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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / План конспект по английскому языку на тему "My shopping list"

План конспект по английскому языку на тему "My shopping list"

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«My shopping list»


Form: 2 «Ә»

Teacher: Қаныбет А.Ғ

2015 жыл

Lesson plan:

Date: 29.04.15

Form: 2 «Ә»

The theme of the lesson: «My shopping list»

The aims of the lesson:

1.Educational: acquaintance to a turn: Is there/Are there.. in a question and short answers.

2.Practical: to develop speaking habits and writing skills.

3. Bringing up: to appreciate your time and to do everything in time.

Type of the lesson: practical

Methods of the lesson: explaining, questionnaire, individual work.

Visual materials: cd disk, pictures, presentations.

Skills: speaking, reading, listening and writing.

Procedure of the lesson:

  1. Organization moment:

  1. Greeting:

Teacher’s activity:

Children’s activity:

  • Good afternoon, children’s!

  • How are you today?

  • Thank you. I’m fine!

  • Sit down, please.

  • Who is on duty today?

  • Who is absent?

  • What date is it today?

  • What day is it today?

  • Good afternoon, teacher!

  • We are fine! And you?

  1. Warm up:

http://russianlearn.com/images/photos/sing.gif http://forums.vkmonline.com/image.php?dateline=1360297598&u=5277

  • Listen and sing «In the fridge»


  • Now give we on we train our languages. Teen, ty sounds [ti:n], [ti]. Now you are listen and repeat after me all together.

  • teen ty

[ti:n] [ti]

fifteen twenty

seventeen thirty

eighteen fifty

nineteen sixty

  1. Checking up the home task?

  • What was your home task?

  • Ex 6, p 122. Read the text

  • Workbook at page 61-62. «My shopping list»

carrots apple bananas pear

http://edaedet.com/_bd/0/74822614.jpg http://www.myjulia.ru/data/cache/2012/02/07/976055_1359thumb500.jpg http://img0.liveinternet.ru/images/attach/c/8/99/556/99556968_babanas011.jpg http://cs4559.vk.me/u4492450/126397979/x_aed30191.jpg

cake meat fish chicken

http://www.belii-krolik.ru/upload/resize_cache/iblock/ee3/822_617_2/ee3258ecbb0f23b394752beef14e8ff7.jpg http://agro-russia.com/imgs/board/28/30228-1.jpg http://go3.imgsmail.ru/imgpreview?key=7201a5167232e617&mb=imgdb_preview_1771 http://gortenzija.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/%D0%9A%D1%83%D1%80%D0%B8%D1%86%D0%B0.jpg

  1. Introduction of the new theme:

  • Today we are going to speak about «My shopping list». Today’s we will learn the rules of reading the letter combinations teen, ty, and repeat product names, read the text and create your shopping list.

  • Repetition of numbers written on the board randomly.

5 8 6 9

3 4 7

Now please said the number, then add one number for each number.

15 18 16 19

13 14 17

Seventeen 20

Fifteen 60

Twenty 17

Sixty 15

Thirty 70

Seventy 50

Eighteen 30

Fifty 80

Eighty 18

  1. New words:

  • Teacher read the words aloud

  • Children’s repeat after teacher, and write down them in the copybooks.

fifteen- он бес

seventeen- он жеті

eighteen- он сегіз

nineteen- он тоғыз

twenty- жиырма

thirty- отыз

fifty- елу

sixty- алпыс

melon- қауын

watermelon- қарбыз

potato- картоп

  1. Doing exercises:

  • Ex 2-3, p 124. Listen, tick and write.

  • Ex 4, p 125. Listen, point and repeat

  • .Ex 5, p 125. Listen and answer the question.

  • Ex 6, p 126. Tick ٧ or cross ×.

  • fifteen





  • shopping list




  • This is a small supermarket.- ×

  • There is some meat. –٧

  • They need three big melons.- ×

  • They need two big watermelon.- ×

  • There are thirty kilos of potatoes.- ٧

  • Сергіту сәті:

Clap your hands, clap your hands,
Listen to the music and clap your hands!
Stamp your feet, stamp your feet,

Listen to the music and stamp your feet!

Turn around, turn around,

Listen to the music and turn around!

Jump of high, jump of high,

Listen to the music and jump of high!

Clap your hands, clap your hands,

Listen to the music and clap your hands!

  • Remember!

Is there any


meat in the fridge?


Yes, there is

No, there isn’t

Are there any


potatoes on the table?


Yes, there are

No, there aren’t

  • Ex 7, p 126. Write Is/Are.

  • Ex 8, p 127. Speaking.

  • Are-Yes, there are.

  • Is-Yes, there is.

  • Is-No, there isn’t.

  • Is-No, there isn’t.

  • Are-Yes, there are.

  • Are-No, there aren’t.

  • Is there… in the shopping list?

  • Are there…? Yes/No.

  1. Evaluation:

  2. Giving home task:

  • Workbook (жұмыс дәптер) at page 63-64

  1. Conclusion:

  • I will distribute you pictures and two posters, and you have to paste pictures in the poster and make some offers. I need/I don’t need…

  • You see on a board two pictures hang, one smile smiles, and the second isn’t present. I will distribute you stickers and you have to paste this sticker on one picture. If on the first you were pleasant to mean a lesson and if on the second to mean isn’t present.

  • The lesson is over! Your worked very well! Good-bye!

  • I need some carrots

  • I need some water

  • I need two pears

  • I don’t need two oranges etc.


57 вебинаров для учителей на разные темы
ПЕРЕЙТИ к бесплатному просмотру
(заказ свидетельства о просмотре - только до 11 декабря)

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