Инфоурок Английский язык КонспектыПлан-конспект по английскому языку на тему: " Безопасность в аэропорту "

План-конспект по английскому языку на тему: " Безопасность в аэропорту "

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Тема: «Безопасность в аэропорту»


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Основные понятия и термины по теме: airport security (безопасность в аэропорту), a boarding pass (посадочный талон), to show a form of identification (предъявить документ, удостоверяющий личность), security routines (процедуры безопасности), the Security Checkpoint (контрольно-пропускной пункт), a carry-on (ручная кладь), security personnel (сотрудники службы безопасности), plastic bins (пластиковые контейнеры), manifold (разнообразный, многочисленный).

Задания для самостоятельного выполнения на занятии (аудиторная самостоятельная работа):

1. Read and translate the text about security routines at the airport:

Airport Security

Many airline travelers are familiar with the manifold screening processes to which they are subjected before they are allowed to board their flight. However, much to the frustration of air passengers, processes are not uniform across the country and internationally. The Transportation Security Administration has set forth (излагать)general security procedures that allow you to prepare for security screenings before you travel. There are two pieces of equipment in security: you put your bags through the X-ray machine, and you walk through the metal detector. The X-ray machine has a conveyor belt that moves your bags automatically through the machine. You can put small items like keys or money into plastic bins.

Security Procedures at Check-In

When checking in with an airline to receive a boarding pass and drop off luggage (оставить багаж), passengers will be asked to show a form of identification. Passengers must present a U.S. state-issued photo ID ( государственное  удостоверение личности с фотографией) such as a valid U.S. passport, driver's license or military ID. If passengers are traveling internationally, they will be required to show a passport, as well as any travel visas required by the destination country. A series of security questions involving the check-in luggage will ensue. Passengers are advised to remove any locks from checked bags as they will pass through an X-ray machine and may be subject to hand searches. If the security personnel cannot unlock a bag, they will break the lock in order to examine the bag's contents.

Baggage Screening at the Security Checkpoint

Passengers will be asked to present their boarding passes and IDs to the security personal at the line entrance. They are advised to remove shoes, jackets, jewelry and other metal objects in their pockets and place them in a bin. Laptops should be removed from their carrying cases and placed in a separate bin. All liquids must be placed in a quart-sized, clear, plastic, zip-top bag and one bag per passenger can be placed in the screening bin as a carry-on. Larger quantities of liquids, such as water bottles, much be surrendered (передавать) to security. Passengers place all items, including carry-on luggage, on the conveyor belt to pass through an X-ray machine.

Passenger Screening at the Security Checkpoint

Passengers will pass through a metal detector when directed to do so by the security personnel with their boarding passes in hand. If the metal detector alarm does not sound, they may return to the conveyor belt to retrieve (извлекать) their items. They are advised to stay calm and cooperate with security personnel at all times.

Random Screenings (случайный осмотр)

Passengers should be prepared for additional security procedures at the gate. Sometimes they will be subjected to additional screening after they have entered the secure area. Their passports may be scrutinized for a second time and they may be asked to cooperate in a random screening. Frequently, employees pass hand-held wands over them and hand search their luggage.


2. Translate into English:

a)      при проверке пассажиров попросят предъявить документ, удостоверяющий личность, посадочный талон и оставить багаж

b)      управление транспортной безопасности установило общие процедуры безопасности

c)      положите свои сумки через рентгеновский аппарат и пройдите через металлоискатель

d)      рекомендуется снимать обувь, куртки, ювелирные изделия, вытаскивать металлические предметы из карманов и поместить их в корзину

e)      пассажиры должны быть готовы к дополнительным процедурам безопасности


3. Find the ending of the sentence in the text:


1.      When checking in with an airline to receive a boarding pass and drop off luggage...

2.      The Transportation Security Administration has set forth (излагать)general security procedures that allow you...

3.      Passengers are advised to remove any locks from checked bags as...

4.      Passengers will pass through a metal detector when...

5.      The X-ray machine has a conveyor belt that...


4. Fill in the gaps:

... procedures

... detector

... photo ID

... machine

... bins

... screening processes

... belt


5. Study the following dialogue & act it out:




Agent: Please lay your bags flat on the conveyor belt, and use the bins for small objects.

You: Do I need to take my laptop out of the bag?

Agent: Yes, you do. Take off your hat and your shoes, too.

(you walk through the metal detector)


Agent: Please step back. Do you have anything in your pockets – keys, cell phone, loose change?

You: I don’t think so. Let me try taking off my belt.

Agent: Okay, come on through.

(you go through the metal detector again)

Agent: You’re all set! Have a nice flight.


Задания для внеаудиторной самостоятельной работы (домашнее задание):

Прочитать и перевести текст :

Airport Security around the world is a big issue (большая проблема). Certain security measures, such as bag searches (обыск сумок) and the obligatory walk through a metal detector (металлоискатель) are practically universal all over the world. Certain countries have unique security routines (уникальные процедуры безопасности) at the airport that might seem strange, annoying or downright offensive to foreign visitors.

United States

If you’ve passed through an American airport recently, you know the drill. First, you show your photo identification and boarding pass at the security checkpoint, and then you proceed to the baggage screening area. After taking your laptop out of its case and making sure that your liquids are separated from the rest of your luggage in a clear plastic bag, you remove your shoes and belt. Your possessions go through the X-ray machine, and you go through a metal detector or body scanner. There are some exceptions to these security rules. For example, the Transportation Security Administration allows elderly travelers and children younger than 12 years old to keep their shoes on.

Saudi Arabia
For Saudi Arabia, Airport Security begins before travelers reach the airport. Saudi Arabia has strict controls on who may enter the country, and foreigners must get a visa in advance. Citizens of Israel and anyone possessing a passport with an Israeli stamp aren’t allowed to visit Saudi Arabia. Women traveling to or from Saudi Arabian airports are also subject to strict rules. If they aren’t met at the airport by a husband, male relative or sponsor, they will not be permitted to leave the airport. In order to exit Saudi Arabia, a married woman must get prior permission from her husband. An unmarried woman can’t catch a flight out of Saudi Arabia without the written consent of her father or male guardian. Plus, there are very strict rules about what can be transported into the country. At the airport, customs officials will search passengers’ bags for forbidden items such as alcohol, pork products and pornography.


Формы и методы контроля внеаудиторной самостоятельной работы

устный опрос, проверка тетрадей


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