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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Открытый урок английского языка в 9 классе. Тема: «Healthy living guide. Healthy food. Healthy habits.»
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  • Иностранные языки

Открытый урок английского языка в 9 классе. Тема: «Healthy living guide. Healthy food. Healthy habits.»



Открытый урок английского языка в 9 классе.


«Healthy living guide. Healthy food.
Healthy habits.»


Основные задачи урока:

1).Совершенствовать умение читать тексты

разного характера (научно-популярные,

прагматические, эпистолярные) с пони

манием полной и частичной информации,

развивая языковую догадку, используя

словарь, комментарии.

2). Учить выражать свое отношение к прочитан-

ному, рассуждая и связанно излагая свои

мысли, кратко передавая мысли других.

3). Учиться вести свободную беседу, обмени-

ваясь мнениями в рамках темы общения,

привлекая необходимые известные грамма

тические структуры и явления.

Развивающие задачи: 1). Ставить перед учащимися речемыслитель

ные задачи, требующие активных интел-

лектуальных поисковых усилий, аппели-

руя к личному опыту, знаниям своей и

иноязычной культуры.

2). Обеспечивать личностную вовлеченность

учащихся в учебную деятельность, форми

руя осознание себя и своих личностных

качеств как ценности в процессе овладения

иностранным языком.

3). Развивать творческое воображение и

мышление, фантазию, самостоятельность

и другие качества личности.


пособия: Лексические и грамматические опоры; дифференци

рованные по степени трудности лексико-граммати

ческие карточки; тексты с разноуровневыми после-

текстовыми заданиями; иллюстративные таблицы.

Х О Д У Р О К А :

  1. Начало урока. Введение учащихся в ситуацию общения. Организация беседы в рамках темы с опорой на уже известный материал.

1. T.: Happy to see you, friends! How are you today?

Thanks a lot. I’m OK and ready to help you by discussing different health problems today.

I wish you good luck at our English lesson. Sit down, please.

2. T.: You look healthy and brave today. I think you follow a healthy living style and have more good habits than bad ones. You know our habits influence our appearance greatly. Look at these faces! How pale they are! Do you know why? / Why do these teens look so pale?

(на доске представлены фотографии лиц, явно имеющих плохие привычки)

T.: I suppose so too. These teens have an unhealthy living style, that’s why they look so pale and tied.

3. T.: From books, articles, films and our discussions we know that our health depends on many factors. What are they? Remember, please.

T.: What factors do you agree with? Can you argue your point?

T.: I suppose so too. We should eat less fat food to be healthy and slim.

T.: Prove that you are right choosing a factor you’d like to discuss working in a group of three or four.

На доске дана схема:









Cl.: I’m OK./ Fine, thanks, and you?/ We are well, thank you. And what about you? etc.

Thank you.


may/might +Infinitive

may + Present Perfect (have done)

have + Present Perfect Continuous (been doing)

for almost two days/hours

since 3o’clock/morning

all the day long

(по инициативе учащихся, фронтально)

P-1: I think they have been smoking for two or more hours.

P-2: They might smoke a lot. You are right.

P-3: They may have done exercising a lot.

P- … … have been drinking beer since yesterday evening.

… … may have used drugs.

… … might play computer games a lot.

… … have been watching horror films all night long.

… … may not sleep at night./etc.


I fully agree with/that …

I think that …

As for me I …

said that … (Past) …

I also …

From texts I know that …

I am sure that …

What is more important …

I suppose so. …

As you say …

I could add/say

Cl.: Our health depends on good and bad habits we have, food we eat, our physical activity and environmental influence.

P.-1: I agree with P-1. I also think that our health depends on food we eat because our food should contain more vitamins and minerals.

P.-2: From texts I know that our health depends on our habits.

We should sleep enough to be healthy.

P.-3: What is more important we … .


Gr.-1: P-1, 2, 3. (We’d like to talk about good or bad habits.)

Gr.-2: P-4, 5, 6. (We discuss eating problems.)

Gr.-3: P-7, 8, 9. (We speak about environmental influence.)

Gr.-4: P-10, 11, 12. (About physical activity.)

(Каждая группа получает текст на избранную тематику. См.. приложение)

  1. Основной этап. Совершенствование умений читать тексты разного характера с пониманием полной и частичной информации и выражать свое отношение к прочитанному, рассуждая и связанно излагая свои мысли.

1. T.: Before you read the text, look at the questions under it. You’ll find all the answers above. Probably you will come across a number of words you don’t know. Try to understand the passage without dictionary. Concentrate on what the writer wishes to say. If you want to be sure use a dictionary. Start reading to yourselves.

