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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / План – конспект занятия по английскому языку"Goodbye, Chatterbox2" (3 класс)
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  • Иностранные языки

План – конспект занятия по английскому языку"Goodbye, Chatterbox2" (3 класс)




План – конспект

занятия - викторины кружка «Время изучать английский»

Тема : «Goodbye, CHATTERBOX 2!»


Руководитель кружка: Хомова Н.Д.


2014 р.


Goodbye, CHATTERBOX 2!”.

ЦЕЛЬ ЗАНЯТИЯ: Закрепление и систематизация навыков монологической и диалогической речи, а так же грамматических навыков по изученным темам.

Образовательные задачи:

  1. Закрепить изученную лексику в монологической и диалогической речи.

2. Закрепление навыка свободного использования различных коммуникативных типов речи.

3. Актуализировать умение учащихся составлять устный рассказ-описание персонажей.

Развивающие задачи:

  1. Развивать навыки и умения монологической устной речи.

  2. Развить грамматические навыки составления предложений с изучаемыми структурами.

  3. Развивать аудитивные умения и навыки.

Воспитательные задачи:

  1. Формирование навыков коммуникативного труда.

  2. Воспитание чувства коллективизма в общении с товарищами.



Пройдемся по страницам рассказов, вспомним любимые моменты с любимыми героями.

Ой! Что это??? -Pink pills! розовые таблетки! Guess the character! Отгадайте героя! Guess the character!

- This person is really clever and he wants to be rich. (Professor Brain)

-In her job it isn’t good to be in newspapers. She wants to catch a criminal. (Captain Shadow)

- It’s a boy. He’s got a sister. They are twins. (Bean)

- This character can run and jump very well. It can attack people. It is very kind. (Pluto)

- This character can fly. It is very clever and it is in the cage. (Kate’s parrot)

- This character is very clever. It knows answers to every question. (Luke)

- This is not a girl and not an animal. This character is funny and has got a family. (Lucy)

- They are famous singers and they are twins. (Bluebird Sisters)

- She lives at number 3, South Street, she has got a pet – it’s a bird. (Kate)

- He can play on the big bass drum (Zoko)

- This character is from America and is famous for his songs (Clacton)

- He always arrives at school late (Ken)

- She’s the criminal’s friend and she sometimes work at restaurant as a waitress.(Professor’s friend)


3. Вспомним любимые моменты с любимыми героями.

Ребята инсценируют эпизоды

1эпизод: Lucy, Mum, Pluto, Luke

2эпизод: Professor Brain, Professor’s friend, (Mum, Lucy)

3эпизод: Сaptain Shadow, Bluebird Sisters, Professor Brain, Woody

4 эпизод: TV woman, Bluebird Sisters, Сaptain Shadow

4. А теперь, мы отправимся в ресторан. Нас ждёт необычное меню.

A very unusual menu is waiting for us at the restaurant “PUZZLE”.

Попробуем расшифровать наше меню. Не всё так просто.

4.1 Here are some dates. When can we come to the restaurant?

30.12 - 1.01 - 9.05 - 24.09 - 2.02 - 8.03 - 3.06 - 12.11 - 22.04 -

13.07- 25.10 - 13.12 - 15.08 -

4.2 Snacks закуски. Самые разнообразные названия имеют. Например:(ребята должны сами догадаться по определению какое слово подразумевается)

1.Clouds – you can see them in the sky .They are white in fine weather and grey in rainy weather

2.Island – a piece of land with water all around it

3.Chocolate – It’s brown and sweet. Children like it very much.

4.Plane – it can fly , but it isn’t a bird. It’s a kind of transport.

5.Pill – it’s some medicine. You take it when you are ill.

6.Sugar - it’s white and sweet. You put it into your tea.

7.Ticket - you buy this thing for money if you want to go to the zoo, cinema or funfair park.

8.Cake – you eat it at a birthday party.

9.Newspaper – It’s made of paper. You can read the news in it.

10.Detective – this person tries to catch criminals but doesn’t work at a police station.

11.Robber – a person who takes money from the bank illegally

12.Fridge – you put your food in it and it keeps it fresh and cold.

13.Waitor/Waitress - this is someone whose job is to serve people at table at a restaurant.

4.3 Следующее блюдопарное. Match the opposites.

Big long

Short bad

Fat wrong

Young sad

Happy short

Good old

Tall thin

White Goodbye!

Right small

Good morning! Old

New black

Right Left

Rich poor

4.4 В следующем блюде все ингредиенты перепутались.

Put the words in the correct order in the sentences.

  • the, New York, in, detective, was, famous.

  • a very, had, dangerous, Professor Brain, plan.

  • was, at the, friend, Wall Street Hotel, the Professor’s, a waitress.

  • pink, Captain Shadow, a packet, had, pills, the Professor’s , of.

  • help, the, clever, the, singers, children, famous.

  • at school, a big, the pupils, party, yesterday, had.

  • The party, were, yesterday, at, the teachers, all.

  • Were, Wall Street Hotel, the twin sisters, at the.

  • in, were, the sisters , bedroom, the second.

  • always, breakfast, eats, Kate’s parrot, for, fruit.

  • usually, after, and, play, Ken, school, football, his friends.

  • honey, likes, and, doesn’t, Lucy, she, like, cheese, but , peas.

  • leaves, the Professor, his, after, apartment, usually, breakfast.

4.5 Отыщи изюминку в следующем блюде . Match the word and the definition.

Follow залезть to go up using your hands and feet

Arrive платить to give (money) in exchange for (goods)

Find приезжать to reach a place

Wait писать to form letters with a pen, pencil…

Pay следовать to go after somebody

Know находить to discover; to get back after a search.

Climb ждать not doing anything before the

beginning of some аction.

Hold нападать to try to hurt

Show нести pick up and take to another place

Write показывать to demonstrate, to cause to be seen

Attack знать to be aware of, to recognize

Hide прятаться to stay in a secret place not to be seen

Carry держать use your hands, not to let sth drop.

4.6 Just a minute! There’s a special room in the restaurant .You can see lost things there.

Whose things are they?

Ребята стараются отгадать что за предмет и чей предмет по части рисунка

4.7 Главное блюдо – Crossword

1. It’s a very clever character. It helps the detective DOG

2. You can see them in the sky CLOUDS

3. The scientist likes them very much CHOCOLATES

4. The professor doesn’t like them. CHILDREN

5. The police and detectives catch them ROBBERS

6. Professor wants to …. To New York by his plane. FLY

7. If you want to swim, go to the BEACH

8. Captain Shadow is a clever DETECTIVE

9. She wants to …… the criminal CATCH

10. Lucy and her Mum go oh holiday by this transport BOAT

11. You buy this for money if you go to the cinema TICKET

12. The professor has got a laboratory there FACTORY

13. The children want to ….. the detective HELP

14. They are famous twins (singers) SISTERS

15. Detectives sometimes … through the window CLIMB

16. After breakfast Professor Brain goes to the HOTEL

17. What’s in the …The professor puts the bottles BOX

of K-13 into the ….

18. Captain Shadow catches …criminals 2

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