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Конкурс "Законы экологии"

План открытого урока по английскому языку на тему " The adventures of the letterland


Theme: " The Adventures of the Letterland!"

Date: 23.10.2015

The aims of the lesson: 1. To develop the children`s pronunciation in English;

2. To develop their thinking, speaking.

3. To check their knowledge.

The aids: papers, pens, rules, rubbers, numbers, pictures.

-        Good morning dear guests, teachers, children and my colleges.

-        How are you? I am very glad to see you!! Welcome to our week – party. We shall a wonderful time together. Our today ' s lesson is going to continue and revise our previous lesson. But today’s we have  an unusual  lesson, i.e competition lesson. And also we have groups, who will be competing with each other.

The 1 st groups is 1 – class. And second group is 1 – class… Please come up.

I level.

The 1 st part of our competition is introduction of groups ( өз топтарын таныстыру)

 Let's begin our first level.

Good luck!!!!

Our 1st level is called « Кім көп біледі?» Look at the blackboard, you can see posters with school things. You should say this school things in 2 languages. Kazakh and English.

 Мысалы: pen - қалам.

Pencil –

Rubber –


Bag -

This level is over……….

2 nd level.

Our  2 nd level is called « riddles» ( Жұмбақтың жауабын табу керек.)


  1. I don’t know

The ABC,

But I like to write

As you can see.

(A pen, a pencil)

2. I’m black,

And red,

And blue

And many other colours.

I draw pictures

For you

(A pencil)

3. The teacher writes on me with chalk,

My face is black, I cannot talk.

(A blackboard)

4. I am used to draw lines with,

I am long and white and thin;

On my face black figures  shine.

Try, you must my name define

(A ruler)

 5. I know  everything, I teach everybody, but to make friends with me you must first learn letters

(A book)

This level is over……….

Are you tired pupils? Let’s do physical exercise .

Stand up. Listen. Do the actions.

Up and down

big and small

Round and round

Stand a tall

la, la,la,la

Up and down

big and small

Round and round

Kick a ball

La, la, la, la...

3 rd level.

Our last level is about colours. You must say what colour is that thing.

Green pencil

White ruler

Yellow rubber

Red bag…

Dear children our competition  comesto the end I hope you all enjoyed yourselves. The English language very useful. Today is winner group is     ____________________ . 

Thank you for your attention!  


Ustirt secondary school.

English week

" The Adventures of the Letterland! "

Teachers: Omargalieva Zhanilay

Kashkenova Botakoz

2015-2016 study year

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