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Отрывок из сценария к сказке "Царевна-лягушка"

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The frog princess

Scene 1

Queen: Our sons need someone to share their lives.

King : You are right. I want them to marry.

Queen: Call our sons here!

( The sons come )

King : My sons, before I am too old I want you to marry

and I’d like to see my grandchildren.

Sons : Whom are we to marry?

King : Take your bows and shoot an arrow.

Queen : Wherever it falls, there you’ll find your wife.

Scene 2

Vasily : We must find our wives today. Let’s try…

Vasiliy : My arrow lands a nobleman’s courtyard.

Vasily’s bride : I’m the Duke’s daughter. Marry me!

Fyodor : My arrow lands a merchant’s courtyard.

Fyodor’s bride : I’m the merchant’s daughter. Marry me!

Fyodor : Please, come with us to our father…

( They come to their father.)

King : Well done, my songs. They are perfect.

Scene 3

Ivan: May be I can find a wife, too…


Ivan: Where can it be?

( He looks for it)

Ivan: There, near the swamp.

( The frog holds the arrow in its mouth)

Ivan: Oh, no! You are a frog! What can I do?

Frog: Don’t worry, Ivan. I can marry you!

( Ivan takes the frog to the king)

King: You must marry her!

Give rings to your wives!

Queen: We want to see which wife is the best.

King: We want your wives to make me a shirt by tomorrow.

Scene 4

Frog: You look very unhappy, Ivan! What’s the matter?

Ivan: My father ordered you to make a shirt by tomorrow.

Frog: Don’t worry! Just go to bed!

Scene 5

( Music. The frog threw off its skin and turn into the Princess Vasilisa. She clapped her hands and cried. )

Vasilisa: My faithful attendants listen to me. Sew for me by tomorrow a shirt like the one my father used to wear.

Scene 6

King: This is a shirt for everyday wear.

Queen: You could only go to the bath in that.

King: Now that is a shirt! I can wear it on important occasions. I ordered you, my sons, to bring your wives to the party tomorrow.

Scene 7

Frog: Why are you so sad?

Ivan: My father ordered me to bring you to the party. How can I show you to people?

Frog: Don’t grieve, Ivan. Go to the party by yourself and I’ll follow later. When you hear a noise, say: “That’s my little frog riding in a little box. “

Scene 8

Vasiliy: Why didn’t you bring your wife with you?

Vasiliy’s wife: You could have carried her in a handkerchief!

Fyodor: Where did you find such a beauty?

Fyodor’s wife: You must have searched all through the marshes for her.

(all the guests sit down at the tables)

(a loud knock and a clap of thunder, the guests jump up)

Ivan: Don’t be afraid. It’s only my little frog coming!

(Ivan goes out and comes back with Vasilisa)

(guests dance, then Ivan goes out and hurried home)

Scene 9

(Vasilisa returns home and sees that the frog skin is gone)

Vasilisa: Prince Ivan, what have you done? If you had waited only three days I would have been yours for ever. But now I must say goodbye. Look for me in the thirties kingdom beyond three times nine lands.

Scene 10

( Ivan comes across the bear and intend to kill it)

Bear : Don’t kill me, Prince Ivan, my cubs need me. I promise to help you.

Hare : Don’t kill me, Ivan. My leverets won’t have a mother. Some day I’ll be of service to you.

Fish : Please, don’t eat me. I promise to help you - one way or another.

Scene 11

Witch: Why are you here?

Ivan: I’m looking for my wife.

Witch: Don’t worry, we can save her. Throw this ball of wool on the ground and follow it. Soon you will find the way to Koshey and you can set Vasilisa free.

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