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План открытого урока по теме:"Здоровье дороже всего"

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Lesson plan format

Grade: 9b

Textbook: K. Kaufman

Date: 20 December

Teachers name: Byazrova N.M.

School: Arkhonskaya №1

The theme of the lesson:  «Health is the best wealth”»

The aim: To generalize the knowledge on topic: “Health”

The objectives:

1. To practice speaking skills.

By the end of the lesson Ss will be able to make up tips how to stay healthy and tell why health is so important.

2. To develop communicative skills and abilities.

3. To form a healthy lifestyle.

Materials and equipment: Presentation Power Point, CD

Hand outs for Ss: Cards four group and individual work.

Language to be revised: Health

Lesson procedure










I. Introduction.

T: Good morning, dear children! I am glad to see you.

Ss: Good morning N.M! We are glad to see you too.

T: Take your seats. I hope you are all right, aren’t you?

Ss: Yes, we are and what about you?

T: I’m OK too. Are you ready to start the work? I want you to look at the screen, choose an idiom according to your mood and note it in your answer sheets. (slide 1 )

Well, today we are going to speak about the most important thing in human life. People wish it each other on birthdays and holidays. Life without it is very dull. We must take care of it otherwise we are unfit to perform our duties. What is it?

Ss: It is health.

Teacher: Right you are. (slide 2) Today we’ll revise everything we’ve learnt about health and body care and at the end of the lesson we’ll make the rules how to keep fit. I hope our co-operation will be important and useful because it will make you sure that your health is in your own hands. Look at the screen and choose an idiom according to your mood (slide 3)

II. Phonetic exercises. (slide 4)

Teacher: Let’s brush up your phonetics:

[ing] – Smoking, eating, drinking, exercising, taking drugs, getting up early;
[h] – wholemealbread, a good habit, a bad habit, alcohol, health, healthy;
[r] – drinking, drugs, taking drugs, bread;
[i:] – eating, sweets, too much sweets, sleeping to much or too little.

III. Warming up. (slide 5)

T: Agree or disagree with the statements:

T: Smoking is a bad habit. 
P1: That is right. Smoking is a bad habit.
T: Eating too much sweet is good for your health.
P2: That is wrong. Eating too much sweet is bad for your health. 
T: Drinking too much alcohol is a healthy habit.
P3: That is wrong. Drinking too much alcohol is not a healthy habit.
T: Eating low-fat food is a bad habit.
P4: That is wrong. Eating low-fat food is a good habit.
T: Exercising is good for health. 
P5: That is right. Exercising is good for health.

T: Why is health above wealth? (slide 6) Ss say their opinions.

IV. Checking up the homework. T: I think we can play the game “Hospital”. Let’s check up your homework. Ss act out the sketches about doctors and hospital.

At the Dentist’s

Student: Hello, doctor! May I come in?

Doctor: Hi! Come in, please. Sit down. What’s your name?

Student: My name is...

Doctor: Your age?

Student: I am eleven.

Doctor: What’s the matter?

Student: An awful toothache, doctor.

Doctor: An awful toothache? Let me see. Open your mouth, please. Wider, please. Your teeth are OK.

Student: Oh, doctor, an awful toothache. I can’t go to school.

Doctor: Oh, you can’t go to school... Now I see. I’ll take your tooth out. Nurse, give me my instruments.

Nurse: Is it what you want, doctor?

Doctor: Yes, it is. Thank you.

Nurse: My pleasure.

Student: Oh, doc, what’s that? My tooth is OK. I’ll go to school. Bye, doctor. Bye.

Doctor: A very good instrument for lazy students.

T: Very nice, funny, amusing.

At the Doctor’s

Doctor: Would you like to come in?

Patient: Thank you. (He coughs badly).

Doctor: That cough sounds really very bad. How long have you had it?

Patient: For about two weeks.

Doctor: I think I should listen to your chest and lungs. Breathe in deeply, that’s right, and once more, please. Sit down. I’m going to take your blood pressure and feel your pulse.

You are seriously ill. By the way, do you smoke?

