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План урока "Dishes" 1 класс

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Lesson Plan

Teacher: Shakirova Alyona


Form: 1

Theme: Dishes. Leters Tt, Uu

Objective: Review the lexis on the theme “Furniture” using the prepositions on\in\under. Studying new lexis on the theme “Dishes”.

To involve students into the lesson.

Hello, children! \ Good morning, children! How are you today? I’m glad to see you!

Hello, teacher!

1-2 min



Name the theme of the lesson.

Checking home task

Let’s review the words you already know. I show the pictures, then the words. What words do you know on the letter A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S ?

Now please look at the pictures and answer the question “Where is the …?” using the prepositions

Apple, ant, ball, balloon, cat, cow, dog, duck, egg, frog, horse, hat, ice-cream, jam, jug, kite, key, king, lion, monkey, owl, parrot, queen, rabbit, sun .

Doing the task

10 min


Learning new

Now please open your books on p. 62. Listen to me and repeat the words and numerals. A kitchen, a plate, a cup, a spoon, a saucepan, a frying pan, a fork, a knife, a kettle.

Let’s learn the poem:

На кухне In the kitchen

Сахар, соль, мука и спички
Есть у нас на кухне, kitchen, 
Здесь увидишь ты всегда,
Как готовится еда. 
Хлеба круглый каравай 
Разрезает ножик, knife,
Для картошки и котлет
Получай тарелку, plate.
А теперь поставим, дети, 
На плиту наш чайник, kettle,
Закипит — нальем, кап-кап, 
Чаю прямо в чашку, cup. 
Будем чай с печеньем пить,
По-английски говорить.

Listen and repeat


Repeat and learn

7 min

9 min


Have a rest

Are you tired? Let’s have a break!


Repeat words and actions

2 min


Repetition, training, practice.

1. Please look at the cards I’ve gave you.

Your task is to put the letters in the right order according to the pictures. Then write them down in your copy-books and read to each other.

Now let’s sing the ABC song!!!

Writing, reading

8 min

5 min


To see the result of the lesson.

What did you learn today? What was difficult for you? Why? What did you like\don’t like?


2 min

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