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Разработка урока "Радио программа о любимых праздниках".

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 State Holidays
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State Holidays

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Radio Program “My favorite holidays”                        10 класс


1.       Улучшение произносительных  навыков.

2.       Активизация лексического материала по теме «Праздники».

3.       Развитие навыков и умений говорения.

4.       Патриотическое воспитание учащихся.

5.       Развитие социокультурных знаний.  

Оборудование: компьютер, проектор, интерактивная доска, магнитофон, диктофон.


I.                    Introduction.

Teacher: We’ll discuss festivals in Russia today. Watch a small presentation.  Be ready to answer the questions, please.

                Russian people love holidays, any of which is celebrated with a lot of food and presents, with real Russian hospitality. Any important moment in the life of the family is treated as a great holiday and is celebrated with relatives, friends and neighbors. All holiday can be divided into state, religious and family holidays.

                State holidays include the New Year’s Day (the 1st of January) , Defender of Motherland Day (the 23d of February), Women’s Day (the 8th of March), May Day (the 1st of May), Victory Day (the 9th of May) and Independence Day (the 12th of June),  Constitution Day (The 12th of December).

                The main religious holidays are Christmas and Easter.

                There are many holidays when some professions are honored, for example, the day of Knowledge and the Teacher’s Day.

                There are also personal or family holidays, such as birthdays, wedding days and other important days.  

                Answer the question please:

1.                   What State holidays do you celebrate?

2.                   What is your favorite holiday? Why?

-          My favorite holiday is New Year’s Day, because I like to be awake the whole night having fun with my family or my friends and eating a lot of tasty food.

-          My favorite holiday is Birthday because I like to get presents.

3.                   What is a real Russian hospitality to your mind? 

-       Russian people love holidays, invite friends, celebrate holidays with a lot of food and presents.

4.                   Do you celebrate any religiousholiday?

II.                  Radio program.

1.       Thank you for your answers. Now we are ready to record your first radio program. It is a specific genre in which you should express your ideas clearly and show creativity.

You are working at a popular radio station. You have been commissioned to prepare a radio program about festivals in your country. This program will be broadcasted  abroad. And people there hardly know anything about your traditions. So your aim is to attract tourist. We are in the air now. (включается диктофон)

2.       The song Moscow Suburb Nights is always performed before the program:

Not a rustling leaf not a bird in flight

In the sleepy groove until dawn.

How I love these nights, Moscow suburb nights

The caress of the walking sun.


The calm riling stream seems to ebb and flow

Like a silver web of moon light,

In my heart I hear singing come and go

On this wonderful summer night.


Why this downcast look? Does the rising day

Bring us near the hour when we part?

It’s as hard to keep as to give away

All the presses upon my heart.


3.       Host 1: Hello my dear friends!  How are you getting on? I think everything is excellent! My name is…I am a host of this program. Let’s begin our popular program “Tell me about you country”. 

4.       Host 2: Our topic today is “My favorite Russian holidays”. We have invited a lot of interesting guests. They are going to tell us about famous Russian holidays. Listen to our history expert. 

5.       History expert: There are many holidays in our country. They are: New Year’s Day, Christmas, Women’s Day, Victory Day, May Day and others. I like New Year’s Day. It is my favorite holiday. The 1st of January is a winter holiday and now it is the first day of the year. Peter the First changed the Russian calendar in 1699. He made 31st of December, 1699 the last day of the year. The 1st of January 1700 became New Year’s Day.(Оксана)

6.       Host 2: Thank you for your story! My name is… And I am the second host of the program. Now I’d like to invite to our microphone the popular Russian writer …. What is your favorite Russian holiday?(Гриша)

7.       Russian writer: My friends think me a little bit “strange” because my favorite holiday is Victory Day.

You see my grandfather and I were great friends. During the Great Patriotic war my grandfather was an officer of the Soviet Army. He fought many heroic battles and marched as far as Berlin. (Надя)

8.       Host 1: Did he go to Red Square on May 9? Did he meet his co-troopers? (Саша)

9.       Russian writer: Yes he did. And one day he invited them to stay at our house. And I was lucky surprised as his co-troopers appeared to be not gloomy old men but good natured guy fellows. I must say that my grandfather helped me to understand this holiday.

10.   Host 2: Thanks a lot for your expressive story. And now listen to …. He is our famous Russian film producer!(Гриша)

11.   Russian film producer:  There are many holidays and traditions in Russia. One of them is Maslenitsa. This holiday lasts for a week. Russian people celebrate it at the end of February or at the beginning of March. They say “good-bye” to winter on this holiday. During “Maslenitsa Week” we always cook pancakes. It is a tradition to cook pancakes and to eat them with fish, sour cream, caviar, honey, sugar, butter. Our family likes to invite our friends to come to see us. We buy cakes, cook pancakes. In my opinion it is interesting to eat pancakes and to talk. Usually this holiday is celebrated in our parks. People prepare fires and burn straw scarecrows of winter! (Лена)

12.   Host 1: Why do you like this Russian holiday? 

13.    Russian film producer:  I like this gay Russian holiday because I like to eat pancakes and I like spring!

14.   Host 2: And now I am going to invite…to our microphone. She is a famous Russian social researcher. Let’s listen to her.

15.   Social researcher: I’ve got some statistics about young people’s keeping Russian traditions. Young people like to celebrate Christmas, Easter, Women’s Day and others. They like this holidays very much because they can meet there friends or simply have a good time at home. Many young people celebrate April fool’s Day in Russia. It is a day for fun. It is celebrated on the 1st of April. And we like to play jokes on the 1st of April. (Наташа)

16.   Host 2: Thank you for your information. But our time is over. You can send your questions to our program. Good-bye! Good luck to you.

III.                Conclusion.

        Teacher:  Our lesson is coming to an end. But I like to remind you that this year we celebrate the 65th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic war. I’d like to recite a poem by R. Mackey which is called 




You have no enemies? you say
Alas, my friend, the boast is poor.
He who has mingled on the fray
Of duty that the brave endure
Must have made foes. If you have none –
Small is the work that you have done.
You’ve hit no traitor on the hip,
You’ve dashed no cup from perjured lip.
You’ve never turned the wrong to right,
You’ve been a coward in the fight.

Ты говоришь, что не нажил врагов.
Увы, мой друг, геройства в этом мало.
Тому, кто смело в бой вступить готов,
Врагов своих бояться не пристало.
И грош цена тому, чего достиг
Ты, от врагов себя оберегая.
Ты прятался за спинами других,
Побед великих за собой не зная.
И не клеймил изменника, лгуна,
К предательству и подлости терпимый.
Твоя беда, а может и вина
В том, что ты трус и трус непроходимый.

                Remember the enemies and don’t forget the heroes of the Great Patriotic war.  Next lesson we’ll listen to recording of our program and you will give marks to yourselves according to the criterion list. Thank you. Good-bye.






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