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Picture Essays for Schoolchildren.

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Picture Essays for Schoolchildren

Grade: 5-6

School: State School









Designed by English Teacher: Natalya Makarova

Year: 2022-2023


















I.       Picture Essay. “My Working Day”


II.      Picture Essay. “My School Day”


III.     The Poem by Robert L.S..


IV.    Picture Essay. “Summer Holidays”.






















This brief book “Picture Essays for Schoolchildren” has been designed specifically to arrange students to inhance their knowledge of common school topics.

The project is composed of only four standard English topics that are included  into school syllabus for studying. “My working day, my school day and  my summer holiday”, the fourth - The Poem by Robert L.S.. is presented like an extra assignment. The excerpt of the poem is to be represented by memory verbally or through filling the gaps with words from the poems, with no pictures. On writing, the assessment of spelling is obligatory.  For this, students have to learn the poem, in advance.

Studying the topics, schoolchildren have tendency to forget this or that word  in foreign language. Thematical picture essay topics may influence our students to memorize the common words and word patterns they use every day. While filling the gaps with an appropriate word taking into account the photos, a student remembers the spelling and pronunciation of a word. The teacher may perceive any synonymatical word the student chooses, the only condition that it is ought to be corresponded by meaning. For example: a uniform – school uniform, a school suit. Furthermore, the student intends to catch the content of the topic rereading it several times. That facilitates learning the topics.

 The teacher can offer his students a variety of assignments for practicing the reading and learning the topics, however the, final assignment of high level thinking skill will be to reproduce the topics by student adopting the sample topic if necessary.  















I.                  Picture Essay. “My Working Day”

 Fill in the gaps with words presented in pictures. When finish try to reproduce the topic about your working day, using the example topic


Usually I go to_______________ six days a week. Sunday is a weekend day. Every day except Sunday I get out of   ________at 7 a.m., make my bed and go to the ____________________to take a warm shower. Then I come back to my room and put on my School uniform drawing boy – Artofit ______________________.

My mum cooks breakfast for me. For my breakfast I usually eat some   ______________, and drink a cup of    _____________. After my breakfast is done, I prepare my lunch   _____________. I put an  _________,

aFree Photo | Sandwich __________________and a small box of juice. It’s time to go to school.

My classes start at 9 a.m. Today is Monday, so theOrdinal Numbers | Vocabulary | EnglishClub ____________class is Maths. The second class is  ________________where we usually write dictations, learn grammar rules and in addition read a lot of interesting  _____________.

At 12 p.m. our students go the school Our ever shrinking primary school playgrounds: 35% of schools are building  classrooms on yards and playing fields | Daily Mail Online ______________________, where we are allowed to eat our lunch.

Here students spend for an hour and come back to school for classes. We have another two or three classes. Our classes are over at 3 p.m. My mother picks me out of school by   _________. We have dinner together. After classes my   74,861 Mother Son Hug Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock___________________allows me to go for a Homepage | Heart Foundation Walking ___________with my friends. It takes me for about one hour and a half. When coming back home I begin to do my lessons.

I go to bed at 11 or 12 p.m. My school  ____________ doesn’t recommend me to stay late!


Filled in words: school, bed, bathroom, school uniform, porridge, tea, box, apple, sandwich, the first, Russian, books, playground, car, mother (mum), walk, teacher

II.               Picture Essay. “My School Day”

 Fill in the gaps with words presented in pictures. When finish try to reproduce the topic about your school day, using the example topic

I study at 6th grade. Our school is the  The Oldest High School in Every State | FamilyMinded ____________in our area.

Every day school days starts at 9 __________a.m. My  ____________gives me a lift to school. We have 6 or 7 classes. One class lasts 45 minutes. After the second class is completed, students are supposed  to go out for break. We can go and  play at the school yard. Some children play    ______________, others play  ___________. Those students who don’t want to play can just have a stroll around school botanic garden.

At our classes we are taught to write, analyze information, present diagram data, make research work, do mathematical tasks and what not. 

At 1 p.m. our students have lunch. We can choose the menu. We need have no money to buy food, as we have our ID cards that enable us to order any food-stuff we want.


We finish school at 15 p.m. Qualified teachers organize the educational process fundamentally, as the result we do not have to do loads of homework being at home.


Eventually, when the classes are over, we are free to go home and  manage our time to prepare ourselves for the next school day.




III.             The Poem by Robert L.S.. Fill in the Gaps with the suitable words by memory:


When I was_______________and lay a-bed

I had two ___________________at my head.

And all my toys __________________________me lay

To keep me happy _______________________.


IV.            Picture Essay. “Summer Holidays”.


Fill in the gaps with words presented in pictures. When finish, try to reproduce the topic about your summer holiday, using the example topic.


My family has got a house near the  Море картинки, стоковые фото Море | Depositphotos_____________________. The whole year round it is summer and  Голубая блестящая капля воды | Премиум векторы ____________________  in the sea is warm and clean.   There are a lot of Рыбы - красивые картинки (50 фото) • Прикольные картинки и позитив ____________ in the sea. I like______________Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Trips in Pattaya with Adventure Divers.

 However, my ____________________________  enjoys swimming in the sea in the evenings.

All in all, everybody likes  Seasons for Kids: All About Summer | Summer Season for Kids - YouTube_______________________most of all seasons.


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Краткое описание документа:

This project “Picture Essays for Schoolchildren” has been designed specifically to arrange students to inhance their knowledge of common school topics.

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