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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / План открытого урока по английскому языку на тему "The world of travelling" (8 класс)
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План открытого урока по английскому языку на тему "The world of travelling" (8 класс)


The world of travellingC:\Users\1\Desktop\P1000995.JPG

Issayeva Makpal Bakytsultanovna

Specialized lyceum for gifted children with three language teaching

24 “Economics and Business” named after M.Aryn

Lesson plan

Grade: 8

Theme: «The world of travelling»



- pupils will sum up the theme «The world of travelling»;

- focus on a particular grammar point based on their language proficiency;


- to develop pupils' speaking, listening, writing, reading and acting skills;

- to enrich pupils' vocabulary speaking about travelling;

- to practice types of conditionals;


- to practise communication in teams;

  • to bring-up pupils to be polite and friendly in their teams;

  • pupils will try to listen to each other;

Types of classroom activities:group work

Methods of teaching: critical thinking, role-play, brainstorming, criteria-based assessment

  1. Organisational moment. Slide 1

  • Good day, dear pupils!

  • Good day, teacher!

  • How are you today?

  • We're fine, thank you, and you?

  • I'm very well, thank you. Take your seats.

  • What was your hometask for today?

  • To learn by heart new words from Unit5.

  • Well, we'll check it later by different tasks. First, we're going to watch a movie. Look at the board, please.

  1. Warm-up.

Video «Teamwork motivation»

  • What did you understand from this funny video?

  • How to be a really good team?

  • Today we're going to work in 3 groups. I hope, you'll try to listen to each other and to be patient and friendly.

  • Now you should be divided into three groups. Choose one card from this box.

Pupils will be given pictures of a car, ship and plane.

  • I'll give each captain of the teams evaluation lists and cards. You'll evaluate yourselves.

  1. Practice

  1. Listen and watch. Video-interview: “What would you do, if you won ten million dollars”. Slide 2

  • Now we’re going to watch a survey-interview. Let’s watch.

  • As you see, according to this interview the majority of people answered that they would travel. But what would you do if you won ten million dollars?

Pupils: I would…

  • This video is related to a common topic. How do you think, what is the theme of our lesson?

Pupils: «Travelling» Slide 3hello_html_4ad361c5.png

Aim:Today we're going to sum up «The world of travelling» and revise types of Conditionals.

  • What do you know about travelling?

  • Let’s read the quotation by St.Augustine: “The world is a great book, and those who do not travel read only one page.' Slide 4

  • By the way, do you like travelling?

  • Travelling broadens our mind. So let’s begin our journey.

  1. Game “I would like to travel by…”

Which grammar construction is used in this interview?

Pupils: Conditionals.

  • You’re right. Let’s practice and check your knowledge by a game called “Magic boxes”. hello_html_557059ee.pnghello_html_7f218e2f.png


  • Rules: At the board you can see some pictures of ship, bus, car, plane, helicopter, bike. You should start your choice with the words “I would like to travel by…” Each pupil has the opportunity to open and answer them. If you give a wrong answer, I’ll give other travelers a chance to do it instead of you.

Questions: Slide 6

  1. If you _____ (find) a watch in the street, what would you do with it?

  2. I _________(send) her a postcard if I knew her address.

  3. If I had more money, I _____(go out) more.

  4. If you _____(not go) to bed late every night, you wouldn’t be so tired.

  5. What ______ you _____ if you won $1 million?

  6. I wouldn’t need a car if I __________(live) in the city.

  7. If you told me a secret, I ________ (not tell) anyone.

  8. If I _________ (go) to Brazil, I could learn Portuguese.

  9. Give the pattern of the First Conditional sentence.

  10. Give the pattern of the Second Conditional sentence.

  11. Give the pattern of the Third Conditional sentence.

  12. Make a conditional sentence using these words: visit/London/study.

  13. If I go out this weekend, I … (travel) to Turkey.

  1. Role-play.

Teacher: When people travel they face different situations. Sometimes they may be unpredictable. Slide 7


Take the cards and act out the following situations: Slide 8


Who is ready ? You are welcome.

  1. Work with posters.

Could you tell me what makes реоple spend time and money on travelling and sightseeing? What are the reasons for travelling? Slide 9


Possible answers: Slide 10

  • to have a rest; 

  • to learn a lot of new and interesting things about foreign people and foreign

  • countries;

  • to see different ways of life;

  • to practice language;

  • to try different food;

  • to meet people, to make friends.

5) Extra-task: TEST “ARE YOU A THRILL-SEEKER? Slide 11

Choose the alternative that best describes your likes or dislikes, or the way you feel.

1.a) I sometimes like to go things that are a little frightening.
b) Sensible people avoid dangerous activities.
c) I love being terrified !

2.a) I enter cold water gradually, giving myself time to get used to it.
b) It’s fun to dive of jump right into the ocean or a cold pool.
c) I won’t go in the water unless it’s very warm.

3.a)When I go on holiday, I want a decent room and a bed at least.
b) I like going camping and doing without the conveniences of everyday life.
c) I expect a bit of luxury on holiday.

4.a) I think it would be really exciting to do a parachute jump.
b) Jumping out of a plane, with or without a parachute, is crazy.
c) I’d consider doing a parachute jump if I had proper training.

5.a) People who ride motorbikes must have some kind of unconscious desire to hurt themselves.
b) Riding a motorbike at high speed is one of the most exciting things you can do.
c) Motorbikes are just another means of transport.


Add up your total and see if the person described below sounds like you:

Slide 12hello_html_6928e697.png

1-3 Very low on thrill-seeking. You like your comfort above all else. You’ll do everything possible to avoid dangerous or unpredictable situations. Why not try taking a risk now and then? You might surprise yourself!

4-7 You seem to have found a very good balance between healthy excitement and unnecessary risk. You give yourself challenges which make you an interesting person to know.

8-10 The ultimate thrill-seeker. You’re a bit of a wild one! Watch out thought that you don’t start taking stupid or dangerous risks just for the buzz. Remember it can be addictive!

  1. Evaluation.

Evaluators, tell us the results according to the evaluation list. Slide 13-14


  1. Back-up. Slide 15

  • I’ll give you cards, please, write down your comments, suggestions and wishes concerning our lesson.

  1. Home task Slide 16

  • To write an essay “Travelling of my dream”

  1. Conclusion Slide 17

  • I liked your work at the lesson. You’ve worked hard. Thank you for your work. The lesson is over.


  1. Herbert Puchta, Jeff Stranks “English in mind Student’s book 3”

  2. Herbert Puchta, Jeff Stranks “English in mind Workbook 3”

  3. www.youtube.com

  4. www.1september.ru

  5. www.eslteachers.com

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