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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / План урока английского языка "Scottish Holidays"
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  • Иностранные языки

План урока английского языка "Scottish Holidays"


hello_html_m2a7690f7.gifhello_html_m7697f2f.gifhello_html_m2a7690f7.gifhello_html_m2a7690f7.gifhello_html_m2a7690f7.gifLesson Plan

A .Students and settings

Students (ages 13-14)with elementary-low pre-intermediate English in a Russian-speaking environment. There are 13 students in the class.

Municipal budget secondary school where students are studying English as a second language. English is practiced in 45 minute lesson three times a week. I can build vocabulary from lesson to lesson.

B. Lesson Background

The previous lesson the students studied a geography of Scotland, population, sightseeing. I am expanding a previously learned point. The students will learn about the traditions of a Russian celebration the following lesson.

The lesson introduces new cultural facts about Scotland. Introduction- bagpipe sounds. They will watch a video file, read adopted information, discuss in pairs, work in teams to create a presentation. Students will do some set of tasks before making the presentation. In later lessons the students will use the presentations for making their own project.

C. Expected Results

Students will apply vocabulary and collocations from previous lessons. They will need to manage their group so that they carry out the instructions on the handouts in a timely way. As a result students make presentation. They may choose any theme ( CELEBRATIONS (Russian , American, English) they want. They will manage to do it because they have done it at the lesson.

D. Material and Sources

  • Teacher-created handout (attached- see below)

  • Students will need paper and pencil to make notes.





Michael Harris, David Mower, Anna Sikorzynska, Irina Larionova,Oksana Melchina, Irina Solokova (2004) Opportunities Russian Edition. Pre-Intermadiate,144(1),46-47.









Teacher does/says…

Students do/say…

Approx. time

Switches on a sound of bagpipes

Shows landscapes of Scotland (pictures) accompanied with music

Listen and try to guess the topic

1 min.

Asks some questions about Scottish Holidays

Watch some video extracts and say what you saw



(I draw a cluster on the board)

After watching I ask


Students answer

Tasty dish



Assigns students to pairs, mixing levels and abilities

Form pairs with teacher`s guidance, and pull chairs together to talk.

2 min

Gives a task to read some information about Scottish holidays and find the meaning of some phrases and words discuss questions before the text

Read the information and find the translation

10 min

Assigns students to teams, mixing levels and abilities

What holiday is it?

(complete the middle ellipse in the cluster)

Form teams with teacher`s guidance, and pull chairs together to talk.

Burns Nights

1 min

Gives a task to read the information again (using the algorithm) (enclosed)

Read and discuss the information according the algorithm

10 min

You are going to decide on a presentation to show to the class. The presentation will be based on the book material and other information you will find. Write short description to your presentation. Choose a leader and a reporter of your group.

Decide who will be a leader and who will be a reporter to make notes.

5 min

Meets with each team for 3 min to determine the theme of the presentation helps

The team begin discussing presentation

9 min

Let`s stop and group 1 tell us about your presentation (with each group)

Each group report back.

Other students evaluate their groupmates and ask them questions if they have


Homework: Make a presentation and tell about another holiday (Russian, American or English)not from the Student`s book.


The students` presentations will use authentic material from online resources. Earlier I gave them websites for using. They will be working in the library using authentic materials. At the beginning of the lesson I use realia- a real Scottish kilt. One of the boys tried it to look like a real Scotchman. And the song written by Robert Burns is a realia, too. The preparation will help them to improve their English ,to expand their vocabulary.

Algorithm of Group Working (reading)

1.Learners read a text in mind individually

2.One of the learners is “a teacher”. The others are students.

3.” The teacher”- summarizes the content of a paragraph

-makes up a question ask other students to answer it

-explains what is difficult to understand

-predicts what the following part will be about

4. “ The teacher” gives his role to another student.

Learner Feedback/Formative Assessment:

At the lesson I use a presentation, oral interview, peer and group assessment.

When a student is performing others listen to him attentively and ask him questions afterward. At the end of the lesson they say if they like the performance or maybe it`s better to work more about it.

G. Extended Reflection:

This lesson plan is similar to lesson plan Week2.

I added :


what will happen following this lesson

what happened previous lesson

elements of critical thinking

Formative assessment and learner feedback are counted in the plan.

This lesson plan incorporates all of the required topics.

It has all resources I used at the lesson: realia (video, a kilt) and authentic materials . Pair and group works are presented in the lesson plan ( group reading, pair discussion). I presented I presented critical thinking elements in the lesson plan in the form of cluster.

Plus assessments

Learner feedback: students evaluate the performers and ask them clarifying questions .

Formative assessment: I guide the process of reading and discussion, help, correct.

At the end of the lesson I evaluate.

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