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Theme: All Seasons Are Beautiful


  1. Educational: to consolidate vocabulary on the theme “All Seasons Are Beautiful”

  2. Developing: to develop reading, writing, speaking, listening skills

  3. Bringing: to enlarge pupils’ interest in learning foreign language, to bring up pupils to work in a group

Teaching aids: a laptop, cards

The procedure of the lesson:

I. Organization moment:

a) Greeting

b) Classroom expressions

II. Warm-up

Solve the puzzle.

This is the season

When fruit is sweet.

This is the season

When school-friends meet.

What season is it?

III. Presentation

Read the dialogue and say what seasons Tom and Ted like and why.

All seasons are beautiful

Tom: Do you like autumn, Ted?

Ted: No, I don’t. I think it’s dull season. The grass is yellow. The leaves fall down from the trees. It often rains. It’s often cold. No, I don’t like autumn. But I do like winter and summer.

Tom: Do you?

Ted: Yes, I do, because in summer the days are longer and warmer and the nights are shorter. And we do not go to school! You can have a lot of fun in summer!

Tom: And why do you like winter, I wonder?

Ted: Oh, in winter you can have a very good time too. You can enjoy skating, skiing, playing snowballs and sledging. Winter is the time for fun! I think that winter is a beautiful season.

Forests and fields are white with snow. They look wonderful in winter!

Tom: Well, but I like autumn. I think that forests are more beautiful in autumn than in winter- the leaves in the trees are of different colours- green, yellow, orange, red and brown. They look beautiful! And autumn is a “tasty” season- there are a lot of vegetables and fruit in autumn.

Ted: And what about spring? Do you like it?

Tom: Oh, yes, I like it very much, too. The leaves are small and green. The grass is green, too. It’s warm in spring. In spring I usually enjoy the sun because it is not very hot. Well, I think all seasons are beautiful.

IV. Practice

Read and translate

V. Production

Describe any season of the year you want for your classmates to guess what season it is.

VI. Conclusion

VII. Saying goodbye

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