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Personal Passive and Impersonal Passive Constructions

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Rephrase the sentences to make them more formal.

  1. People think the new prime minister is a good speaker.

It is

The new prime minister

  1. They say that the thief stole several wallets.

It is said

The thief

  1. People don’t expect that the new party will win the elections.

It isn’t

The new party

  1. The detective knows that the robber has left the city.

It is

The robber

  1. People believe that giving encouragement is important at work, too.

It is

Giving encouragement

  1. They report the suspect was arrested.

The suspect

It is

  1. They told us that Charles drank too much at the party.

It was


  1. People know that drug addiction is dangerous.

  2. They believe that the lunch will be delicious.

  3. They think that the children are at school.

  4. People said that the robbery lasted half an hour.

  5. The newspapers reported that he won the jackpot.

  6. People acknowledge that he is talented.

  7. T hey think that your tea is too sweet.

  8. Everybody says the old bridge will collapse.

  9. People think that the pigeons carry a lot of diseases.

  10. Sara is the prettiest girl in the class.

  11. They understood that he got divorced.

  12. They reported that Amy White died.

  13. People believed that the Sun moved around the Earth.

  14. They said that the pilot was drunk.

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