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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / План конспек урока по теме Describing places

План конспек урока по теме Describing places

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The theme of the lesson: Describing places

The aims of the lesson:

Educational: to consolidate the comparative adjectives

Developing: to develop pupils’ oral and written communication skill and habits, to improve pronunciation and translation skills and abilities, to motivate self – study and group work

Up-bringing: to bring-up love and interest to the subject, to respect each other, to create an English atmosphere in the classroom.

The type of the lesson: a new lesson

The method of the lesson: question-answer work, description, completing the tables

Visual aids: interactive board, pictures, cards

The procedure of the lesson:

1. Organization moment:

a) greeting:

b) checking attendance:

c) asking the date and the day

2. Brainstorming a) - And I’d like to begin with a song “How are?”. We have it on our screen.

"How are you?"

Hello, how are you?
Hello, how are you?
Hello, how are you?
Hello, how are you? I'm hungry,
I'm tired,
I'm cold,
I'm sad

Hello, how are you?
Hello, how are you?
Hello, how are you?
Hello, how are you?
I'm happy
I'm great
I'm good
I'm OK

b) - Now think of words with the letters of the word “dangerous”










3. Revision of Grammar: Adjectives

Adjectives give you information about people,animals or things. For example: big-small, sad – happy

Comparative sentences are used to compare two things


  • “Peter is taller than Susan”


1. One syllable: add +er

Tall - taller than

2. One syllable adjectives ending –e ,add –r

- Nice - nicer

3. One syllable adjectives ending c+v+c,double the last consonant and add – er

-sad – sadder

4. Two syllables ending –y: drop the –y and add–ier

-happy - happier

-easy - easier

5. More than two syllables:

more intelligent than

more beautiful than

Superlative adjectives are to talk about the difference between,three or more people,animals or things.

1. One syllable adjectives: add-est to the adjective

-Tall - tallest

- Short - shortest

- Old – oldest

2. One syllable adjectives ending –e ,add –st

-Nice - nicest

3. One syllable adjectives ending c+v+c,double the last consonant and add - est

- Fat - fattest

- Big - biggest

- Hot – hottest

4. Two syllable adjectives ending -y,drop the -y and add –iest

- Easy - easiest

- Funny - funniest

5. Two or more syllable adjectives write ”the most” before the adjectives

- Difficult - the most difficult


Comparative Superlative

good better the best

bad worse the worst

far further the furthest

many more the most

much more the most






the highest



the largest



the happiest



the saddest


more modern

the most modern


more important

the most important



the worst

4. Doing Grammar tasks

Task 1 Complete sentences

1. Bob's garden isn't very big. Your garden is____ than Bob's.

2. It was a very cold day. It was_____ of the year.

3. You aren't very tall. Your brother is ____ than you.

4. Britain isn't very large. France is____ than Britain.

5. Sydney is a very popular city. It's ____in Australia.

Use: bigger, the coldest, taller, larger, the largest.

Task 2 Match an adjective in A with its opposite in B























Task 3 Complete the sentences as in the example)

Example: Life in country is slower than city life. (slow)

  1. Planes are _______ ______ trains. (fast)

b) Almaty is _______ ______ Astana. (big)

c) Buildings in New York are _______ ______ in London. (tall)

d) Volga is _______ ________ Toyota. (cheap)

e) London is _______ _______ Madrid. (old)

Task 4 Put the words in the correct order

  1. sister / me / my / than / younger / is

  1. family / the / is / the / in / father / oldest / my

  1. book / interesting / than / my / your / more / is / book

  1. weather / better / the / today / than / yesterday / is

5. Presentation of the new words

Grocery – бакалея

Die out – жойылу, жоғалу

Neighbourhood – көршілестік

Fresh – жаа, жас

Employ – жалдау

Variety – әр түрлілік

Amount – сан

Compete – жарысу, бәсекелесу

6. Questions – Answer work


a) Do you like shopping?

b) Are there any shops near your house?

c) Where do you usually go shopping?

d) Do you prefer small shops or supermarkets? Why?

5. Reading

Corner stores and supermarkets

The corner grocery store was an American tradition, but now it is dying out. In older times there was a small grocery store in every neighborhood. Every day a housewife went to the store to buy milk, fresh bread and other food. Now most corner stores are closing. They are losing business to large supermarkets.

Supermarkets are bigger than corner stores. The corner store is a family business. Supermarkets employ more people. They are newer, more modern and they stay open longer. They have a greater variety of products. They buy a larger amounts of food, so they can offer lower prices.

Many people miss the old corner stores. It was smaller, friendlier and closer to home. But small business can’t compete with larger companies.

  1. Writing

Exercise: 6 page 73

  1. supermarkets / corner stores / new

Supermarkets are newer than corner stores.

  1. supermarkets / corner stores / modern

Supermarkets are more modern than corner stores.

  1. the prices at supermarkets / the prices at corner stores / low

The prices at supermarkets are lower than the prices at corner stores.

  1. corner stores / supermarkets / friendly

Corner stores are friendlier than supermarkets.

  1. supermarkets / corner stores / crowded

Supermarkets are more crowded than corner stores.

  1. supermarkets / corner stores / noisy and busy

Supermarkets are noisier and busier than corner stores.

Exercises: 7 page 73

Compare supermarkets and corner stores

Supermarkets Corner stores

Supermarkets are big. Corner stores are small.

Supermarkets employ more people. Corner stores is a family business.

7. Singing a song

The ship is sailing

The ship is sailing ,

The flag is waving,

Hello my friend, hello my friend.

The sun is shining,

The stars are smiling,

Hello my friend, hello my friend.

Through rain and thunder,

We’ll see the wonders,

With you my friend, with you my friend.

The ship is sailing,

The hand is waving,

Good bye my friend, my friend good bye.

T: Thank you for your work very much. Everything was correct, your answers were good.

Write down your home task.

8. Homework:

Exercise: 8 page 73

(Make a detailed comparison between two countries or two cars etc… Write at least 8 sentences.)

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