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Out of class work “ Let’s lay the table”

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Out of class work “ Let’s lay the table” The 5th grade.

Aim : to check the knowledge of fruit and vegetables.

To learn new information about fruit and vegetables

to able to tell a recipe do some dish.

  1. Name fruit and vegetable

The winner is the team to say last.

  1. Write the missing rhyming words.

A .Hi, my name is Sam,

I like eating ….( jam)

b. My name is Louse

I like to eat….( cheese).

c. My big brother Jake

Is fond of …..( cake).

d. This is Lola,

She likes drink… ( cola).

  1. Give rhyming words.

Grass ….( class), car…..(jar), dish….(fish), moon…( spoon), make….( cake), keep ….(meet)……

  1. Make up new words:

The team must make up as many words as possible of the word “ breakfast” ( tea, eat, are, bear, art, sat, rat, fast, be). The teams have 5 minutes at their disposal.

  1. Match the expressions and their meanings.

1.To be the apple of one’s eye

2.To go bananas

3.As cool as a cucumber

4.To be a pickle

5.A lemon

6.A couch potato

7.A bowl of cherries

8.A carrot

a.To become wild or angry, to go crazy

b.To be in a difficult situation

c.Someone who is foolish or worthless

d.Someone who spends a lot of time watching TV

e.A promised reward for doing something

f.Something very pleasant


h.To be one’s favorite person

( answers : 1h, 2a, 3g, 4b, 5c, 6d, 7f, 8e)

  1. Game “ Products”

During 4 minutes the teams thinks of products for one of these shops:

Every thing for students with bad marks”

Everything for those who miss lessons”

  1. Game “ Who has more vegetables”

Two leaders go out of the room. The students name themselves one of the vegetables.

The leaders come back and in turn they say “ I want a cabbage,etc.

  1. True or false

1.People grew tomatoes in flower gardens for decoration many years ago (T)

2.Tomatoes can be as big as melons and as small as berries (T)

3. Three – fourth (3\4) of the potato is water (T)

4. Englishmen say “ small potato” they mean something not very important (T)

5. “ We know your onions!” means that we know a lot about something.


1. Not a fruit. I like to eat it in salad and pizza. (tomato)

2. It is orange and long. Rabbits to eat it. ( carrot)

3. It is yellow. Monkeys like to eat it. ( babana)

4. It is green, big, round. Rabbits and goats like it. ( cabbage)

10. Итог урока.

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