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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Открытый урок "Travelling with grammar"
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  • Иностранные языки

Открытый урок "Travelling with grammar"


Дата 26.02 Предмет английский язык Класс Ф.И.О учителя Адамович Е.Н.

Всего учащихся по списку 12

Присутствуют на уроке __

Тема урока: “Travelling with grammar”

Цель урока:

      • проверка знаний учащихся по пройденным темам

      • развитие и воспитание личности учащихся

      • развитие таких личностных качеств, как культура общения, умение работать в сотрудничестве, толерантность и т.п.

      • развитие способности и готовности к самостоятельному изучению иностранного языка, к самообразованию с его использованием в разных областях знаний

Тип урока: открытый урок

Оборудование: презентация Power Point, картинки по теме, раздаточный материал, аудио- видеоматериал, смайлики для рефлексии, паззлы


I. Greeting (2 min)

Good afternoon, dear pupils and guests! Sit down, please! Look at the blackboard – how do you think, what our theme will be about? Yeah, you are right! It’s “Travelling”. And today we are going to travel with our lovely grammar. Our destination point is the island “Knowledge”. During the lesson you should do a lot of different tasks to reach this place. You have two ships for sailing. Doing the tasks, you should be good investigators, listeners, word detectives, readers, talented actors, skillful researchers and painters. Only in this case the island “Knowledge” will be yours. So, are you ready to start? (-“Yeah!”)

Let’s start! You see, that you are divided into two groups, each of the groups will get puzzles for each task. Listen to me attentively and do the tasks properly!

1st group: Vlasova, Ismailova, Pokazanov, Repetskaya, Khlivnyuk, Yustus. (? Savel’eva)

2nd group: Grushin, Klyopka, Ryabinina, Tsys, Atapina, Savel’eva.

II. Activate (2 min)

And the first island is the island of good investigators. Here you should do two tasks. The first one – fill in the gaps with DON’T or DOESN’T.


The next task – Unscramble the words and make sentences.


Well done! Here are your puzzles (2 for each group)! And we are going on!

III. Activate (10 min)

And on our way we meet the next island – the island of listeners. On your desks you have sheets of paper with songs. I’ll switch on the music and you should write the missing words. The prompt is that these words are adjectives in comparative and superlative forms. Listen, please, attentively! (4 min)

1. Work it, make it, do it, makes us harder, better, faster, stronger!

Now that don’t kill me, can only make me stronger.

I need you to hurry up now, ‘cause I can’t wait much longer.

I know I got to be right now, ‘cause I can’t get much wronger.

Man I’ve been waitin’ all night now.

2. Now, he’s bigger than me, taller than me.

And he’s older than me, and stronger than me.

And his arms a little bit longer than me.

3. You know the bed feels warmer sleeping here alone

You know I dream in colour and do the things I want.

4. So I wanna say thank you ‘cause it makes me that much stronger

Makes me work a little bit harder, it makes me that much wiser.

So thanks for making me a fighter.

Made me learn a little bit faster, made my skin a little bit thicker

Makes me that much smarter, so thanks for making me fighter.

5. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

Stand a little taller

Doesn’t mean I’m lonely when I’m alone.

What doesn’t kill you makes a fire

Put that thing on ligher

Doesn’t mean I’m over cause you’r gone.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, stronger

Just me, myself and I

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

Stand a little taller

Doesn’t mean I’m lonely when I’m alone.

6. When I’ll be here and you’ll be gone further from …

7. Stronger than yesterday

Now it’s nothing but my way

My loneliness ain’t killing me no more.

I’m stronger

8. It’s taking me higher, higher, higher off the ground.

It’s taking me higher, higher, higher off the ground.

9. My love is warmer than the warmest sunshine, softer than a sigh

My love is deeper than the deepest ocean, wider than the sky.

My love is brighter than the brightest star that shines every night above.

And there is nothing in this world that can ever change my love.

Now, let’s watch the video and check your answers! You may stand up and sing these songs. (4 min)

You are very talented. You sang nice! Take your puzzles (2 for each group)!

IV. Activate (5 min)

On the horizon we see the next island – the island of word detectives. On this island you should break the pictorial puzzles and guess the words. You have 3 minutes to do this. (3 min)


Look at the slide and check yourselves! Now, who can translate all these words? Good job is paid by puzzles! (2 for each group) (2 min)

V. Activate (10 min)

We are sailing further and there is the forth island – the island of attentive readers. On this island you found the text from unknown author about the trip to grandparents. Your task is to read this text and find out the mistakes. I’ll give you the prompt – they are 7. You have 5 minutes to look through the text and find the mistakes. (5 min)


So, let’s check your variants. Please, read the sentences from the text, in which you found the mistakes. (1 min)

And now, look at the slide and check yourselves. Please, read the sentences with corrections and translate them. (4 min)

Each of the groups take your puzzles! (2 for each group)

VI. Activate (8 min)

Our destination point is closer and closer. And we see the island of the actors. On your desks you may see books. In this books you have a dialogue. (1st group – “At the travel agency” (Ismailova, Yustus). 2nd group – “At the hotel” (Tsys, ?Savel’eva, Klyopka). Your task is to act out this dialogue for us. Try to do it with emotions! (2 min)



So, are you ready? Who will be the first? (6 min)

You are talented actors! Groups, take your puzzles! (2 for each group)

VII. Activate (6 min)

The next island is the island of the clever researchers. On this island you should identify countable and uncountable nouns. You have 3 minutes for this task. (3 min)


So, finish, please! I want one volunteer from each group to come up to the blackboard and write: the 1st group – countable nouns (Khlivnyuk) and the 2nd group – uncountable nouns (Atapina)



And while they are writing the answers we are going to create a picture. So, during the lesson you were collecting the puzzles and now it is time to know what is the picture. (2 min)


Do this picture connect with our theme? (-“Yes”)

VIII. Reflection (2 min)

Thank you guys for your work. I appreciate it. And I want you now to evaluate this lesson. If you like it – take the happy smile and bring it here. If you are bored, take the sad smile. And the third smile represents your wish to resist.

F:\26.02.15 - 7Г (районный семинар)\смайлы для рефлексии\happy.gif F:\26.02.15 - 7Г (районный семинар)\смайлы для рефлексии\boring.gif F:\26.02.15 - 7Г (районный семинар)\смайлы для рефлексии\resist.gif

Thank you! Your marks for today … Good bye, children!

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Краткое описание документа:

Профильное обучение иностранному языку – это углублённое обучение/изучение иностранного языка + специализация, т.е. ориентация на дальнейшее продолжение образования в выбранном направлении (напр., в вузе) с целью овладения соответствующей профессиональной деятельностью.

Цели профильного обучения иностранным языкам:


  • Дальнейшее развитие иноязычной коммуникативной компетенции + некоторое расширение её компонентного состава (за счет включения элементарных основ лингвистической компетенции и перевода как профессионально-ориентированного умения);
  • Развитие и воспитание личности старшеклассника, а именно:
    • способности к личностному и профессиональному самоопределению,
    • формирование активной жизненной позиции как патриота, гражданина, субъекта межкультурного взаимодействия,
    • развитие таких личностных качеств, как культура общения, умение работать в сотрудничестве, толерантность и т.п.,
    • развитие способности и готовности к самостоятельному изучению иностранного языка, к самообразованию с его использованием в разных областях знаний,
    • развитие опыта творческой деятельности, в том числе в области исследовательской работы в русле профиля.
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