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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / План урока английского языка на тему "Talking of time" (6 класс)
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План урока английского языка на тему "Talking of time" (6 класс)


Lesson 20

Subject: English

Grade: the 6 -th form


Theme: Talking of time

Grammar: Past Continuous

The aims of the lesson:

Educational: students must be able to continue about Past Cont. and to practice their knowledge about the time; to understand the general meaning of the new words;

Developing: students must be able to develop their reading, speaking, writing and listening skills;

Bringing-up: students must be able to appreciate the importance in studying English.

The type of the lesson: lesson of communication the new knowledge

Visual aids: student books, blackboard, copybooks.

The procedure of the lesson:

Stages of the lesson


Teacher’s actions

Pupils’ actions

I. Organization moment. 

II. Warm-up

III. Checking home

IV. Vocabulary

V. The main part

VI. Reflection

VII. Homework






5 m


10 m

8 m




-Stand up, please. Good afternoon, boys and girls.

-I am glad to see you.

- Thank you, how are you?

-Sit down, please. Let’s start our lesson.

- Who is on duty today?

- Answer my questions, please.

- What date is it today?

- What day of the week is it today?

- Very well.

New words (Фронтальный опрос)

Did you have a good day yesterday?

What did you do?

And I had an unusual evening?

My graduate students visited me yesterday. They came at 5 o’clock in the evening.

We were having pizza at half past five.

We were watching video at 6.

We were talking about their plans for the future at half past 6.

We were singing karaoke at 7 o’clock.

Then they went home.

We had a very good evening.

Now let me see how carefully you were listening to me?

What were we doing at 7 o’clock yesterday?

We were singing karaoke at 7 o’clock.







  • Are we talking about past or present?

  • Are we talking about a certain time? What time is it?

  • Did we start singing karaoke before 7 o’clock? Yes, we did.

  • Did we finish singing at 7 o’clock? No, we didn’t.

  • Did we finish singing karaoke after 7 o’clock? Yes, we did.

  • Was the action completed at 7 o’clock? No it wasn’t. (it was in progress)

Ex 2 p 109 listen and practice.

Ex 3 p 109 read and match the sentences and pictures.

Ex 5 p 110 write what’s time?

When the action began before the certain point in time, was in progress at the certain point in time, was not completed by that time, and probably continued after it we use the Past Continuous (Progressive) Tense.

Put it down in your notebooks Past Continuous (Progressive) Tense.

  1. Say what were you doing at five o’clock yesterday? And listen to your classmates carefully?

I was helping my mum about the house?

  1. Could you tell me what was Stacy doing while you were doing your homework?

She was reading while I was doing my homework.

  1. Let’s play a game “Find someone who”?

You have one minute to walk around the room and find at least one person in the class who was doing something at a certain time yesterday. If you find anyone, then ask that person to write his or her name on your card and you’ll get a point. The person who finishes first gets the prize. (Stickers). Ready? Take your pens or pencils and get your card. Get, set, go!

1.When you rang me yesterday, I (have) dinner.

a) had dinner; b) was having.

2. He (wait) for Jack from 8 till 10 yesterday.

a) waited; b) was waiting

3. When my mother (arrive), we (watch) TV.

a) was arriving; watched; b) arrived; were watching

4. My sister (read) while mother (cook) supper.

a) was reading, was cooking; b) was reading, cooked.

5. Mr. Grey (swim) at 6 o’clock yesterday.

a) was swimming; b) swam.


Let us see whether we have found the answers to your questions. (I want to know …)

Look at the board and try to evaluate yourself.

  • See, if you can form the past progressive Tense, then you are welcome to move a star into a smaller circle.

  • Or maybe you can not only form, but you also understand the past progressive Tense, then you are welcome to move your star into the second circle.

  • If you think you are able to understand and form and use the past progressive Tense then move your star into the biggest circle.

Make a card for your partner with all the rules and timelines of the past progressive Tense. Think of your own examples.

Ex 13 p 113 interview your mother\father and complete the chart.

The lesson is over. Thank you for your hard work. See you tomorrow.

Good afternoon, teacher!

We are fine.

I’m on duty today.

Today is the th of November


Checking homework

The pupils write in your vocabularies new words

Answer the question

Pupils must write new words in the box.

Write the sentences in the past cont.

Controlled practice


Past Simple or Past Progressive?

Good bye teacher

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