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Открытый урок на тему Trains

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Открытый урок в 9 классе

на тему:


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The plan of the lesson
The date:
The theme of the lesson: Trains
Aims of the lesson:
1) Educational: to enrich the vocabulary by learning new words
2) Developing: to develop the pronunciation by discussing, reading
3) Bringing-up: to interest to learn English
The type of the lesson: presentation
Methods of teaching: training, explanation, demonstration, interaction
The equipment of the lesson: video file, power point presentation, cards, smart board, posters, computer, marker, textbooks, copybooks.
The procedure of the lesson

I. Organization moment:
Greeting pupils
Who is on duty today?
What date is it today?

What is the weather like today?
What day is it today?
Who is absent?
II. Checking up of the home task.
III. Presentation of the new theme

1) Work in groups.

T.: Students, lets define the theme of our lesson. We have divided into 2 groups: greens and oranges. I would like you to stand up and play a game “Write in the back”.

(Students play a game and they has got a word TRAINS- the topic of our lesson)

So, who can tell me – What is the topic of our lesson? Of course, TRAINS. Thank you, take your seats.

2) Presentation of the new words

(Students open the dictionary and write down new words the practice them all together and individually)Time-

3) Drilling the new vocabulary.

T.: Now I suggest you to seat together in groups again. I’ll give a list of words. You task is to choose appropriated words. 1 gr.- advantages of travelling by train, 2nd group- disadvantages of travelling by train.Time- min

Letscheck up.(Students write on the posters then they present their works at the board)

4)Reading, speaking and writing activity. Group work. Work with the textbook.

( Students again divide in to 2 groups 1st –read the question on the board, come up to the next, dictate the question, the 2nd student write it, then gives it to the 3d student who find the answer in the book at page 123). After that the groups exchange with the questions and ask each other, give answers.Time ___

T.: Well done!

5) Listening activity. Students seat separately. The teacher gives them cards. They are to listen to and fill in missing words. Time___

IV. Summing up. Reflection. Ok, dear boy and girls. You worked well today and right now I suggest you to make up a conclusion. Stand up and come up to the board. In groups you should to write a cinque wayan. (Students write on the other side of paper, and then read their compositions).Time__

Home task to learn new words. S1,S 2, S3,S4.Thank you for your attention. Good bye!


TEXT P 123

  1. Why do the travelling by train become faster and more reliable?

  2. What is TGA?

  3. What are the British people looking for?

  4. Which country is working on a new train, Trans rapid?

  5. What is the maximum speed of new train travels?


  1. text p 123

1. What idea did George have?

2. What country did he visited?

3. Did he like American trains?

4. Who were the first travelers of his train?

5. Why did the “Oriental Express” stop travelling?

Dialogue 1. Buying a ticket

-Hello, a single to Manchester, please.

- Single… to…. That’s________.

- Thanks! What time is the next_____?

- AAAAt _____

- And which platform is it?

- Platform 3.

- Thanks

- Good bye!

21 pounds

11 o’clock

40 pounds 25 penny






Dialogue 2.

  • Good morning! I’d like to return to_____, please. For next Tuesday.

  • That’s Tuesday the 25th?

  • Yes, that’s right.

  • Right. So what time do you want to travel?

  • I need to be in Cardiff at_______. 11 in the morning.

  • So, you need the ______

  • What time does it arrive?

  • At _______

  • Fine.

  • That’s _________please.

  • Thank you very much!\


Comfortable new meetings expensive crowded quick enjoyable safe threat of accident

unpleasantpassengers dangerous cheap fast reliable clean constant warm

easy way of traveling discomfort

high prices


Краткое описание документа:

  Разработка открытого урока  в 9 классе  на тему "Trains". К разработке прилагаются карточки с заданиями, диалогом, а так же презентация с новой лексикой и видео-для работы с диалогом.На уроке применяются методы критического мышления " Fish bone", рефлексия урока основана на выполнении учащимися задания  по написанию синквейна по пройденной теме. Так же используется  работа в группах- деление производится по выбранному  детьми цвету- желтому либо зеленому. Одной из  целей урока является развитие навыков чтения и письма, которое в процессе данного урока осуществляется  через групповую работу.



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