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Plan of the lesson: How is the weather in...?

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Date : 26.02.2016

How is the weather in?

The aims of the lesson:

  • to enrich the oral speech of pupils

  • to learn new words

  • to bring up pupils to love the nature

Method: tasks of degrees.

Type: fairy-tale

Equipments: pictures, lexical cards, crosswords, slides, pictures of weather.

Plan of the lesson.

  1. org moment.

  2. a) greeting

  • Good afternoon pupils!

  • Good afternoon teacher!

Pupils today we have an unusual lesson. Because we have guests. You must show your knowledge. Well, who is on duty today?

Let’s sing a song ALPHABET at first you’ll listening then repeat after them.

Children’s we have new phonetic drill. At first I’ll read then you must repeat after me.

0 2)Phonetic drill.

Mice, mice, mice

Mice wear ties

Mice like ties

Ties are nice

4) Checking up of the home-tasks

To find Crossword

5) new theme

Now pupils today we have new theme about weather. And called HOW’S THE WEATHER IN…?

6) new words:

Weather - [weɜә] - ауа райы

Sun - [sᴧn] – күн

Cloud - [klaud] – бұлт

Fog - [fɔg] – тұман

Wind - [wind] – жел

Rain - [rein] – жаңбыр

Snow - [snəu] – қар

Dry - [drai] – құрғақ

Hot - [hɔt] – ыстық

Warm - [wɔ:m] – жылы

Sunny - [sᴧni] – шуақты

Cloudy - [klaudi] – бұлтты

Foggy - [fɔgi] – тұманды

Win - [windi] – желд і

Rainy - [reini] – жаңбырлы

Snowy - [snəui] – қарлы

7) doing exercises: ex 6,ex7 p 159

8) level tasks

Dear pupils I’ve forgotten to tell you that 3 pupils from Sarga went to Canada to spend their holidays. When they were walking in the forest, they met a drakon who has 3 heads. Each head has tasks. They liked the idea of helping us to them. Can you help? Let’s do the first level

  1. Қазақ тіліндегі аудармасын тап!

Rain –

  1. Жаңбыр

  2. Қар

  3. Тұман

Dress –

  1. Шалбар

  2. Көйлек

  3. Шұлық

North –

  1. Шығыс

  2. Солтүстік

  3. Оңтүстік

West –

  1. Шығыс

  2. Батыс

  3. Оңтүстік

The second level

To find the crossword









1.желді 2. Пальто 3. Жаңбырлы 4. Күн шуақты 5. Ыстық 6. Галстук

7. Бұлтты 8. қыркүйек

The third level

Дұрыс жауабын тап

  1. Where do bananas come from?

  1. I’m from KZ

  2. They come from Pakistan

  3. It comes from Canada

  1. What is your name?

  1. My name is BOB

  2. His name is Dad

  3. I’m ten

  1. What month after December?

  1. February

  2. January

  3. March

  1. Do you like your mother?

  1. Yes, I have

  2. Yes, I do

  3. Yes, I am

8) work with the text

Dear pupils, I want to read a text. Please listen to me carefully. Then you’ll answer the questions.

I live in Beineu. It’s winter. December, January, February are winter months. It often snowing winter. In winter it is cold and mist. The weather is fine. I like winter very much.

  1. Is it winter Beineu?

  2. Is it hot in winter?

  3. Does she like winter?

9) conclusion: a) marking

b) giving home-tasks

conclusion of the lesson: thank you, boys and girls! You were very active and very clever! Your marks are….

And you home task will be Ex 8 P 146

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