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Конкурс "Законы экологии"

План конспект урока по английскому языку на тему " Mass Media"


Lesson plan

Theme: Mass Media

Grade: 9

Unit: 7

Equipment: English course book by Ajapova T., Abildaeva Z., Zhutbaeva Z., pictures, handouts, board, text.

Educational aim: to focus on learning motivation of English vocabulary


  • to enlarge student’s knowledge on the theme;

  • to develop students’ speaking skills;

  • to teach expressing-the opinion

Course of the lesson

  1. The beginning of the lesson

- Good morning, children!

- Good morning, teacher!

- I am glad to see you

-We are glad to see you too.

-Sit down, please. Let’s begin our lesson.

  1. Warming-up activity

Brainstorming Types of the Media:






Words: chat show, documentary, game show, reality show, soap opera, sitcom, newspaper, tabloid, quality paper, popular newspaper, local newspaper, magazine, social media, web page, blog, chat room, text message updates, text voting

3. Practice with the previous material Let’s check up your hometask. At home you have to write a letter to a friend

in an English-speaking country saying what the play was about and describing your experience.

4. Presentation of new material

Today we have a new theme “Mass Media”. What is mass media? (it is a number of means of communication, which help people to communicate, find, get and keep information.)

Open your books on page 154 Ex. 1

Speaking. Answer the questions in pairs first, then have it as a class.

  • How many hours a day do you spend

                                                           reading books?

                                                           watching TV?

                                                           listening to radio?

                                                           surfing the Net?

  • Which of the media do you consider the most reliable source of information?

  • Are you satisfied with the quality of newspapers?

                                                       TV programmes?

                                                        radio programmes?


Reading. Read the text and answer the questions.

Mass media

Mass media includes all the “tools” we have for communicating with large numbers of people… televisions, radio, films, on-line services, magazines and newspapers. All carry messages that reach masses of people in contrast to letters, telephone calls and one-to-one conversations known interpersonal media. The mass media refers to the people and organizations that provide news and Information for the public. So far, these were mainly newspapers, television, and radio. Today computers play a very big role. The Internet is a computer system that lets people receive and exchange information about anything. Ordinary post has been taken over by e-mail which stands for electronic mail because it is sent and received via a computer. It allows people to send messages to each other quickly and cheaply. Ordinary post is now called “snail male” and one wonders if the postman’s is a job under the threat of extinction.

Work in pairs. Questions for student A.

  1. What images come you to mind when you hear the word “media”?

  2. What is the media?

  3. Do you think the media have too much power?

  4. What are the good and the bad things about the media in your country?

  5. Do you always believe the media?

  6. How is the today’s media different from that of 30 years ago?

Questions for student B.

  1. Would you like to work for the media?

  2. What do you think of the mass media?

  3. Why do people hear the media?

  4. Do you think the media tries to change people’s views?

  5. Is it a good idea for a country’s media to be controlled by the government?

  6. Do you trust the media?

Excellent! Let’s divide into two groups. Come and choose one of the card and form the group. Let’s do some survey. Answer these questions, analyze the result and make a report.


1.What mass media do you use more often?

a.Television b) The Internet c) radio d) books/CD books e) newspapers

2.What information do you usually prefer or find?

a.Leisure. b). Entertainment. c). Sport. d). Youth problems e). Politics. f). Economics. g). Finances h). Crimes. I). Catastrophes. j). Style. Fashion. K). Advertisement l). Education

Making a Report”

We have interviewed 6 persons of the ages 16 about mass media.

1. According to our survey

 ….people prefer using

of us use …

 …of our group  like +using

 The conclusion: the most popular mass media with the people of ages 16 is…,

the least popular is….

isn’t useful at all

2. The results are the following:

persons prefer information about….

persons are interested in…

persons find information about

Present your results and make your notes.

You are well done. Now let’s discuss advantages and disadvantages of two most popular mass media for each group. They are television and the Internet. Look through your texts and fill in the table with advantages and disadvantages of your mass media.

(первая группа рассматривает телевидение, вторая – интернет)



5. Hometask

Open your diaries, put down your hometask. Write a short composition on mass media. Use the following plan:

Introduction(What is mass media?)

Main part:

Paragraph 1: (Which of the media do you prefer? Why?)

Paragraph 2: (What is its advantages?)

Paragraph 3: (What is its disadvantages?)

Conclusion (What do you use it for? Why?)

6. Evaluation Teacher puts marks for pupils’ work.

7. Additional task

Find the words.Total:14.These words are connected with our theme “Mass Media”.

The lesson is over. Thank you for your activity. Good bye children.

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