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Письменное высказывание с элементами рассуждения (эссе)

  • Иностранные языки

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Opinion essay

(письменное высказывание с элементами рассуждения)


Введение в тему

  • For many years (centuries) ___ have been Ving

  • Since ancient times ___ have been Ving

  • (Not) long ago ___ V2

  • Nowadays a lot of people have

    • most (some) people

    • most countries

    • lots of families (young people)

    • almost every family (person)

    learn, drive, play, work, know, keep (diet), keep unusual animals, want to be …, travel abroad, smoke and drink alcohol


- There are …

- We cannot imagine (our life) without ___ nowadays.

- But they are very popular now.

Введение в проблему

- But is it (are they) (really) good (useful, interesting, safe, harmless to …) for our health (planet, study)?

- But what is better (more useful), to V or not to V?

2-й абзац

Своя точка зрения на данную проблему

  • I think that (In my opinion, To my mind,) __ ==== (любое предложение без “I”)

  • As for me, I like (am not against)

Доводы и примеры

1) … 2) … 3) … For example, …

3-й абзац

Противоположная точка зрения на данную проблему

There are a lot of people, however, who insist (believe) that …

Доводы этих людей

1) … 2) … 3) …

4-й абзац

Почему вы с ними не можете согласиться (ваши доводы)

There is something in this opinion (in this approach to the problem).

But I cannot totally agree with it, because 1) … 2) …


So many people - so many opinions.

But ___ have V3 and will always V.

But we cannot deny that ____ is an essential part of our life.

All in all, I still feel that the benefits of ….. outweigh its (their) disadvantages.

For and Against essays


Знакомство с обсуждаемой темой в самых общих чертах. Нет фраз, характеризующих ваше мнение

- Введение в тему.

- Постановка проблемы.

Содержание основной части

2 абзаца, излагающие по 3 - 4 довода «за» и «против» с вашими комментариями по каждому доводу и вашим мнением

As for me, …

To my mind, …

In my opinion, …

- The main advantage/disadvantage/drawback of … is … (that) …

- First of all, …

- On the one hand, (On the other hand,) …

- To start/begin with, …

- Secondly, …Thirdly, … Finally, …

- Furthermore,/ Moreover,/ As well as …

- In addition to this, (Besides,/Also) …

- Because/ The reason why … is that …

- What I like /dislike about … is …

- This would mean …

- By doing this … As a result of this …

- However/In spite of/Even though/Although

- Nevertheless/Otherwise

- For example,/For instance,

- Such as/Like/Especially/In particular


Выводы. Здесь подводится логический итог сказанному и не приводятся новые доводы по обсуждаемой проблеме

  • In conclusion,/On the whole,/To sum up,

  • All things considered,

  • To put it in a nutshell,

  • So many people - so many opinions. But nevertheless …

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