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Инфоурок Иностранные языки КонспектыПлан урока английского языка 9 класс по теме: «Профессия»

План урока английского языка 9 класс по теме: «Профессия»

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План урока английского языка 9 класс по теме: «Профессия»


Тип урока: комбинированный (чтение, перевод, лексика)

Цель: систематизация и закрепление пройденного за четверть материала.


  • to practice using words related to professions;

  • to practice listening for specific information;

  • to guess words by the context;

  • to take part in a role-play;

  • to practice communicative skills;

Оборудование: доска, компьютер, презентация.

The procedure of the lesson:

I. Organization moment.

Good day, boys and girls! I’m so glad to see you today. Good day dear colleagues! Welcome to our lesson. Dear boys and girls, I hope that you are fine today.

The motto of our lesson is “Sunny thoughts make the whole day brighter”.

Today we are going to speak about your plans for future and your future professions. You will do some lexical exercises to improve your speech.

II Warm-up

Now, answer my questions, please.

  1. What professions are popular among the young people?

  2. What do you want to be?

  3. Do you find this profession interesting (important) ?

  4. What subjects are important for your profession?

  5. What is your mother (father) by profession?

3. The main part. Teacher:

a) But do you remember the names of jobs connecting with people?

Here on the table you can see coloured lists of paper with different jobs. I shall ask you to come up to the blackboard listen to my description of this or that job, take the proper card and stick it to the blackboard.

1.a job of keeping the money ( a banker)

2. a job of selling goods ( a shop assistant)

3. a job of cutting men’s hair ( a barber)

4. a job of stopping fire ( a fireman)

5. a job of mending or pulling bad teeth ( a dentist)

  1. a job of making and selling medicine ( a chemist)

  2. a job of making photographs ( a photographer)

  3. a job of making your holidays happy ( a travel agent)

  4. a job of preparing food ( a cooker)

  5. a job of making new glasses ( an optician)

b) Professions can be classified as traditional and unusual.

Traditional professions are widely-spread among people.

Unusual professions are unusual, they are spread rarely.

Now your task is to classify the following professions into this categories.

Traditional:teacher doctor postman builder pilot butcher surgeon singer journalist firefighter vet dentist engineer

Unusual:trapeze artist combat soldier web designer race car driver cosmonaut bullfighter bodyguard lifeguard oil rig work

c) Match the words and the sentences 

  1. a teacher

  2. a doctor

  3. a policeman

  4. a clown

  5. a postman

  6. a dancer

  7. a fireman

  8. a baker

  9. a dentist

  10. a pupil

a) He bakes bread.
b) He works in a circus.
c) He takes care of our teeth.
d) He fights fires.
e) She studies at school.
f) He delivers letters.
g) She gives pupils homework.
h) He helps sick people.
i) He protects people.
j) She works in a theatre.

d) Correct the sentences.

  1. Doctors teach children.

  2. A nurse helps doctors.

  3. A pilot drives a car.

  4. A farmer works on a farm.

  5. Teachers work at school.

  6. A fireman brings letters.

  7. Workers bake bread.

  8. A programmer fights fires.

  9. Dancers work in the hospital.

  10. Clowns work in the circus.

e) Fill in the blanks. 

  1. My sister … a nurse.

  2. You … a baker.

  3. They … engineers.

  4. I … a fireman.

  5. My parents … doctors.

  6. Tom and John … pilots.

  7. He … a good farmer.

  8. We … students.

  9. His father … a policeman.

  10. I … a clown.

4. The speech model

Choosing a career is a troublesome problem because….


1. Choosing a job is very important because when you leave school you understand that the time to choose your future profession has come. It’s not an easy task to make the right choice of a job.

2. Choosing a career is a troublesome problem because there are many worthy professions, but not of them are in demand now. I think, now in Russia in demand are professions connected with economics, computers, advertising business and tourism.

3. I think that one of the most difficult things is to plan one’s own future. But a person may suppose what he or she would like to do in the near future.

4. Choosing a career is a troublesome problem because life is quite difficult now, but I want to have an interesting job. I would like my work to be connected with different countries and people. I’d like to communicate with people at my work. I also hope to enter some high educational establishment and gain more knowledge and more friends.

5. Choosing a job is a troublesome problem because it is not an easy thing to choose a profession out of more than 3,000 existing in the world

6. Choosing a job is very important because it is very difficult to face the real world and I am scared what if I choose the wrong thing and feel regret a mistake in future? I realize that I should plan my life and explore my choice from every angle before jumping into the work world. There is one thing I know I wouldn’t like to be “a square peg in a round hole”.

6. Speaking.

Well, friends, I see that choosing a profession is very important to you. You know there are highly-paid and low-paid, challenging and boring jobs. Now I’d like you to answer the question: Which is more important – a high salary or satisfaction? My job, for example, is not highly-paid, but it is extremely interesting. What’s your opinion of the problem?

VIII Working with cards

The task: You should advise your classmate to make the right choice. You should consider the personal qualities of your classmates and the traits of character. Discuss the task in groups.

IX.Game “ Guess My profession!”

 1. Someone needs to take care of babies or little children. This is my job.

2. It’s our job to put out fires wherever they happen.

3. I empty your cans of garbage into my truck. I drive the garbage to the city dump.

4. I help keep your neighborhood safe and catch people who are breaking the law.

5. We take care of you when you are sick or injured.

 6. I take care of cars and other vehicles.

7. We help you at the grocery store.

8. I sell food.

9. We serve you breakfast, lunch or dinner.

10. I take care of animals when they are sick or injured.

11. We grow and harvest fruit and vegetables for you to eat.

12. I raise the cows that make the milk you drink.

13. I help you take care of your teeth.

14. I deliver the mail from the post-office to your house.

15. I help run a business.

16. My job is to help run the city.

17. I cook the meals in a restaurant.

18. My occupation is to make your clothes fit just right.

19. It’s very important for everyone to keep the money safe. I help you do this.

20. I make bread, cookies, and cakes.

21. I work on the stories in a newspaper or a book.

22. I create things to play with.

XI. Summing up

Summing it up I’d like to say many roads are open before you. The most important thing is to work well. The English proverb goes “He works best who knows his trade.” But it is a mistake to think that all your work is in future. Try to take an active part in life now. There are many proverbs to do with work. Have a look at proverbs and explain how you understand this or that proverb.

A person who works at many trades never becomes really expert at any one of them. If is better to be really skilful at one trade than to have small knowledge of many.

XII. The end of the lesson

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