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Открытый урок- игра "Кто хочет стать миллионером"

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Краткое описание документа:

Good afternoon to everybody. I want to know if there’s somebody

Who doesn’t want today to work? No any person? So let’s work!

Today we have the theme the same – elevenths lesson all the way.

We are to know the words and grammar. I hope you’re ready as much as am I.

I guess you all enjoy to play. So let’s together play the game.

I need one person who’ll sit alone, it will be our hero for our lesson whole.

All other people are the group that helps and show its attitude.

Who wants to become a millionaire? I hope I’ll find such person here.

All the others please come here. I’ll give you the papers and the tasks near.

Our hero is to ask my questions in oral form. And your suggestions

You write yourself in your notebooks. Without sayings, with no looks.

My dear hero, you have a chance to use the help just 3 times, thrice.

A call to a friend, 2 wrong variants away, and your classmates help all the same.

Let’s make our show as show must go on. Steady? Ready? Go!

1.     Translatethesentence.  Вы знаете, кому он всегда помогает?

A)    Do you know whom he always helps? B) You know who he always helps?

C)    You know whom he always helps, don’t you?

2.     Translatethesentence.  Я покажу ему, что он сделал вчера.

A)    I shall show him what he has done yesterday. B) I’ll show him what he did yesterday.  C) I’ll show him what he had to do yesterday.

3.     Translatethesentence.  Он ведь не читал целый день?

A)   He wasn’t reading all the day, was he? B) He read all the day, did he? C) He didn’t read all the day, did he?

4.     Translate the word. Гостиница.

A)    Hospital. B) Hotel. C) Hostel.

5.     Which of these words is the synonym for the verb to plan?

A)    To be going to B) to confirm C) to reserve

6.     What does the word combination  with hard mean?

A)    With some heave stones B) with noise C) with difficulty

7.     Translate into Russian the word capital.

A)    Капитан В) столица С) капитал

8.     What is the word journey for the words travelling and trip?

A)    Synonym B) Antonym C) the word with the same root

9.     What does the verb to recognize mean?

A)   To make a record on the tape B) to write smth down C) to understand  that you have already known smb or smth

10.            Find the correct transcription for the word tourist.

A)    [‘tuэrist] B) [tu’rist] C) [tuэ’rist]

11.           What does the verb to retire mean?

A)    To be very tired B) to delete smth C) to become a pensioner

12.            What verbs are irregular?

A)    To travel, to retire, to visit B) to build, to become, to hear C) to change, to wonder, to plan

13.            What word is  in singular form?

A)    News B)suburbs C) gardens

14.            What adjective can be used while describing a person?

A)    dirty B) narrow C) wide

15.            The adjective beautiful is used for

A)    Men B) women C) both men and women


16.            For what noun can the adjective agricultural be used?

A)    Garden B) building C) square

17.            How can you explain would like form?

A)    Сослагательное наклонение В) повелительное наклонение                      С) инфинитив

18.           The USSR is the same as

A)    The USA B)the Soviet Union C) the Unique Sweet Sugar Rabbit

19.            What is the correct preposition for работатьвколхозе?

A)    To work in a collective farm B)to work at a collective farm

B)    To work on a collective farm

20.           Did you like the game?

A)Yes B)No


That was our last question. I hope you all have much fun time today. I thank you for your good behavior. I think we’ve built a real team this way!


And now a moment which we were waiting for – the ceremony of reward, of giving a prize to our clever hero. Here it is. Thank you very much!

Доска оформляется надписью - названием игры, купюрами и речевками на тему денег.

На столе, за которым ведется игра, с 2 сторон стоят компьютеры- ведущего и игрока, а также бутылка воды - всё, как в оригинальной телевизионной игре.

Во время игры группа поддержки наготове,чтобы помочь главному герою, им разданы карточки с буквами-вариантами ответов - А-В-С. На столе у героя программы лежит телефон, по которому он(она)имитирует звонок другу как подсказку в случае необходимости.

При награждении победителя, его с 2 сторон осыпают конфетти и сувенирными купюрами ,а несколько заранее подготовленных "папарацци" делают снимки.



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