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Plan of the lesson:"Profession"7класс

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Lesson plan

LESSON: Profession.

School: 264


Teacher name: Dosanova Gulvira Kozhabaikizy


Number present:


Learning objectives(s) that this lesson is contributing to

6.S4 respond to questions on an increasing range of

general and some curricular topics

6.W1 plan, write and check sentences with support on a range of

basic personal, general and some curricular topics

6.UE3 use the Present perfect continuous on growing range of general and some curricular topics to speak about their parents professions.

Lesson objectives

All learners will be able to:

  • Use the present perfect continuous , and some curricular topics to describe professions ,use regular and irregular verbs.

Most learners will be able to:

  • understand the main points in extended talk with some support . use some appropriate subject-specific vocabulary and know about profession

  • understand the specific information in texts

Some learners will be able to:

  • discuss about profession

  • understand the specific information and detail in texts with little support

  • Express their opinion

  • Identify topic vocabulary

Previous learning

Types of schools in Kazakhstan ,Prepositions.


Planned timings

Planned activities (replace the notes below with your planned activities)



Organization moment

1 min

Checking up the hometask

(Individual work)

2 min


Group work

2 min


New Lesson

7 min(work in a group)

New words

3 min(frontal work)

7 min

(Work in a group)





5 min

The end





Interactive board



Greeting, talking to a pupil on duty Good-afternoon, boys and girls!

  • How are you?

  • Who is on duty today?

  • Who is absent today?

  • What date is it today?

  • What day is it today?

Speak about system of education in Kazakhstan and in GB.

Under the music and the using the pictures they will be divided into 3 groups.

1st group A Doctor

2nd group A teacher

3rd group A postman

What do you see on the picture? /the teacher shows pictures of types of professions.
- What kind of profession do you like? Journalist,doctor,waiter,nurse,banker,vet,reporter,musician,firefighter ,postman,lawyer,gar-dener,singer.

Do you know the difference ?
( explain in other words)

Profession , job, work.Profession- a job that needs a special education and training. If you want to get good profession you should study a lot.Job- the regular paid work that you do for an employer.Work- means to have a job, to do the job that you are paid for.

Match the words with the pictures:Popular and prestigious professions. Police officer,vet,fasion model,etc.

Write it fast. In 3 groups they write down the words by reading their definitions.They shouldn’t talk aloud,if they do not want to be heard.When they finish writing they do group assessment.(check each other’s work).The correct answer is shown on PPT.Words are: 1. reporter

2. salesperson


4.social worker





9. cashier

ugh indicate

Task 4. Read the text about choosing profession.

Guess the names of some professions.Make a dialogue about their parents’professions .Use present perfect continuous. Form:Have/has,been+Ving.Ex –amples:My father has been working at the hospital for a long time.He is a doctor.

Make a dialogue about your future professions.

Our lesson is over. Thank you all of you, for your activity. I think that I have achieved my purpose to today's lesson. Good bye, pupils!

Assessment: Traffic light




Answer the question

-Good-afternoon, teacher

-report of the pupil on duty

Pupils come to the table and choose a piece of word and divide into two groups.

Too, Enough

Pupils repeat today’s new words.Pupils should read , translate and discuss in a group it into their native language.Pupils shouldwork in a pair.

Work in a group, after then they should evaluate 1st group, 1st group to the 2 nd group.

Pupils must look at the interactive board and understand new grammar

Pupils should order the sentences.

After finishing the task they should evaluate yourself.

Pupils should match the sentences with a similar meaning . They ‘ll evaluate each their answer with right answer.

After they’ll evaluate their work by traffic light assessment.

Pupils must speak dialogue using PPC.They’ ll take their hometask.

Every pupil should take sweet one sticker and write down what kind of effects have you get?!

Good bye, teacher!

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