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План урока английского языка в 5 классе по теме "Цвета".


The plan of the lesson


Subject: English

Form: 5

Theme: Colors


Educational: to study the colors in English and train them.

Developing: to develop pupils` lexical, speaking, listening, reading, writing, critical thinking skills.

Bringing up: to bring up love and respect to the subject, to create an English atmosphere; to teach pupils to be friendly and differentiate the colors in daily life.

The type of the lesson: combined.

Methods: critical thinking, game, informational-communicative technologies and assessment.

Equipment: presentation, posters, colorful pencils and papers.

The procedure of the lesson

  1. Greeting

-Good morning. How are you? Sit down, please. I am glad to see you.

II. Organizational moment

  1. a talk about on duty

  2. a talk about the date

  3. a talk about the weather

III. Warm up

-Please, stand in a circle and give compliments to each other. For example, you are beautiful.

IV. Checking up the home task

-What was your home task for today? Let`s check. (To draw activities they like and don`t like to do)

V. Introduction of the new theme

-OK, I will tell you some words and you should find the odd one and write the first letter of this word on the blackboard. Let`s start.

a. a book, a pen, a cat, a pencil- a cat (C)

b. an orange, a mother, a sister, a son- an orange (O)

c. a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, a lamp- a lamp (L)

d. Monday, Sunday, October, Tuesday-October (O)

e. history, geography, art, umbrella- umbrella (U)

f. spring, winter, summer, ruler- ruler (R)

g. a school, a sister, a lesson, a classroom- a sister (S)

Ok, what word have we got? Right you are, colors. It`s the theme of our lesson. Today we are going to speak about colors and you will work in groups.

VI. Main part

Division in groups

-Now, please choose one number from 1 to 12. Well, who has chosen an even number will be the first group, and non even number the second group.

-Let`s get acquainted with the rules of work in groups.

a. listen to each other

b. respect all ideas and opinions

c. be friendly

d. divide roles in the group

-So, let`s define what roles you will have in groups.

Roles: a time manager, a painter, a speaker, assessor, assistants.

Introduction of the new material

-Учить цвета я стала, цвет по-английски-color

Нам давали на обед помидоры цвета-red

Я по городу люблю бегать в джинсах цвета-blue

А лимон когда он спелый носит шкурку цвета-yellow

У елки цвет всегда один зеленый по-английски-green

Апельсин наш толстокожий носит шкурку цвета-orange

Чернокожий человек по-английски будет-black

По утрам не забывай чистить зубы цвета-white

Серый волк-гроза зверей носит шубку цвета-grey

Медвежонок так забавен, носит шубку цвета-brown

Розовые розы падают на ринг, цвет красивый розовый по-английски-pink

Training the pronunciation

-Repeat after me the colors three times

The sky is blue

The sun is yellow

The night is black

The apple is red

The tree is green

The orange is orange

The snow is white

The mouse is grey

The chocolate is brown

The rose is pink

Comprehension of the new lexis

-Boys and girls, today you will have a chance to evaluate your work and the work of your classmates yourselves. You have three smiles: a happy smile means the mark-5, neutral smile-4 and sad one-3. Your group, another group and me will give marks for each task and at the end of our lesson I will count and give a total mark for the lesson.

-Let`s begin!

Task 1. Match the colors with their names. (There are the names of the colors circles in different colors on the posters. Pupils should match them.)

Task 2. Paint a picture with the colors you hear. (There are two pictures. The teacher names the objects and colors. Pupils should color the objects.)

Physical exercise

-Let`s have a rest

Stand up, sit down, stand up

Clap, clap, clap

Point to the window, point to the door

Point to the board, point to the floor

Sit down, stand up

Clap, clap, clap

Task 3. Describe the picture. (There are two different pictures: a kitchen and a living room. Pupils should choose one and describe it naming the objects with the colors with the help of the structure there is/there are)

Task 4. Help a teacher to get to school naming the colors. (On the left corner there is a picture of a teacher and on the right corner a picture of school. And between them there are circles in different colors. Pupils should name all the colors correctly.)

VII. Conclusion

-Well, what have we done today? Very nice! Now, I will show a color and name it, if I`m mistaken, correct me. Ex.: It`s red. No, it`s blue…

VIII. Home task.

-Your home task is to draw your bedroom and write the colors of the objects.

IX. Evaluation.

-OK, let`s count your points… You were very active today! Well done! Your marks for today are…

X. Reflection

-Put apples on the tree. A red apple means the lesson was interesting and useful, a yellow apple-not bad, green apple-it was bad. The lesson is over, good bye.

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