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Открытый урок по английскому языку на тему: CONTINENTS AND COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD

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The aim of the lessons : To consolidate and to get deeper knowledge about this thame. To develop pupil's thinking & speaking abilities. To increase interest of knowing geographi in English language.

Aids: The map world , cards , pictures in an Activstudio.

The procedure of the lessons:

I . Organization moment

- Good morning boys & girls

- Who's on duty today ,

- Who's absent ?

- What date is it today?

- What day is it today?

II. Asking homework

Nationalities & languages


Vocabulary work.

III. Warm-up


Children our today's lesson is unusual. The theme of our lesson is Continents and Countries of the WORLD. First of all we'll read the text to get some new information about the world around us. Name the biggest & the smallest countries in the world.

…….. There are 4 oceans & 6 continents.

The continents are Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Australia & Antarctic. If we look at the map of the world we shall see many countries on the continents. There's only one country in Australia. It has got the same name as the continent. Countries of the world are different in their size. There are big & small countries. The largest country in the world is Russia and The smallest one is Vatican.

People of different nationalities live in their countries. They speak in different languages.

Each country has its national flag, anthem & its own traditions and customs. The countries which we are going to speak about at our English lessons are Great Britain and Kazakhstan.

IV. Speaking

Task 1

Now you have learn some facts the World. Are you ready to answer the questions ?

1. What is the centre of the solar system ?

2. How many planets are there in the solar system ?

3. How many oceans & continents are there on the earth ?

4. What are the names of the continents.

Name all of trem.

V. Writing

Task 2

Сomplete the sentences.

1. If you look at the Earth from the ________ different countries.

2. ________ America, Australia & Antarctic.

3. There's is only country in _________

4. The ________ in the world is Russia and _____ is Vatican.

5. Each country has _________ traditions and customs.

VI. Conclusion

Task 3

VII. Evaluation

Today you worked very well . I'm satisfied with your home task & activity.

VIII. Home task

Ex 4,5 / retell the text.

Краткое описание документа:

The  aim  of  the  lessons :  To  consolidate and  to  get deeper  knowledge  about  this thame.  To  develop pupil's thinking &  speaking  abilities.  To increase interest  of  knowing  geographi in   English language.

Aids:  The  map   world , cards , pictures in an Activstudio.

The  procedure  of  the  lessons:

 I . Organization  moment

 -   Good morning  boys & girls

 -  Who's  on  duty  today ,

 - Who's absent ?

 - What  date is it today?

 - What  day is it today?

II.  Asking  homework


Nationalities & languages Reading

Children  our  today's  lesson  is  unusual. The theme of  our lesson  is Continents  and Countries  of  the WORLD. First  of  all  we'll  read  the text  to get  some  new  information  about  the  world  around  us.  Name the biggest & the  smallest  countries in the  world.

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