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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Plan "Art (preposition) "
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  • Иностранные языки

Plan "Art (preposition) "


Lesson21 Data: ___.___.______ Form: 9«A» «D» «V»

Theme: Art (preposition)

Lessons aim:

1. Educational purpose: recurrence of a lexical and grammatical material art and preposition

2. Communicative purpose: the use tenses in speech.

3. Developing purpose: statement of a correct pronunciation of sounds of English language, development

Thinking, skills of reading, letter and speaking

4. Brining up the purpose: respect for the native country relations and country of investigated language, careful

Healthy and be tidy.

Types of the lesson: the combined lesson

The lesson’s method: level work working in a group

Stages of a lesson

Job at the given stage

I Organizational moment (3 mines):

1. Greetings of pupils:

2. Message of the person on duty:

3. Information about the theme of the lesson.

To check up availability for service, to ensure(supply) favorable conditions for the further job.

Good morning, girls and boys! I’m very glad to see you. Are you ready for lesson? Let’s begin. Sit down!

Who is on duty today? What date is it today? What day is it today? What month is it now? Who is absent? O.k. sit down, please.

The guys, theme of our lesson "Art ". What purposes we shall put today before ourselves?

  • This recurrence and fastening tenses

  • To remember the last lessons materials

  • To give the for example

  • To remember the past perfect passive

II. To remember the last lessons theme

( 3 mines)

  • To work with text and translation

  • To do level work and discuss

  • Compare to each other

  • What did we get at the last lesson?

  • Can you tell me kinds of art and different opinions?

III. Check of the home task

( 5 mines)

Let’s check your homework.

Text tretell and to write the essay or compositions «art»

To giving the types of music

Check exercises - book

III. Recurrence for a quarter of a material (10 mines)

Today’s our new theme art the future and past

  • To get new topical vocabulary

  • To work with text and translation

  • To discuss the text

  • Level work

I level (To know )

I. read the text and answer the question: what the text about?

II. Level (to understand )

Read the text again and translate

III. Level (to use )

  1. Read the text and translation

Answer the questions

  1. What are your favorite types of programmer ?

  2. How do you watch television?

  3. How many hours a day do you watch television?

  4. What would you do without television?

  5. How many channels have you got in your country?

  6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of television?

IV. Level (To compare )

Put the correct word from the following list in each space below

On at to by of about

  1. I often go _________ discos and parties

  2. We stayed _______ a cheap hotel

  3. She sunbathes ______ the beach

  4. I’m very keen _______ music

  5. I spend a lot of time____ concerts

  6. I often go _______ concerts

  7. He stays ________his aunt’s

  8. He wants to learn _____ other countries

  9. I’m very fond ______ the open air

  10. We stopped _____ campsite

  11. They prefer to be close ______ nature

  12. I’m going there ______ plane

V .Level (To pick )

Grammar task :

Matching the sentences make sentences from the chart





I could not answer the question

I was angry

I was pleased

I was tired

My father is furious

My mother was worried





Eaten all day

Student well

Slept badly

Visited him for a long time

Passed my driving test

Write each pair of sentences in your notebook, one sentences using the past perfect and because

  1. The class was empty. Everybody went home early ______________________________________________________

  2. She found the book. Marat told them where it was_________________________________________________

  3. We got up early. My aunt told us she was coming to see us at ten ________________________________________________________

  4. He had an argument with mary. She didn’t send him the money _______________________________________________________

  5. She couldn’t go to the canteen. She left her pocket – money at home __________________________________________________________

VI. Level (To mark )

  1. Read the text and answer the question

  2. Ex:7 page:56

IV. Fastening of the investigated material

( 20 mines)

Job on cards.

1. Application And

2. Application in

The answers to questions

VI. The home task (2 mines)

Ex.7 4 , p. 56 -58retell and new words to learn and to compare the our country museum in each other country

Revise the grammar, lexica. Which other museums of Kazakhstan do you know ?

Write full information about them and compare it each other country to use the historical period.

VII. giving the marks


I level

II level

III level

IV level

V level

VI level


VIII. Summarizing of a lesson (2 mines)

The analysis of speech skills and skills. Summarizing of job and objective marks of results of the pupils.

So, the guys we have reached(achieved) object in views of a lesson? That we have learned? We have repeated and have fixed museum lexicon.

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