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внеклассного мероприятия на английском языке


Описание работы: Предлагаю сценарий внеклассного мероприятия для учащихся 7-8 классов на английском языке. Данный сценарий будет полезен учителям английского языка. Сценарий театральной постановки направлен на обеспечение эстетического развития обучающихся.
Цель: Повышение мотивации к изучению английского языка.

Расширение объема лексико-грамматических знаний.

Совершенствование звуковой культуры речи школьников, их эффективному общению и речевой выразительности.

Совершенствование игровых навыков и творческой самостоятельности детей через постановку спектакля.

Развитие творческого потенциала учащихся через участие в театральной постановке. Создание условий для реализации индивидуальности каждого. Развитие памяти, мышления, внимания, воображения.


Создание условий для познавательной активности учащихся и потребности в практическом использовании английского языка.

 Развитие чувства ответственности за результат.

 Развитие способности учащихся работать в коллективе.

Ссылка на видеоурок 

Ход урока


Malifesenta - queen of the forest

Diaval - Raven

Fairy Notgrass - Christina (Red)

Fairy Fleetl - Katya (Blue)

Fairy Filsweet - Zhenya (Zel.)

Queen layla

King Stephen

The Dragon


Aurora (child)


VOICE: Let's remember an old fairy tale. Long ago, 2 Kingdoms lived in the neighborhood.

In one kingdom lived people like you and me.

And in another kingdom there were only swamps, which were inhabited by magical creatures of all stripes and guises, and Maleifesent
а ruled them ...

She grew up a kind and trusting girl, it was easy to mistake her for an ordinary one, she was a fairy.

But one day she was betrayed and her mighty wings were stolen. She was so hurt and hurt, and her kind heart was filled with anger and turned into ice!

Seized with a thirst for revenge, she turns to dark spells. And she is ready to take revenge on everyone who offends her in any way.

Some time later, the fairy saves a raven named Diaval from death, and he in gratitude agrees to serve her.

Scene 1:

Maleficent leaves the floor with terrible music, the terrible trees follow her like a retinue and next to the crows sit on the throne, thunder and lightning.

Maleficent - well, why are you turning. Report!

Raven reports - well, mm. they have there ... mm ... a holiday ... everyone is preparing for it ...

Maleficent - they have a holiday. in honor of the baptism of a child .... How wonderful! (with a grin)

SCENE 2 "The Queen, the King, the Three Fairies and Maleficent"

VOICE: The day of baptism has come, which the king and queen were looking forward to, everyone who just did not come to the kingdom of King Stephen, even the three fairies are filled with the best hopes.- Fairy Christina: I greet Your Majesty - I am Fairy of Notgrass from the swamp, miracle worker

Fairy Katya - I'm Fleetl Your Majesty

Fairy Zhenya - and I'm Filsweet

fairy Katya - we are fairies

fairy Christina - and great helpers

fairy Zhenya - We did not come empty-handed

fairies begin to conjure (witchcraft music)

Fairy Christina - sweet child, you will be the most beautiful and kind.

fairy Katya - my gift is not to know you sadness, let every day bring only one joy

fairy Zhenya - my gift brings you…. Wind started to blow

Lightning and thunder

Maleficent enters the stage

Maleficent - so so ... baptism in truth on a royal scale, (stroking a crow) as generously, children, parents, teachers. on a big scale, what a brilliant company ... I must say I was very upset not having received an invitation from you.

King Stephen - you are not welcome here

Maleficent - (sighs plaintively, then laughs ... horror, what an awkward situation

Queen Leila: are you offended?

Maleficent - not at all. And as a proof that I do not hold a grudge against you, I will also give you a sweet child.

King Stephen - we do not need gifts from you!

Fairy Christina - don't come near the girl!

fairy Katya - yes, go away

the fairy Zhenya is an evil spirit!

The sound of a short wind and a loud knock of closing the door

Maleficent shooed them, they fell and flew off stage

Maleficent - (examines the Snow Maiden) ... Mm ... m .... (fairies peek out of the chest, speaks ominously) Remember what I say ... The child of everyone in the world will be more beautiful and brighter than everyone else, will become the favorite of everyone,

Queen Leila - oh wonderful gift

King Stephen - do not try!

Maleficent - shhh ...

Maleficent begins to conjure

Thunder and lightning


King Stephen: Have mercy on the defenseless child, I pray

Maleficent: well ... The child will wake up from this dead dream, but only after experiencing the kiss of love!

Thunder and lightning

Maleficent is hiding

Queen Leila - where are you going….

King Stephen - stop!

VOICE: King Stephen in sorrow and frustration hid behind the walls of his castle .... Malifesenta erected an impregnable wall, protecting her kingdom from any encroachment and lived with thoughts of spell and merciless revenge. Three fairies went to a deep forest to hide from Maleficent and look after the girl. And Maleficent sends his faithful raven Diaval to follow the Fairies, but sometimes she herself came to the girl, since the fairies did not look at the child.


Maleficent made friends with the girl and tried to remove the spell, but she did not succeed. The spell was cast with intense anger and a desire for revenge.

Quiet wind and foliage

The fairies argued over when they should return Aurora to the castle. And then Aurora comes to them.

Aurora: Tomorrow I will be 16. And I am leaving you ... You just do not be upset ... (Fairies)

Fairy Christina - No ush, my dear, it is not in vain that I spent 16 years with these fools, we will immediately send you to your father's castle!

Aurora - What kind of father? You said that he and his mother died ...

Fairy Christina - Come on, I'll tell you everything in detail


Aurora ran to Maleficent

Aurora: Why didn't I know about the spell? It's true ?

Maleficent: True

Aurora: My aunts said it was an evil Fairy, how? I just can't remember her name (in a sad voice)

Maleficent: Maleficent

Aurora: So is that you? Are you Maleficent?

Maleficent approaches Aurora

Aurora - Stop, don't come, you are the very evil

Aurora escapes to the castle


Aurora runs into the room with the spinning wheels and specially touches the needle and falls asleep in eternal sleep.


Aurora lies in bed

The prince enters the room

Fairies: Come on kiss

The prince kisses Aurora, but Aurora still sleeps

The fairies and the prince are desperate

Everybody leaves

Maleficent and Diaval enter the room.

Maleficent - If not for my anger, this would not have happened ...

Maleficent kisses the girl and leaves

Girl wakes up

Aurora - Hello Maleficent

Maleficent - Hello, monster

Arora smiled

Diaval: Here it is, love

They leave the room, Maleficent finds her wings


Maleficent is caught in metal nets, but soon she gets out and defeats the guards.

Maleficent attacks the king

The king wounds her several times with a silver sword, but she kills him.

Maleficent demolished the wall


Fairies with a crown arrive

Fairy Christina - It is not for nothing that we shone our best years on you ...

Maleficent looked at her menacingly

Fairy Christina: Well, it doesn't matter ...

Fairies give cardboard to Maleficent and she puts it on Aurora

Everyone goes on stage and says goodbye.



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