2. T.: Now you have a topic to discuss. Analyse it in your group. Choose a group leader who makes sure that each member of the group has time to say what he thinks. I will go round listening to and helping.

3. T.: I see you are ready for making a report on your item. The group’s leader is making a report. All the groups have to listen for additions. Listen to and add sharing your attitude to the problem we are discussing.

I know that during last weeks you researched some items. It was like your project work but more creative. Add the report with information you have found out.

(The topics were so:

Eating at our school dining-room”;

Good and bad habits of my


If teachers follow a healthy living


How to stop smoking at our school?”

Environmental influence in our


Who is ready to make a report now?)

( Учащиеся читают текст про себя, опираясь на языковую догадку, используя при необходимости словарь. На чтение отводится 3-4 минуты.)

Учащиеся начинают обсуждать проблему заданную в тексте, высказываясь по очереди, используя речевые клише.

Для публицистических текстов:

Before reading the text I had expected …

I found it was true. …

From books and television I know that …

It was interesting to know that …

I was surprised to know that …

Now I know …

I think / suppose / believe /…

Для текстов эпистолярного жанра:

I /We have read a letter from a girl /boy whose name is …

He / She comes from … .

From his / her letter we’ve known that he/she

Besides he /she …

….. ….. ….

I /We think that …

We should say …

You should …

Never …/ Do not …

Для текстов – объявлений:

We have read a number of advertisements.

It is suggested to …

If we choose … we can / will …

But we’d like to (join) the …because …

We are sure that …

We will/ can / would like to / ...

( Работа должна занять не более 7-8 минут)

(Представитель от каждой группы выступает с обобщением / анализом проблемы текста.. Все учащиеся выслушивают сообщения и дополняют его своим мнением или не прозвучавшей в сообщении информацией (по инициативе).

(Дети работали самостоятельно, рассматривая проблему здорового образа жизни в разрезе нашегоколледжа, привлекая известный языковой материал, работая со справочной литературой, консультируясь с учителем. Работа велась в парах. Материал исследований к уроку прилагается.)

  1. Заключительный этап.

T.: You have done your work well today. Everybody gets a good mark for his work. I believe that you will not only talk about the healthy living style you will also follow it and care about yourselves. Are you in mood to sing our song now? Let’s sing!

Текст песни:

I care about myself,

You care about yourself,

She cares about herself,

He cares about himself.

We care about ourselves,

You care about yourselves,

They care about themselves,

Ourselves, yourselves, themselves

T.: Care about yourself and be healthy!

Good luck!

Thank you. Good bye.

  1. Приложение.

Text №1.

You should know and follow such rules:

Eat cooked vegetables – potatoes, beet-root, carrots and cooked meat. They are splitted better than row foods. Soup and broth contain such substances which help your stomach to digest the food better.

If you eat too much food with carbohydrates and don’t use their energy you will be fatty soon because carbohydrates consist of sugar and starch. You should know that sugar transforms itself into fat if the person is inactive.

You need to eat row vegetables and fruits because this food is digested well and contains vitamins, minerals, and high fibre.

Fibre influences the work of bowels, creates the necessary conditions for pushing food through the elementary canal. Fibre helps to excrete the cholestrine, prevents from absorption of the poisonous substances. Eating less fibre promotes the obesity, different stomach and intestines diseases, and heart diseases. It also causes the cancer of the rectum. High fibre food makes your stomach full and lows appetite. Eating high fibre regularly is the best way to be healthy and to stop gaining weight.

** are splitted – расщепляются;

to digest – переваривать;

starch – крахмал;

row – сырой;

the work of bowels – работа кишечника;

pushing food through elementary canal – проталкивание пищи по

желудочно-кишечному тракту;

intestines – кишечник;

to excrete – выводить;

absorption – всасывание;

poisonous – ядовитый.;

cholesterin – холестерин;

rectum – прямая кишка.

***Answer the questions.

1). How can you title this text?

2). Why should we eat cooked food?

3). Why are some persons fatty?

4). What kind of food contains fibre?

5). What does fibre influence?

6). What should we eat to be healthy?

7). What is the best way to be healthy?

8). What new facts have you got from this text?

Text №2.

A t t a n t i o n! I n d e x – E!

Banned – E 103, E 105, E 111, E 121, E 125, E 126, 130, E 152.

Dangerous – E 102, E 110, E 120, E 124, E 127.

Suspicious – E 104, E122, E 141, E 150, E 171, E173, E 180, E 241, E 477.

Cancer forming – E 131, E 210 - 217, E 240, E 330.

