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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / План - конспект урока на тему "A high - tech life. What are pros and cons?"

План - конспект урока на тему "A high - tech life. What are pros and cons?"

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урока английского языка

В 12 классе

Тема урока: Жизнь в эпоху высоких технологий. Каковы аргументы за и


A high – tech life. What are pros & cons?

УМК: «English 10-11»

Авторы УМК: Кузовлев В.П.,Лапа Н.М.,

Перегудова Э.Ш.

Подготовил: учитель английского языка

И. Ю. Боброва.

Topic: « A High-Tech Life. What Are Pros and Cons?»

Главная цель: обучение иностранному языку как средству общения.

Познавательный аспект – знакомство с мнениями людей о высоких технологиях;

Развивающий аспект – развитие способности к обобщению, развитие логичности и доказательности, развития коммуникативных навыков учащихся;

Воспитательный аспект – формирование уважительного отношения к мнению другого человека, потребности в высказывании собственного мнения;

Учебный аспект – совершенствование речевых навыков.

1. Организационный момент. Объявления целей и задач урока.

T: Good morning, children! Good morning, dear guests! Glad to see you.

Let’s begin our lesson. Now, children, let’s think about our objectives for today. Think a little and tell me after looking at the photos what are we going to speak about today?

Let`s look at the screen. There are some photos . What do you think, what inventions were made the first and what were made later? (Презентация, слайды)

Then, what we will discuss.

P 1: inventions or modern gadgets.

T: ok, they are necessary in our high – tech life, but some modern gadgets are good for us, others are not. And our subject is «A high – tech life. What are pros & cons?»

Write down please it in your copybooks (записывают число и тему урока в тетради).

2. Aктуализация и контроль лексических навыков.

A) T: Science is important to most people living in the modern world for a number of reasons. On the one hand, scientists have helped to develop many of the modern tools of war. On the other hand, they have also helped to keep the peace through research which has improved life for people. What the most important inventions of the 20th century can you name? You will speak in turn.

Ребята по очереди произносят названия изобретений. Побеждает ученик, оказавшийся последним

P1: a computer

P2: a TV set

P1: a mobile telephone

P2: a vacuum cleaner…

T: Fantastic! You know the names of many inventions.

B) And now match the words and definition, the numerals and letters.

1) A camera a) to cut and collect the grass

2) A computer b) to take photographs

3) A mobile phone c) to wash the dishes

4) A dishwasher .d) to move from one place to another

5) A mower e) to play computer games, find information, etc

6) A car f) to send and receive messages.

Make up sentences with these definitions. For example, A camera is used for taking photographs.

C) T: Now let’s work in pairs. Think of any gadget or machine that can be used in the home or office. Let your classmate ask yes/no questions to guess its name.

P) Учащиеся работают в парах, а затем несколько человек вызываются к доске. Они задумывают какое то изобретение. Остальные могут задать только вопросы, чтобы угадать задуманное слово. Примерные вопросы:

  • Can we use it for cooking?

  • Is it used for washing?

  • Is it used for grass cutting?

  • Can we use it for washing?

  • Is it used for making calls?

  • Is it used for sewing?

  • Can we use it for operating the TV set from a distance?

D) The next task. Put in the missing letters. (карточка прилагается)

P: Учащиеся вставляют буквы.

A c . m . r a

A v . d . o p l . y . r

A s e . i n . m a . . i n .

A c o m . . t e .

A m . w . r

A d . s h . . s h e .

T: And now check yourself. If you have made without mistakes, your mark is a 5.

If you have made 1,2 mistakes, your mark is a 4.

3.Ролевая игра

T: Imagine you are in a shop. What thing would you like to buy? Make up dialogue and act it out.

Учащиеся проигрывают диалоги. Им даются карточки с ситуациями.

Ключевые фразы: I would like to buy…. How can you use it (is it used)

4. Говорение

T: There are many inventions. You can use them. But what do people think about technology?

P1: Some people think than technology will save the word and make it better; some other think that technology will ruin the society because we are too dependent on electric and electronic gadgets and machines.

T: And what do you think? What is your opinion?

P2: I think that one can hardly imagine our present day life without such gadgets as washing machines, computers, vacuum cleaners.

I’m absolutely sure that all these things make our life more exciting, save a lot of time and help to avoid health problems. Technology brings more good than harm.

T: Well. What piece of technology is the most important thing for you?

P1:I think that a TV set is the most important thing in the house. Our family get together in front of it. We can relax and watch TV in the evening.

P2: Учащиеся рассказывают о вещах, без которых они не могут уже обойтись

Таблица плюсов и минусов модных гаджетов(вывод сказанного)

+ -

Technology will save the word Technology will ruin the society

Make our life better We depend on electric and electronic gadgets

Things make our life exciting They are dangerous for our health

Save a lot of time They are too expensive

Help to avoid health problems

5. Чтение. Работа над текстом.

a)T: But what pieces of technology are the most important for English people? I want you to open ex2, p 240 - 241. Last time we read these texts and now we should discuss it. What does Kate think about computer? What does John think about car? What does Ann think about phone?

Учащиеся отвечают на вопросы по тексту.

P1: Kate couldn’t live without her computer because she uses it like a type writer and address book, and, also for checking spelling. She also navigates the Internet and gets loads of

information for school on her website…

b) ex.2,p.233. Are the statements true or false?

Учащиеся читают предложения и отвечают.

6. Говорение. Работа у доски и в парах.

T: Let’s divide into pairs. What are your arguments for and against the computer, the car, the phone? Discuss your arguments with other classmates.

Учащиеся обсуждают и приводят аргументы «за» и «против» компьютера, машины и телефона. На партах находятся карточки с этими аргументами. Распределить их на положительные и отрицательные и зафиксировать на доске.

8. Заключительный этап урока.

T: The lesson is over. I’ll give you ... marks. What have you done at our lesson?

P1: I’ve got new information about inventions.

P2: I’ve developed my English

P3: I’ve developed my speaking skills…

T: Your homework is to make an advertisement for the most important thing you need.

Good buy. Good luck

57 вебинаров для учителей на разные темы
ПЕРЕЙТИ к бесплатному просмотру
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