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План теста по английскому языку

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test Grade 10.variant 1

1 I_____ the bus at seven o’clock this morning.

Acatched b caught c caught d am catching e catch

2 Where_____ the Browns living at the moment?

a do b are c is d did e will

3 Paul is the_____ boy I know.

a untidiest b untidiest c untidest d untidier e untidy

4 The film was______ interesting than the book, don’t you think?

A a lot of more b a lot more c a much more d much e most

5 John runs ______than Peter.

a more fast b more fastly c faster d fastest e as fast as

6 You can’t play the piano,______ ?

a do you b can’t you c can you d are you e you can

7 John refused_____ me yesterday.

a to help b to helping c helping d to helping e help

8 Coffee______ in Brazil.

a are grown b is grown c have grown d grow e grew

9 I______ go to bed late on school days.

a am not allowed to b am not allowed c am not let d am allowed e make

10 The children are very tired,______ ?

a are they b don’t they c aren’t they d do they e they are

11 That’s the woman_____ lives next door.

a who b which c where d that who e what

12 We _____have a car when I was little.

a.usedn’t to b didn’t use to c didn’t used to d never use to e use to

13 I would have brought the CD if you______ me.

a had asked b have asked c hadn’t asked d has asked e will have asked

14 When I got to school, I realised I______ my homework.

a have forgotten b forgot c had forgotten d forget e would forget

15 Where______ go for your summer holidays?

a did you use to b did you used to c did you use d do you used to e do you use to

16 The opposite of deep is_____ .

a high b low c shallow d long e huge

17 I’ll phone you when I get______ .

a to home b home c at home d homes e at house

18 There were terrible______ last year and huge areas of land were under water.

a flooding b flood c floods d hurricane e fire

19 How many trees are cut_____ every year?

a down b off c away d on e of

20_____ energy is energy from the sun.

a Solid b Solar c Sunny d Sun e Wind

21 Jim_____ a fool of himself at the party yesterday, didn’t he?

a made b was c had d hurt e do

22 My mother is quite _____now – she’s in her seventies.

a elder b elderly c older d the old e older

23 Meg Ryan is my favourite Hollywood_____ .

a actress b actor c act d sing e dancing

24 Let’s______ a pizza this evening.

a go b do c have d makes e eats

25 A ______has just learned to walk.

a baby b toddler c child d adult e pensioner

Entry test Grade 1variant 2

1 Were you watching TV when I called yesterday?_____

a Yes, I were. b Yes, I was. c Yes, I did.d Yes, I will. e Yes, we weren’t

2 The teacher came in while______ .

a we were talking b we talked c we are talking d we talk e we talking

3 It_____ rain later. Look, the sun is shining and the sky is bright blue.

a won’t b might c will d won't e can

4 If I______ time, I will help you with your homework.

a will have b don’t have c have d had e won't have

5 Paris isn’t as big______ London.

a than b as c tod so e them

6 Haven’t you finished your homework ______?

a already b yet c just d ever e recently

7 Frank has been a teacher______ fifteen years.

a for b already c since d yet e ever

8 Does your mother______ go to discos alone?

a allow you b let you to c let you d be allowed e lets

9 We’ve_______arrived – that’s why we’re hot!

a already b just c yet d now e since

10 I can’t stand ______for buses. It’s so boring!

a waiting b to wait c for waiting d wait e waits

11 ‘I’ll call you,’ Tom said. Tom said he______ call me.

a would b was c will to d will e wouldn’t to

12 If I______ enough money, I’d buy a car.

a had had b had c have d have had e will have

13 I like books______ are exciting.

a who b where c which d whose e whom

14 ‘What are you doing, Mary?’ asked Mr Jones. Mr Jones asked Mary _______.

a what was she doing b what she was doing c what are you doing

d what she did e what did she do

15 We______ earlier if we’d realised how long the journey was.

a would have left b had have left c would had left d had left e left

16 What time do you usually get______ ?

a at school b school c to school d in school e at school

17 Jack ran to school as fast as he could. Fast is _____.

a an adverb b an adjective c a verb d a noun e pronoun

18 A lot of people think that_____ warming isn’t a serious problem.

a planetary b earthly c global d sunny e wind

19 Why don’t we build a hydro_____- dam?

a electric b electricity c electrical d power e powerful

20 Do you think Kevin is interesting? – No, I don’t. I find him extremely______ .

a bored b boring c disinterested d sad e happy

21 The______ in the latest Terminator film are fantastic.

a specially effects b specific effects c special effects d especially effects e affect

22 Paul______ funny faces behind the teacher’s back.

a made b did c had d make e does

23 What do the Americans say for trousers?_____

a legs b pantyhose c pants d apartment e the Fall

24 I feel so______ when I listen to pop music today. It all seems so loud!

a medieval b middle-aged c medium-aged d old-aged e pensioner

25 Who wrote the______ to that film? I really loved the music.

a soundtrack b sound c score d scene e action

Key: 1 variant

1 c 2 b 3 a 4 b 5 c 6 c 7 a 8 b 9 a 10 c

11 a 12 b 13 a 14 c 15 a 16 c 17 b 18 c 19 a 20 b

21 a 22 b2 3 a 24 c 25 b

Key: 2 variant

1 b 2 a 3 a4 c 5 b6 b 7 a 8 c 9 b 10 a

11 a 12 b 13 c14 b 15 a16 c 17 a 18 c 19 a

20 b21 c 22 a 23c24 b 25 a

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