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Підготовка учнів до Державної підсумкової атестації у 9 класах з англійської мови

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1.Уявіть собі, що Ви готуєтесь до поїздки у країну, мову якої вивчаєте. Розкажіть своїм товаришам основні відомості про цю країну, дайте коротку характеристику політичного устрою цієї країни.

2. Ваш товариш телефонує Вам із запізнілими привітаннями до дня народження. У вас з цього приводу була вечірка.

Розкажіть йому про неї.

3. Уявіть собі, що Ви берете участь у роботі літнього мовного табору. Серед вас є учасники з різних країн. Розкажіть своїм ровесникам про основні історичні памятки свого міста/села.

4. Ви обговорюєте проблему вивчення іноземних мов зі своїми друзями. Висловіть свою думку з приводу важливості знання іноземної мови.

5. Ви зустріли свого товариша, якого давно не бачили. Поділіться з ним своїми планами на майбутнє.

6. Ваші батьки хочуть здати кімнату іноземцю. Надайте йому детальну інформацію про помешкання.

7. Ви отримали завдання підготувати короткий огляд телепередач одного з національних каналів. Надайте інформацію своїм товаришам про те, які телепередачі ви б порекомендували переглянути у першу чергу і чому?

8. Уявіть собі, що під час Вашого перебування в країні, мову якої Ви вивчаєте, Ви занедужали. Вас відвезли до лікарні. Розкажіть про цей випадок своїм товаришам.

9. Уявіть собі, що Ви проживаєте під час навчання на мовних курсах у кімнаті з іноземним студентом. Розкажіть йому про свої сімейні традиції.

10. До Вашої школи прийшов новий учень, який погано орієнтується у вашому місті. Надайте йому інформацію про місцевий транспорт.

11. Уявіть собі, що ви їдете на запрошення свого друга на свято до країни, мову якої вивчаєте. Розкажіть, що Ви знаєте про традиції святкування у цій країні.


  1. What would you change in your family relations if you and your father (mother) found yourselves in each other’s shoes?

  2. Who is more important in the world history: men or women? What makes you think so?

  3. Imagine you’ve got a chance to choose any career you’d like. What would it be? Why?

  4. Suppose you are to give a brief talk on smoking-nonsmoking. What would you say?

  5. Tell about a good book or a good movie you’ve recently read/seen.

  6. Imagine you can create a cheap, convenient, safe and fast means of transportation. What will it be?

  7. Does it matter for you if some animal or plant species disappear from our planet? Why?

  8. How many holidays do you think people may have a year? What are your reasons?

  9. What do you feel when you have to go and see the doctor? What’s the reason for feeling this way?

  10. Some people believe drugs should be legalized. If you had the power to make the final decision, what would it be?

  11. Do you think the story of Cinderella could happen in the 21st century? Why? How could that be?

  12. If you could have any lifestyle you’d like, what kind of life would you want to have when you get old enough to retire from work?

  13. Do you think people should encourage those who do services (waiters, taxi-drivers etc.) by tipping them? What makes you think so?

  14. What do you think is the right age to start driving? Drinking beer? Drinking alcohol? Why?

  15. What school subjects would you not study at all? Which ones do you think you should study more? Why?



1. Jane ___________ the hairdresser's; she'll be back at 3 o'clock.

A has been to B has gone to C has been in

2. John _____________ football, when he broke his arm.

A play B played C was playing

3. I have never ___________ Paris.

A gone to B been to C been in

4. Andrew ________________for this company for ten years so far.

A had been working B had worked C has been working

5. Bob had missed the flight by the time he _____________ at the airport.

A had arrived B arrived C was arriving

6. Are they ____________ biscuits in the cupboard?

A any B some C no

7. If I were you, I _____________ to bed early.

A will go B would go C won’t go

8. That box is ____________heavy for him to carry.

A enough B too C to

9. That’s the house _______________ I grew up.

A which B where C who

10. Father ______________ us to come inside.

A said B told to C asked

11. It’s not warm ______________ to go to the beach.

A too B enough C very

12. The restaurant _______________ is on the high street is very good.

A where B who C which

13. If you finish early, I ___________ you to the theatre.

A take B will take C would take

14. Would you mind _____________ the cat out?

A letting B to let C let

15. This is my _____________ bike.

A mothers B mothers' C mother's

16. They have been driving ______________ four hours.

A since B for C ago

17. My parents have been married ____________ twenty-five years.

A for B ago C since

18. If you had looked carefully, you ____________ the banana skin.

A would see B saw C would have seen

19. I cut ___________ with a knife this morning.

A mine B my C myself

20. Would you like ____________ my holiday photographs?

A seeing B to see C see

21. She has been in Rome ______________ 1989.

A since B while C for

22. I __________ buy a new pair of shoes.

A must B need C ought

23. I can't see my bicycle _____________ .

A nowhere B anywhere C somewhere

24. He comes from Egypt __________ ?

A does he B isn't he C doesn't he

25. I didn't tell ___________ about it.

A somebody B nobody C anybody

26. I ___________ buy a new coat if I had enough money.

A would B am C will

27. What would you do if you __________ a million pounds?

A win B won C will win

28. _____________ is wearing my hat?

A Who B What C Why

29. I think I _____________ go to my parents tonight.

A will B am going to C would

30. I'm very pleased _____________ you again!

A see B seeing C to see

31. He's ill. He hasn't been to school __________ Tuesday.

A ago B since C for

32. _____________ has stolen my purse!

