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Plan of Lesson "Garbage disposal"

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Date: The 2nd of February

Days of week: Tuesday

Plan of the lesson for 9th forms.

Theme: Garbage disposal.

Aims:1.Checking up the pupils home tasks, their speaking, reading, writing abilities.

2. Explaining new theme, new grammar material and new words.

3. Developing pupils thinking abilities, rising pupils’ interest to subject, closing up new theme.

Visual aids: cards, pictures, tests, table

Structure of the lesson:

1. Organization moment:

--Good morning, pupils! --What season is it now?

--Welcome to our lesson! --Who can tell me about season?

--How are you? --What date is it today?

--Are you ready for the lesson? --What day is it today?

--Who can tell me about weather?

--What is the weather like today?

--Is it cool?

2. Checking up the home tasks:

--What was your home tasks?

--Are you ready for home tasks?

3. New words:

4. New theme:


In the United States, over 160 million tons of garbage is produced every year. Ten percent is recycled, ten percent is burned, and the rest is put in landfills. But finding land for new landfills is becoming more difficult.

A city that has solved this problem in an unusual way is, Machida, in Tokyo, Japan. They have developed totally a new approach to garbage disposal. The key to the operation is public cooperation. Families must divide their garbage into six categories:

  1. garbage that can be easily burned (that is, combustible garbage), such as kitchen and garden trash;

  2. noncombustible garbage, such as small electrical appliances, plastic tools, and plastic toys;

  3. products that are poisonous or that cause pollution, such as batteries;

  4. bottles and glass containers that can be recycled;

  5. metal containers that can be recycled;

  6. Large items, such as furniture and bicycles.

The items in categories 1 to 5 are collected on different days. (Large items are only collected upon request). Then the garbage is taken to a center that looks like a clean new office building or a hospital. Inside the center, special equipment is used to sort and process the garbage. Almost everything can be reused: garden or kitchen trash becomes fertilizer; combustible garbage is burned to produce electricity; metal containers and bottles are recycled.

Exercise 4 Read the diagrams and draw a diagram of this kind in your notebook. Complete it with the information from the text.

Exercise 5 Read this semantic map. Do you want to add?

5. Closing up the new theme: Put question about new theme.

Exercise 6 Divide the following into six categories:

————-old newspapers ——–beer cans

————-old coats —————old dishes

————batteries ———— old wardrobes

———–plastic bottles ———-plastic toys

6.Hometask: Make up sentences/ Retell the text

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