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Конкурс "Законы экологии"

Пан урока по английскому языку на тему “Shopping in Britain” (7 класс)


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Date: 18.12.2015

The theme of the lesson: "Shopping in Britain"

The objectives of the lesson:

1)Educational: to enrich pupil’s knowledge about Shopping in London; to enlarge their interest in learning foreign languages and to introduce the pupils with new words and give them more information.
2)Developing: to develop pupils` abilities in speaking, writing, reading, listening skills in expressing their own opinions.

3)Up-bringing: to motivate the students` interest in learning English, to create an English-speaking atmosphere and work in groups; to respect their native and foreign languages, to teach them to respect each other and to explain them to be a honesty

Method of the lesson: speaking, completing, elements of Karaev technology

Type of the lesson: New lesson

Visual aids: an interactive board, pictures, video about London, cards

Connection of the lesson:Kazakh, Russian


I.Organization moment


-Good afternoon, girls and boys!

-How are you today?

B)Checking up the attendance:

-Who is on duty today?

-Who is absent today?

II.Warm up. Tongue twister

She sells sea shells by the sea shore.
The shells she sells are surely seashells.
So if she sells shells on the seashore,
I’m sure she sells seashore shells.

III. Explanation of the aim

-Today we have an unusual lesson. There is a puzzle on the board. If you solve you find out the theme of our lesson

C:\Users\USER\Desktop\fish-against-white-background.jpgC:\Users\USER\Desktop\fox-06.jpgC:\Users\USER\Desktop\42528712954ddebef15fe09.93531036.jpgC:\Users\USER\Desktop\скачанные файлы.jpgC:\Users\USER\Desktop\pen-01.jpgC:\Users\USER\Desktop\egg-ruhlman.jpg

Ch: Shopping

T:-Do you like shopping?

-Do you like shopping with your mother/father/brother/sister?

IV.P1 Explaining new material.

-What is the capital of Great Britain?

-London is the capital of Great Britain

-Look at the video about London


Look at the new words about name of shops

Grocer`s Marks & Spancer`s

Baker`s Bookshop

Greengrocer`s Dairy


-What can you buy at grocer`s?

We can buy sugar, salt there.

-Where can you buy meat?

We can buy meat at Butcher`s

-Let`s watch a video about Shopping in London. Then we`ll read a text .

Shopping in London

Oxford street is a very big and popular shopping centre in London. There are clothes shops and shoe shops, book shops and dress shops.

One of the largest department stores in Oxford Street, Selfridges. It has more than 300 departments on 6 floors, 2500 employees (people who work there) and every day more than 100.000 people from all over the world walk its doors, eat in its 5 restaurants and use its four lifts and three escalators.

In the early days there were gardens on the roof and many people came and looked at the famous Selfridges lifts. Today it is famous for its window displays at Christmas.

Selfridges is a very expensive department store, that is why most Londoners have to go to cheaper shops: Marks and Spencer’s for clothes and supermarkets for food.

Supermarkets have become very popular with shoppers. They sell not only food, but also ready made clothes, toys and other goods. They are self-service shops.

-Answer to my questions

-What street is a very popular in London?

-What is the largest department store in Oxford Street?

V. Consolidation of the new lesson

Ex.4 Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)?

Oxford is popular because it's very big. □

Only employees eat at its 5 restaurants. □

Selfridges was as popular as it is now. □

Supermarkets are very popular because Selfridges is an expensive department. □

Ex5. Write questions to these numbers.

I) 300 4) 100.000

2)6 5) 5

3) 2.500 6)4


to explain lend/borrow


  1. Could you        me some money, please?

  2. Some pupils can        books from their school.

  3. Will you        me your umbrella till tomorrow?

  4. Should I        him my football?

  5. You may        my bike, but be careful.

  6. Could I        your cup?

  7. You can        your book to Steve.

  8. Why do students        so much money from their parents?

  9. Peter won't        his car to anyone.

  10. Will your mother        you some money?

VI. Conclusion.

To make up a dialogue about shopping in Britain

At the Grocer`s At the Greengrocer`s At the Marks & Spencer`s

-Can I help you?

-Yes,please. I`d like .

-Here you are. Anything else?

-Yes. Can I have ?

-Here you are.

-How much is it?

-That`s 100 $ altogether

-Thank you

-You`re welcome.


Now I`ll put you your marks. Aizhan, Damir, Elnur and Aidana I`ll put you "5", because you were very active today. Aibek and Azamat get “4”.

VIII.Home work: Your homework is exercise 3

T: Stand up,children

     It’s time to say “good- bye”.

    Our English lesson is over.

    Thank you for your work, children!


Ch: GOOD-BYE, teacher!!!  

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