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Plan of the lesson "in the sky"

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The plan of the lesson


Class: 2

Theme: “In the sky”.

Aim: - To introduce new theme.


  • To review the words.

  • To review the month.

  • To introduce new words.

  • To introduce and listen to the new text.


  • To develop speaking, reading, listening skills.

Bringing up:

  • To bring up love for the subject.


Books, notebooks, presentation, audio, video.

Сабақтың барысы.

  1. Greeting.

  2. Warm up.

  3. Checking home work.

  4. Presentation of the new theme.

  5. Physical training.

  6. Practice.

  7. Summary of the lesson.


Time limit.

Instruct setting.

1. Greeting.

Good afternoon, boys and girls! I’m glad to see you! Today at the lesson, we will revise words, months, learn new words and new theme. Now, who can tell me, what day is it today? (What day of the week is it today?What is the weather like today? (sunny, windy, cloudy). Those who work well will get good marks.



2. Warm up.

Look at the screen. Translate from English into Kazakh the words. Parachutes, safe, dangerous, jump, trouble, wolf, goat, swallow, forest, parrot, jungle.



3. Individual work.

I give you papers You need, matched the English words and the Kazakh words. I give you 5 min. Time is over. Change you paper with you classmate.



4. Presentation of new the theme.

Look at the screen. Now I read the word, and you repeat after me. (What? Where? Why? When? Insect, catch, beak, before, after). Open you vocabulary and write down the words. I give you 7 min.

Open you “Pupil’s book” at p.38, ex.1. I switch on audio-recorder, you listen and all together repeat the months. Answer on the questions. What month comes after May? What month comes before December? What is month six? What is month nine? Who can tell me, month in Kazakh?



5. Physical training.

I think you’re tired and now you need some rest. Let’s do some physical exercises: we will watch video and you need repeat after its characters. Stand up, guys! OK, well done!



6. Fixation of knowledge.

Look at the book at p.39 ex.4 you have text about swallows. You need, read and translate this text and answer the questions. When do swallows fly to Kazakhstan?




7. Summary of the lesson.

Open you diary. Your home-task will be page 38 ex. 1. (I’ll give it with explanation and I’ll write it on the blackboard). What new have you learned on today’s lesson? Have any questions about these themes? Good bye!



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