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План конспект по английскому языку на тему "My flat" 5 класс

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Date: 03.02.14

Class: 5 «A»

The theme of the lesson: “My flat”

The aims of the lesson:

1. Educational: to use the plural form of nouns and there is / there are structures

2. Practical: to describe the rooms of flat and things

3. Bringing up: to bring up pupils to clean their home

Methods of the lesson: explaining, questionnaire, individual work.

Visual aids: pictures.

The procedure of the lesson

  1. Organization moment:


  • Who is on duty today?

  • Who is absent today?

  • What date is it today?

  • What day is it today?

  1. Warm –up

Ask students about names of rooms of flat.

  1. Check up the hometask.

  2. Introduction.

  • Today we are going to speak about «My flat » .We shall study new vocabulary, do some exercises. Open your books at page 116.

  1. Warm-up;

  2. New words;

  3. Grammar

  4. Doing exercises.

  1. Listening and speaking.

Ask students to look at the new words and read. Elicit that the words are all names of rooms and things.

  1. New words. Teacher reads the words aloud, pupils repeat after the teacher, and write down them in their copy books.

a corridor – дәліз

a dining room – ас бөлмесі

a bedroom – ұйықтайтын бөлме

a bathroom – жуынатын бөлме

a living room – қонақ бөлмесі

a toilet – дәретхана

a study – жұмыс бөлмесі

a sofa – диван

an armchair – кресло

a window – терезе

a clock – сағат

a book – кітап

a table – үстел

a carpet – кілем

a plant – үй өсімдігі

a door – есік

a chair – орындақ

a lamp – шам

a calendar – күнтізбе

a picture – сурет

  1. Doing exercises.

  1. Picture search.

Teacher’s activity:

Look at page 117, ex 1

Ask students to look at the pictures and write the names of the rooms.

Students go to the blackboard and write them.

Ex. 2. p. 117

Students have to write the names of things in plural form.


There is / there are

There is құрылымы зат есімнің жекеше түрінде қолданылады. Ал there are қ ұрылымы зат есімнің көпше түрінде қолданылады. Сұрақты құрастырған кезде is/are to be етістіктері сөйлемнің алдына қойылады. Зат есімді көпше түрде қолданғанда, соңына - s жалғауы қосылады.

Ex. 3. p. 118

Students listen questions. Then they ask questions to each other and answer them.

  1. Сергіту сәті.

Let`s have a rest.

Hands up! Hands down!

Hands on hips and sit down!

Hands up! Hands to the sides!

Bend left! Bend right!

Hands up! Hands down!

Thank you and sit down!

Ex. 4. p. 118

Students look at the pictures, ask questions and answer them.

Ex. 5. p. 119.

Students talk with teacher. They tell about living room of Omar.

  1. Home task.

Ex.17 p.120.

  1. Evaluation

  • The lesson is over! You worked very well! Thank you. Good-bye!

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