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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / План конспект по английскому языку «Kazakhstan is my Motherland»"
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План конспект по английскому языку «Kazakhstan is my Motherland»"


Teacher : Stassyuk Elmira

The theme of the lesson: «Kazakhstan is my Motherland»
Form: 8

The aims of the lesson:
a) educational: to teach the students to know and speak more about Kazakhstan in English
b) developing: to develop the students’ abilities in oral speech and reading;
to enlarge listening, understanding and writing skills;
c) up - bringing: to interest to learning English;to teach to love our Motherland and respect all the nations.
Visual aids: different cards, slides, the map of Kazakhstan and some pictures.
Method of teaching: Individual work, pair work, work with the text.
Connection with other subjects: Kazakh, Russian, Geography,History.
The procedure:

1. Organization moment. Greeting.

T. First of all I would like you to watch short video.()

- So, pupils, what do you think what are we going to speak about?
- P1, P2, P3, …
- T: Yes, you are quite right. Today we are going to speak about Kazakhstan.
Motherland for people it has two meanings. Firstly, it is the place you were born in. Then it means the whole country where you live. For me my Motherland begins in my own village, in which I have grown up. I am sure that it is the dearest place in the world for every one.

T. The first task for you my dear pupils is to read the text about Kazakhstan and after reading do some tasks.
№1 Reading:

Kazakhstan is a land of ancient civilization in the Central Eurasia. It is located almost in the centre of Eurasian landmass.The capital of Kazakhstan is Astana.
Its territory stretches from the lower reaches of the river Volga in the west to the Altai Mountains in the east. In the west and north, Kazakhstan borders with the Russian Federation, in the south – with Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, in the east – with China. the total area covered by the republic is over 2. 7 million square kilometers; France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Sweden and Finland taken together would fit into the territory.
Kazakh is the official language of the country, but it is not the only language which people speak in the country. Russian and other languages are spoken here too
Kazakhstan is a multinational state with population of about 17 million people. Its population is made up of a hundred nationalities, but it is also the state of the Kazakh nation. The ethno – cultural affirmation of the Kazakhs in no way restricts the national values and rights of other people who live or come to settle in the republic. The constitution guarantees the all round development of all nationalities and citizens, and the creation of decent living conditions for everyone.

Wheat, cotton, sugar beets, and tobacco are the main crops. The raising of cattle and sheep is also important, and Kazakhstan produces much wool and meat. In addition, there are rich fishing grounds, famous for their caviar-producing sturgeon, in the Caspian, although these have been hurt by overfishing. The Kazakh Hills in the core of the region have important mineral resources. Coal is mined at Qaraghandy and Ekibastuz, and there are major oil fields in the Emba basin. The country's industries are located along the ; line-height: 100%">№ 2 Speaking

T. Answering question
1. Where is Kazakhstan located?

2.Who is the President of Kazakhstan?
3. What countries does Kazakhstan border with?
4. What is the total area of Kazakhstan?

5.Tell me about our capital

6. Is Kazakhstan a multinational state?
7. When did Kazakhstan gain its independence?
8.What are the main crops?

9.What can you say about natural recources?

3. Writing

Grammar practice. Revision of the Active and Passive Voice.
Open the brackets using Passive Voice in the correct form and tense.
1. Kazakhstan s wheat … (to buy ) every week.
2. This work … (to do) tomorrow.
3. This building … (to finish) next year.
4. Many houses … (to build) in our capital Astana.
5. My question …(to answer) tomorrow.
6. We…,(to invite) to a concert last Sunday.

4.Writing and speaking

Teacher : In 1991 on the 16th of December Kazakhstan gained its independence. And this year Kazakhstan celebrate the 25th year of Independence.I want you to write some words (25) about Kazakhstan.(pupils write words)

№ 5 The next stage of our lesson is called “Polyglot”. Who knows what does this word mean? Our president N. A. Nazarbayev in his Message to the people of Kazakhstan says that young people must know three languages: Kazakh as an official language, Russian as a language of national communication and English as an international language.
Your task is: I’ll give you proverbs, continue them in three languages: in English, in Kazakh, in Russian.
(Presentations with proverbs).
Дерево крепко корнями, а человек … (друзьями, достар, friends)
Родная земля – золотая … (колыбель, бесiк, bed)
Жить без друзей, что есть пищу без… (соль, туз, salt)
Где - то, может, и хорошо, а на … лучше…
(Родина, Отан, Motherland)

№ 6 Conclusion of the lesson: T - C
T. V. The conclusion.
Giving marks .

7 Your home task will be to write short essay about Kazakhstan.

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