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План урока "Dream vacation"

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Dream vacation

The aim of the lesson:
a) Practice pupils by doing different kinds of games and exercises of the lesson, enrich pupil’s vocabulary
b) Develop pupil’s skills and habits, making up different conversations
c) Bring up to interest in learning English and pupil’s feeling of international friendship.
Visual aids: interactive board, map, picture, card,
The type of the lesson: new lesson
Оқушылармен шаттық шеңберін құрап ынтымақтастық атмосферасын қалыптастырамыз.

Оқушыларды екі топқа бөлеміз.1-топ


Миға шабуыл әдісі бойынша үй тапсырмасын пысықтау

Exercise 8. Find a word or a phrase which is similar in meaning to:

1. Humorous or funny anecdote – a joke; 2. Abilities – skills;

3. Show off, speak proudly about something – to boast; 4. Present reasons and arguments – suggestions.

Exercise 9. Choose the best answer:

1. Boys gain leadership by c) giving orders; 2. Boys often argue about a) who wins or loses;

3. Girls like to play b) in pairs, in small groups.

Exercise 2. Read and translate the text “Kuralai’s dream vacation”.

When I go on my dream vacation I am going to fly all over the world. I will mainly see large cities. Maybe I will begin my trip in New York. There I hope to see the Statue of Liberty.

Then I’m going to fly to Paris. Probably I will see the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Notre Dame Cathedral. I’m also going to eat croissants.

Next I will fly to Rio-de-Janeiro and Cairo. In Rio I will definitely learn to dance samba. When I get to Cairo I will see the Nile River. Maybe I will see the Pyramids at Giza.

Then I am going to fly – to Melbourne, but probably I will stay only a few days in the city. I want to travel in the country and see the special animals like kangaroos and koala bears. Then I am going to fly to Tokyo. I hope to see the traditional city of Kyoto. Maybe I will try on a kimono there.

My last country will be Kazakhstan because this is where I live. I will be happy to be home again because “East or West Home is best!”

Exercise 3. True or False.

  1. Kuralai is going to visit the most important cities of the world. – True.

  2. In Cairo Kuralai is going to dance samba. – False.

  3. She wants to stay in Melbourne for a long time. – False.

  4. She dreams to see the animals that she doesn’t usually see in her country. – True.

  5. Her last country will be Kazakhstan because she will be tired. – False.

Exercise 4. What is Kuralai going to see or to do in these cities?

a) New York – to see the Statue of Liberty; b) Paris – to see the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral and to eat croissants; c) Rio-de-Janeiro – to learn to dance samba; d) Cairo – to see the Nile River and the Pyramids at Giza. e) Kyoto – to try on a kimono.

Exercise 5. What is the meaning of the proverb “East or West home is best”?

a. There is nothing like home.

Exercise 6. Number these countries according to Kuralai’s plan.

The USA – 1 France – 2 Brasil – 3 Egypt – 4 Australia – 5 Japan – 6 Kazakhstan - 7

Homework: Exercise 7, p. 63. To write a composition “My vacation”.

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