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ИнфоурокИностранные языкиДругие методич. материалыПлан урока английского языка на тему "The USA" (8 класс)

План урока английского языка на тему "The USA" (8 класс)

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Қ.И.Сәтбаев атындағы №7 мектеп - лицейіhello_html_58a97402.gifhello_html_137ba7fc.gifhello_html_55a7fe44.gif

Тақырыбы: «The USA»

Сынып: 8 «А»

Дайындаған: Орынбаева Дана

Пән: ағылшын тілі

Орынбаева Дана




8 «А»




education :
Foster oral communication skills , listening , reading and writing ;
Check the assimilation of the material studied by students on the project « THE USA»;
Synthesize knowledge of the English language on the information «The USA»;
Teach skills of research and present their experience of the audience .
education :
Synthesize knowledge about the USA ; improve the ability to listen, read with extracting the necessary information to create the conditions for discussion students gained knowledge on the topic « The USA»
Developmental :
Promote the development of abilities to reproductive and productive speech activity . Memory , curiosity , imagination, memory through a gradual increase of speech units to auditory and visual basis.
 educational :
Develop tolerance and interest in the study of culture and history of the United States ;
Generate communicative competence and information ;

  • To compare two countries


  1. Usefulness of media products in class:

  2. Organizing information resulting from the research activities of students (Internet, additional sources ) and in existing teaching aids ;

  3. Improving Learning through simultaneous presentation of the students and the teacher the necessary information and display demonstration slides;

  4. Development of visual-figurative thinking by improving visibility ;

  5. Increased motivation to learn English and U.S. history.

Types of the lesson:

Optional lesson

Methods of teaching:

IT technology, methods of new technology


Table, active board, poster

Plan of the lesson

  1. To remember the last lesson’s materials “To catch the questions”

  2. Presentation of video

  3. Divide into 3 groups

  4. Vocabulary

  5. Presentation of the project works

  6. To make poster

  7. To make “2 stars and 1 wish”

  8. Doing exercises

  9. Homework

  10. Conclusion “1 picture and 5 words ”

The conduct level

Presentation of video:

I. - Greeting 1 мин.

Good morning, children. The bell has rung and we are ready to begin our lesson. Who is on duty today?

  1. At our last lessons we spoke about the geographical position of the USA and got some interesting information about this country and today we are going to summarize and consolidate your knowledge on the project work «Visiting the USA». Today we’ve talked about the USA, its geography and you’ve known many interesting facts about the country.

To check the methods of “to catch the questions”

  1. And I throw your this ball and who catch this ball that people answer my question and which 1st answered my question that take 3 points who won’t answer question than I can throw ball the 2 nd people if they answer my question and now they get only 2 point and if they can’t answer question I throw the 3 student and catching that student can take only 1 points do you understand

  2. - Checking of the home task 1 мин.

1.Who discovered America?

Christopher Columbus

2 Who was the first president of the USA ?

George Washington

3 What is the national symbols of America ?

The bald eagle

4 Which is the United States capital ?

Washington DC

5 Where is the Statue of Liberty ?

New York

6 The American flag has ?

Thirteen stripes

7 Where is the tallest building in the world ?

New York city

8 When do American celebrate independence Day?

July 4

9 What is the national sport in America ?


10 Who was the first man on the moon ?

Neil Armstrong

To presentation of video

  1. To show the video

  2. What do you say in this video?

  3. What do you think?

  4. What country you see?

  5. Today’s our lesson’s aim

  6. Today’s lesson’s theme: The USA

II. I want divide you into 3 groups you already get information about the USA which you want to work today’s lesson

And boys and girls you should choose one of them which you want to work in this groups. Come here and begin to choose: “National parks”, “Big cities”, “Famous people”

- To divide into 4 group student’s (топқа бөліну) 4 мин.


1 2 3

National park”, “Big cities”, “Famous people”,

III. Work with vocabulary

National – ұлттық

Especially – ерекше

Protect – қорғау

Disappearing – жойылу

Preservation – сақтау

Invent – ойлап табу

Performer – орындаушы

Architect – сәулетші

Leader – лидер

Area- көлемі

Situate –орналасу

Ocean – мұхит

The main level

  1. To presentation of project

To giving the marks and methods of Japan’s

Which group do presentation excellent you must say o o o o o and show your 1 finger and if you want to complete you can show 2 fingers and if you don’t understand you can show fist

To presentation the 3 groups 2minute



  1. 1. How many states does the USA consist of ?

  2. 2. What is the total area of the United States ?

  3. 3. Why is the population of the country so diverse ?

  4. 4. What does the US owe its economic position to ?

  5. 5. How many religious bodies are there in the country?

6. What programs have been designed for poor people since1960 ?

7. What are the busiest airports ?

8. What are the main political parties in the United States ?

  1. To make poster

Before making the poster we must say a letter A B C please and students A go please group A and B go B C go group C and go ok and please make your poster I’ll give you 5 minute

What do you know about the USA and Kazakhstan ?



Famous people in our country

National parks in our country

Big cities in our country

hello_html_m5e5f67f9.gifAnd ok let’s try to make 2 stars and 1 wish in a every group 2 students come here and put here your wish please


Conclusion’s level

Complete the chart


  1. Rose is the national symbol of America

  2. Yellow stone is national park in the UK

  3. Mark Twain was born in Missouri in 1835

  4. American celebrate Christmas on December 25

  5. Sport are very popular in Atlanta

Assessment and homework

I give you this blank and in every groups leader to give your marks

home task to do the project works theme: “Astana EXPO -2017and New York” sightseeings


Conclusion of the lesson we should do method’s of 1 picture and 5 words

Бағалаудың маршруттық картасы


Өзін-өзі бағалау

Өзара бағалау

Мұғалімнің бағасы

Қорытынды баға

1-тапсырма. Білу мен түсіну критерийлері:

- The USA бойынша 3-4 нақты ақпаратты біледі. ( 2 балл)

-себептерін,түсіндіреді, сипаттайды. (3 балл)

2-тапсырма. (Презентация) Қолдану критерийлері:

1. мазмұнының тақырып пен кезеңге сәйкестігі (2 балл)

2. эстетикалық бейнесі (1 балл)

3. білімді кеңейтуі, дамытуы (2 балл)

3-тапсырма.Жинақтау критерийі: «Екі жұлдыз бір тілек».Топ атынан екі жетістігі мен бір ұсыныс айту.(3-5балл)

4-тапсырма.. Талдау


1. қисынды қорытынды жасай алады. (3 балл)

2.өз пікірін ғылыми тілмен жүйелі жеткізе алады. (2 балл)

6-тапсырма. Бағалау критерийлері:

1. кемшіліктерінен ой түйіп, болашаққа жоспар жасай алады (2 балл)

2. өзін және басқаларды әділ бағалай алады. (2 балл)

3. жаңа ой, пікір ұсынады.(1 балл)

Қорытынды баға (Блум таксономиясының

ең жоғарғы деңгейі:

орташа деңгейі:

төмен деңгейі: (пайызбен)

Краткое описание документа:

формировать знания учащихся о географическом положений США.

- развитие внимания и навыки устной речи, чтения, письма

- развитие у школьников творческого мышления.

- воспитать устойчивый интерес к изучаемому предмету, положительное отношение к знаниям.

- воспитывать культуру общения, толерантное отношение к стране изучаемого языка.

- создание условий для сплочения классного коллектива, в ходе совместной деятельности;

Общая информация

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