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Plan of the lesson "Plants and animals"

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The theme: Plants and animals

The aims: a.осы тақырып бойынша оқушылардың тақырыпқа деген танымдылық


в.тіл байлықтарын дамыту

с.табиғатты қорғауға баулу

Type of the less: revision lesson

Visual aids: cards, pictures

The Procedure of the lesson

I.Org moment

-Good morning children.

-How are you today?

II.Phonetic drill. Poem. What do we plant

What do we plant when we plant the tree?

We plant the ship which will cross the see.

What do we plant when we plant the tree?

We plant the houses for you and me.

What do we plant when we plant the tree?

A thousand things that we daily see. Henry Abbey

Now read the poem with right pronunciation.

III.Revision of vocabulary.

A bird, a hummingbird, an ostrich, a penguin, a swallow,a swan, a feather, an egg, to fly,


Let us play with the ball and review our vocabulary. I tell the word and throw the ball to you.

You must catch it if you ll hear a bird or anything , which is connected with birds. If not you

must throw the ball to me. Listen attentively.

Now you get the next task. Take these cards and find words connecting with plants.

Give their meanings.

Birchpineconetuliplea dand lioncornflowerplum



Let us check up!-birch-аққайың , pine –сосна, cone –шишка, tulip-қызғалдақ

The next task is to put the words in the right column.The first team chooses fish, domestic

and wild animals. Flowers, trees and birds –for the second team . Please take these lists. You

have 5minutes.

In the cards:birch,wolf, snake, swan,horse, rose, lizard, rabbit, owl, dog, snowdrops, fox,

penguin, whale, swallow, dandelion, cat, tree, rat, eagle, cattle, oak.

Speaking: to choose one of the topics you want to speak about.

IV. Conclusion of the lesson.

V.Giving marks:

VI.Homework: to learn the poem

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