desk …… the door, …… the window. There is a chair in the corner and another chair ….. the desk. You can see Sadie’s tennis racket …… the desk.


                     S4. 1 Task 2. Group work

 Read the puzzles and guess what rooms they are.

Peer work
1. We have breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper there.
We eat in it. What room is it?
2. We cook dinner, wash up dishes there. There is cooker a fridge, a dishwasher there.

 W1Task 3. Complete the sentences:
1. We cook in the …
2. We sleep in the …
3. We wash in the …
4. We watch TV in the …
5. We eat in the …
We read books in the


English in Mind

Second edition



Voice recorder






Home task: SB reading the text on page 53


Additional information

Differentiation – how do you plan to give more support? How do you plan to challenge the more able learners?

Assessment – how are you planning to check learners’ learning?

Health and safety check

Differentiation can be achieved through the selection of activities, identification or learning outcomes for a certain student, provision of individual support to learners.

Use this section to record the techniques that you will use to assess what the learners have learned during the lesson.

Health saving technologies.

Using physical exercises and active activities.

Rules from the Safety Rules book which can be applied in this lesson.


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