Bad for the work of bowels – E 221 - 226.

Not good for your skin – E 230 - 232, E 239.

Influence your blood pressure – E 250, E 251.

Provoke allegory – E 311, E 312.

Raise cholesterin – E 320, E 321.

Bad for your stomach – E 338 - 341, E 407, E 450, E 461 – 466.

Very dangerous is E 330!

Text №3.

Hello, my dears!

My name is Michelle and I am 15 years old. I am the youngest in my family.

I have eldest sisters who like to care about me. So I hate making my bed and washing dishes. I like sleeping and I usually get up before going to school, that’s why I don’t have time for doing morning exercises or having good breakfast.

I drink a big cup of coffee with much sugar. It’s enough for me to be active at school. I always snack at the first break at our school café. I often buy some bagels. Bagels are made from flour, water, yeast, salt and sugar with raisins or blueberries. They are fat and cholesterol free. They are very high in carbohydrates, which give me energy. I like fatty and sweet food. I don’t care about my appearance because pretty girls are attractive to boys only as pretty dolls but I‘d like to have a loyal friend who will understand my habits and interests.

** bagels - - булочки с разной начинкой;

yeast - - дрожжи;

blueberry - - черника;

raisin - - изюм;

сholesterol free – без холестерина;

*** Answer the questions after reading the text.

1). What habits has Michelle?

2). Do you find all her habits healthy?

3). Why doesn’t she like to care about her appearance? Do you do so too?

4). What advice can you give to Michelle? Argue your advice.

Text 4.

P o l l u t i o n S o l u t i o n s .

(Adapted from the «Pollution Solutions» article by Lyle Prescott, which

Appeared in Ranger Rick magazine.)

Air care

Worldwide, the stinky problem of pollution has grown. More and more factories, cars, and trucks add their bad breath to the air. But the battle against air pollution is also growing. Many U.S. cities still have dirty air. So most states are making tougher laws against air pollution. And scientists are looking for ways to make factories and cars run cleaner.


stinky – вонючий, отвратительный

bad breath - - выхлопной газ

tough - - жесткий

low - - закон

scientist - - ученый

to look for – искать

*** Answer the questions.

1). What kind of problem has grown worldwide?

2). Why is the air dirty now?

3). What measures are taken to less air pollution in America? And in Russia?

Dirty water?

Nearly half of lakes in North America are polluted. Often, companies dump chemical wastes into water. But scientists are finding a solution to this problem, too. Some rivers have been made much cleaner. And there are big plans to clean up the Great Lakes, the Mississippi River, and other bodies of water.


to dump – сбрасывать

wastes – отходы

solution - - решение

body of water – водоём

***Answer the questions.

1). Why are rivers in America polluted?

2). Who helps to decide the problem of water pollution?

3). What kind of solution is found?

4).What measures should be taken to less water

pollution in our country (in our village)?

Discuss what new facts have you known from these two articles. Share your attitude to the problem of water and air pollution. What measures could you suggest to reduce the pollution.

Text №5.

Read these advertisements and say what way of physical activity you have chosen. Prove that our health depends on physical activity.

Do you want to build your character? Than take part in our school sports days. You will have a great time running and jumping, climbing and playing sport games! Who will win the price? Who will get a medal?

Planning a week of actions?

Choose OUR CENTRE. You will learn a lot of skills needed in the 14th century, including of course, archery competitions, horseback riding, boating, and campcraft.

We are waiting for you!

Do you hate staying at home in your summer holidays?

Walk with us! Walking is fun! You would meet a lot of people and see a lot of interesting places.

Relax and enjoy the views!

Care about nature around you!

Join our environmental group «PCHYOLKA»! It has been working for three last year active. The members of our group try to keep our country tidy and to make our forests, rivers and countryside clean. We learn many skills living in the summer camp in the nearest forest by the small river. We’ve taken part in a lot of regional competitions, and even in Kasan! We’ve got some pretty prices!

Chose our group! Help the Earth!

Краткое описание документа:

Открытый урок английского языка в 9 классе.

Тема: «Healthy living guide. Healthy food.  Healthy habits.»


Основные задачи урока:

1).Совершенствовать умение читать тексты разного характера (научно-популярные, прагматические, эпистолярные) с пониманием полной и частичной информации, развивая языковую догадку,

словарь, комментарии.

2). Учить выражать свое отношение к прочитанному, рассуждая и связанно излагая свои  мысли, кратко передавая мысли других.


3). Учиться вести свободную беседу, обмениваясь мнениями в рамках темы общения, привлекая необходимые известные грамматические структуры и явления.

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