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Открытый урок по английскому языку на тему "Студенты обсуждают тему еда"


Plan of the lesson #10

Course 2 Group Курс ШИ-9-13

Subject Дисциплина In-depth study of the English language

Teacher’s name Orlova Yelena Alekseyevna

1.Theme of the lesson: Students discuss the topic “Food”

2. Type and kind of the lesson: combined, practical lesson

3. Aim of the lesson: facilitate the strengthening of skills on topic "Food"

4. Objectives:

4.1 Educational: to teach students to use lexical and grammatical material on this topic in speaking and writing

4.2. Educative: to educate such qualities as activity in work and awareness in mastering of the material

4.3. Developing: to develop skills to analyze, synthesize, creativity

5. Expected results:

5.1. Students should understand: lexical and grammatical material on this topic

5.2. Students should have value orientations: improving linguistic and communicative competence

5.3. Students should be able: to use the material covered in the spoken and written language

6. Interdisciplinary connection: the German language

7. The course of the lesson

Stages of the lesson


Teacher’s management activity

Students activity at every stage

Means of each stage of the lesson

I. introductory part

1. Organizing moment

2. The repetition of

knowledge, checking homework

3. The organization of the orienting basis of students’ actions in strengthening of knowledge upon the theme

III. Reflexion

Some idea of the application of the knowledge acquired

IV. Assessment

V. Home task

Creative group work

VI. Additional task «Fruit salad»

5 min

10 min

3 min

2 min

10 min

15 min

10 min

10 min

5 min

3 min

2 min

1 min

3-4 min

Check the readiness

Set students to work. The teacher is near the board with students in a circle: “I wish you to be active today”.

Actualization of the necessary material

The orientation for the next steps, discussion of the assessment sheets and criteria

Discussion of the tasks and explanation of the method of choice with the help of flash light

Teacher gives every group sheets with Fishbone” and explains the task.

Teacher offers the sheets with situations and phrases how to make an order. Teacher makes assessment and explains the marks.

Teacher explains how to do the task

Teacher explains how to do the task, makes assessment

Teacher gives the example, organizes the group work

Assessment of teaching and learning process

Teacher explains the home task: mini-project work “The canteen of our dream”

Teacher explains the task, gives pictures

Students tell the date and the day. They answer the question about the weather. Students tell the theme of the lesson with the help of the picture in presentation.

«The tower of success» - thumb up. Students go to the board and make a circle. They say what they expect from the lesson.

«Matching». Students do online exercise http://www.esolcourses.com/content/topics/food/fruit/fruitmatch.html

They go to the board, match words to pictures and say the words. With the help of words on the board hey say what they like and why.

А) Discussion of the criteria:

5 – right pronunciation, speech without grammar mistakes, full answers, active work;

4 – some mistakes in pronunciation and in speech, good work;

3 – satisfactory work, speaking and pronunciation mistakes, not full answers

Name and surname _____________

Name and surname








Б) Students go to the board and choose the task with the help of flash light

1 task «Fishbone» by I.Kaoru. Healthy and unhealthy food. Every group writes healthy food on one side of the fishbone and unhealthy food on the other one within 3 minutes. Using method “Merry-go-round” students go from one group to another clockwise when teacher claps, read the work, write down some additional material. They come back to their groups, read additional material on their sheets and giving arguments say what food is healthy and unhealthy.

Peer assessment.

2 task «Dialogues» (role plays). Students draw the sheets with situations and phrases. 3 groups and 3 situations: in student canteen, in the restaurant, at the grocery shop. 5 minutes for preparation and 2 minutes for role play.

3 task «Video» (idioms: on the topics fruit and tea).


Students watch the video with idioms, make notes. Make their sentences with idioms individually, discuss in their groups and the representative of each group reads the best examples. Peer assessment.

4 task 3D grocery store+flip chart. http://3dsemey.kz/ (комплекс Хлебный дар второй сверху)

Students watch 3D store for 1 minute and ask each other the question: “What would you buy there?” They help to the store manager to put everything onto the right place. Students go to the board and write down the words into categories.

5 task «Comparison». Students watch presentation

(https://prezi.com/flvtwqtgvz7q/food/), they see 3 objects, two of them have something common in the shape or color but one is different. Using example they must compare objects.


Thumb up, inside, down”. Students show their thumbs and say their opinion

Students tell their marks

Students write their home task and ask questions

Students sit in a circle on chairs, the leader names the fruit students with these fruit change their places and the leader tries to sit on one of their places. A new leader is the person who couldn’t take a seat. When the leader says “Fruit salad” everybody must change their places. It’s not allowed to sit on the own place.

Board, the clock with the date, the day , presentation with the theme

Online matching task, IP board, words on the board

Sheets for assessment, criteria on the board

Flip chart with numbers, flash light

Sheets with fishbone, different color pens, words on the board

Sheets with phrases and situations

Video online, copy-books, pens

3D online store, flip chart


Assessment sheets

Chairs, cards with fruit

1st task

healthy food

unhealthy food

2nd task

Group 1

In student canteen

Would you like …?

What would you like?

I’ll have … .

I’d like to drink/eat … .

Warm the …, please.

Give me …, please.

How much is …?

It costs … .

Its price is … .

Here you are.

Fresh, tasty, warm, cold, napkins

Group 2

In the restaurant

Can I help you?

I'd like to have … .

I’ll have … .

Would you like to have …?

Would you like anything to drink?

Can I bring you anything else?

I’d like to have the bill.

That's $34.

Here you are.

Chicken soup, mushroom soup, a salad, sushi, coffee, tea, apple juice, crisps…

Group 3

At the grocery store

Can I help you?

I'd like to have … .

I need … .

Could you give me … .

Could I get … ?

Could I have … ?

Of course. Anything else?

How much is it …?

How much does it cost… ?

What’s the price of it?

What’s the price of … ?

That's $24.

Here you are.

4t 4th4 4th task

Classify these words according to their category.


Краткое описание документа:

Данный урок по английскому языку разработан по теме "Студенты обсуждают тему еда". План урока подробный с задачами, типом и видом урока, с ожидаемыми результатами. В плане имеются ссылки на интернет-источники, которые были использованы при проведении урока. Также в конце плана прилагаются: разработанная схема рыбьей кости по теме урока, материалы ко второму заданию, флип-чарт к 4-му заданию. Задания урока подобраны для развития кртитического мышления учащихся, разговорной и письменной речи. На протяжении всего занятия планируется использование мультимедийных компонентов.

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