A Someone B No C Anyone

33. ____________ did you get home so late?

A When B Why C Who

34. I think it _____________ be sunny tomorrow.

A would B will C is

35. If he had arrived on time, we _____________ the film.

A will see B would see C would have seen

36. They met at a party a year _____________ .

A since B for C ago



The Secrets of the Ocean

Many secrets of the ocean are still unknown but every year scientists discover new and new species of animals and plants. Much variety of fish, crabs, octopuses and others are among them. The biggest animals inhabit in the ocean. One of them is a whale.

The giant blue whale is the largest animal on the Earth. It can reach up to 30 meters long and weigh about 160 tons. It is 25 times bigger than the largest inhabitor of the land- African Elephant.

The big white shark is a dangerous hunter killer. It attract swimmers and very often they die after the meeting with this fish. This fish is the largest fish-man-eater. It is about 8 meters long and weighs 4 tons.

Not everybody can see giant squids. They inhabit in the deepest oceans. But sometimes they can swim up to the surface. Their long tentacles are like rings of the biggest sea snake. It weighs 2 tons and its length is 15 meters.

The leather back turtle inhabits in the Pacific Ocean. It is the largest sea reptile. The length is 2 meters and it weighs 453 kg. You can see it only at night when it lays eggs in the sand.

The Angler fish leaves its shelter only at night. It shines like a torch. It has a light on the end of the special fin. They have a huge mouth and can eat fish as big as themselves. It switches light off with a special organ. In the ocean you can meet fish whish can fly. It’s called a flying fish. It develops speed up to 64 km per hour. It can fly over the sea up to 1000.

The Blue octopus kill more people than sharks. Its victims are those swimmers who touch it to look. Its lengths is only 3 sm but this octopus is the poisonеst creature on the earth. It has much more strong poison than any land animal.



The Perfect Dog

During summer vacations, I would volunteer at the vet’s, so I’d seen a lot of dogs. Minnie was by far the funniest-looking dog I’d ever seen. Thin curly hair barely covered her sausage-shaped body. Her bugged-out eyes always seemed surprised. And her tail looked like a rat’s tail.

She was brought to the vet to be put to sleep because her owners didn’t want her anymore. I thought Minnie had a sweet personality, though. No one should judge her by her looks, I thought. So the vet spayed her and gave her the necessary shots. Finally, I advertised Minnie in the local paper: “Funny-looking dog, well behaved, needs loving family.”

When a young man called, I warned him that Minnie was strange looking. The boy on the phone told me that his grandfather’s sixteen-year-old dog had just died. They wanted Minnie no matter what. I gave Minnie a good bath and fluffed up what was left of her scraggly hair. Then we waited for them to arrive.

At last, an old car drove up in front of the vet’s. Two kids raced to the door. They scooped Minnie into their arms and rushed her out to their grandfather, who was waiting in the car. I hurried behind them to see his reaction to Minnie.

Inside the car, the grandfather cradled Minnie in his arms and stroked her soft hair. She licked his face. Her rat-tail wagged around so quickly that it looked like it might fly off her body. It was love at first lick.

She’s perfect!” the old man exclaimed.

I was thankful that Minnie had found the good home that she deserved.

That’s when I saw that the grandfather’s eyes were a milky white color — he was blind.

which of the given statements are true (T) and which are false (F) and mark the corresponding box




The teller is a doctor.


Minnie had a rather unusual look.


Some people wanted the dog to die.


The veterinarian gave the dog an injection that killed her.


The teller decided to save the dog.


There was a protest campaign in the local newspaper.


The teller had to make a few phone calls.


The young man wanted a particular kind of dog.


The dog and her new master liked each other.


The old man had some health problems.

which of the variants (A, B, C or D) best completes the sentence , mark the corresponding letter

1. We can come to a conclusion that the teller helped the vet

a) as a part of daily routine;

b) on his own initiative;

c) for fun;

d) against his will.

2. The dog looked strange because one could easily see her

a) eyes;

b) body;

c) tail;

d) skin.

3. Minnie’s masters wanted to

a) get rid of her;

b) find her a new family;

c) have her treated;

d) go to sleep.

4. The dog seemed to have

a) a nice tail;

b) nice hair;

c) a nice character;

d) a nice appearance.

5. The vet made all the necessary

a) corrections;

b) reflections;

c) inflections;

d) attractions.

6. The teller used the media to address

a) the dog’s masters;

b) the public;

c) the vet;

d) the dog.

7. The man who called needed a dog

a) to eat somebody;

b) to hunt somebody;

c) to please somebody;

d) to find somebody.

8. The dog seemed to get a good ____ before leaving.

a) caring;

b) beating;

c) piercing;

d) sharing.

9. At the vet’s the two boys moved very

a) quickly;

b) calmly;

c) confidently;

d) indifferently.

10. In the car, Minnie’s tail showed her

a) readiness to fly;

b) wish to escape;

c) eagerness to eat;

d) emotional state.


9 клас

1. Describe your ideal living situation, including city or country, an apartment or house, alone or with a family.

2. Write advice for a foreigner visiting your country. Discuss when to come, what to bring, where to go and what to expect.

3. A youth magazine is running “The Best Teacher of the Year” competition and has asked its readers to submit their compositions describing their teachers. Write about your “Best Teacher”. Why is he / she the best?

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