Patient: Yes, I do.

Doctor: You shouldn’t smoke at all.

Patient: Oh, doctor, I’m afraid. What should I do?

Doctor: First of all stop smoking, take regular exercises, eat healthy food and go in for sports.

Patient: Thanks, doctor. I’ll follow your advice.

T: Thanks, the story was very interesting. You had to find proverbs about health? (slide7) Ss: 1.” An apple a day keeps the doctor away”2.”A healthy mind in a healthy body” 3. “Eat at pleasure, drink with measure and enjoy life as it is” 4.” Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” 5.”If you are ill, undergo treatment; if you are well, take care of your health” 6. “God takes care of the one who takes care of himself”7.”Wealth is nothing without health” 8. “Health is above wealth” 9.”Sickness in the body brings sickness in the mind” 10.”Eat to live, not to live to eat”

V. Rest time. - Let’s have a rest.

Touch your head

Touch your nose

Touch your ears

Touch your toes

Jump and run

Let’s have fun

Wash your face

Wash your hands

Clean your teeth

Stay healthy, please.

VI. Reading. Work in groups. Read the text and answer the questions.
Good health is not something we are able to buy at the chemist’ and we can’t depend on getting it back with a quick visit to the doctor when we are ill, either. We often ruin our health by poor diet, stress, bad working environment and carelessness. By keeping fit, changing bad habits or the surrounding conditions we can make our body last without major problems. And what are the ways to keep fit?
First of all you must miss no chance of outdoor activities as an antidote to our sedentary lives. Skating or skiing in winter and swimming in summer must become part of your everyday life.
Second, exercise. You must exercise whenever you can – in the morning or in the evening. Third, regular meals are a must if you want to keep fit. Try to avoid going without any food for hours.
Nowadays, health specialists promote the idea of wellness for everybody. Wellness means achieving the best possible health within the limits of your body. One person may need fewer calories than another. Some people might prefer a lot easier exercise to more strenuous exercise.
The English people have become very concerned about their health recently. In fact, fitness has become almost a national obsession. In large cities and towns alike people jog regularly, join sports teams and going to health clubs and Fitness Centers to work out.

1) How do we ruin our health?
2) What idea do health specialists promote nowadays?
3) What is wellness?
4) What is a national obsession today?
5) How do people keep fit in big cities?
6) What are the ways to keep fit?

VII. Listening. Listen to Anya (individual task) (slide 8)
B. George Smith smokes 40 cigarettes a day. He gets up late every morning, and drives to a café in the next street. He has a big breakfast and takes three spoons of sugar in his tea. Then he drives to the pub, and has 3 or 4 pints of beer before a big lunch. He never has any fruit after his lunch, because he prefers to have cake or sweets. The only exercise he gets is when he walks upstairs for his afternoon sleep. Later, he has a few more pints of beer and a big dinner, and then he watches television till midnight. At 2.00 he goes to bed, has a few last cigarettes, and goes to sleep with all his windows closed.

T: Work in groups and give advice to George Smith. Make up “Healthy living guide” to help him. Use the information on screen (slide 9)

IX. Homework. (slide10) Choose your homework: 1. Write essay on topic: “How to keep fit?” 2. Make a presentation on topic: “My healthy living guide” 3.Write a paragraph on any of the proverbs.  

X. Sum up. T: What do you think about the lesson? Was it useful for you? What will you do to be healthy? (slide11) Now fill in the table “My achievement” and evaluate your work. What marks can you give each other?

Look at the screen again and choose an idiom according to your mood. Write down the best rules you’ll follow to keep fit and hand in your answer sheets. The lesson is over. See you next lesson.

To organize the Ss and encourage them to work

The Ss formulate the theme of the lesson

To find out the inner state of the Ss

Pronunciation practice

To involve the Ss into the lesson

To develop dialogical speech skill

To take care of Ss health

Detailed reading

To develop listening and speaking skills

To give individual tasks

To sum up and to evaluate the answers of Ss

Class management:

Open class work

Open class work


Open class work

Open class work

Pair work


Group work

Group work

Open class work

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