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План урока на тему: "What do you eat for breakfast?"

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Date: 28.01.2016

Form: 5

Subject: English

Teacher: Abuova R.N.

Theme of the lesson:

What do you eat for breakfast?


English 5 th Ayapova, internet materials.


To learn pupils asking and talking about food.

Results of teaching

They learn asking and talking about food.

Methods of teaching

Training «Greeting», «Work with a picture» (work individually), «Magic words» (work individually), «Let`s think together!» (work in groups), «Who is clever?» (work individually), «Think, pair, share» (work in pairs), «Circle of question» (interview with pupils).

Visual aids

Power point presentation, posters, stickers, cards, smilies, ball.

Procedure of the lesson


Teacher`s activity

Pupil`s activity

1 min

Organization moment.

Good morning, pupils!

Thanks. Sit down, please.

How are you? How is your mood? Look at the interactive board and show your feelings and mood by different smilies.hello_html_201ef3e8.gifhello_html_61d6e8d4.gif

Good morning, teacher!

Pupils show feeling.

2 min

Training «Greeting»

Ok. Let`s begin our lesson. Stand up altogether and stand in a circle for the training. Our training is called «Greeting». You do this exercise with your parts of the body. Number 1- with hands, number 2 – with legs, 3 – with head. Let`s begin.

Pupils stand in a circle and greet with their neighbours by their parts of the body.

5 min

«Work with a picture»

Ok. Let`s begin our lesson. What was your home task? I`ll check your home task by the method «Work with a picture».

Choose Which Picture Shows Healthy Food:


bananas.jpgpotato chips.jpgB

Pupils speak the names of fruit with the right article and take smilies by their speaking.

7 min

«Magic words»

Today we shall have a lesson according to our topic “Food” and we shall speak about tasty, healthy and useless food.

And now let’s start our work. Let`s do the method

«Magic words».


















Pupils work individually and find the magic words, take smilies by their speaking.

1 min

And now it’s time to have a rest. Stand up please and listen to the task: Clap your hands when you hear the names of fruits, jump when you hear the names of drinks.

a banana; 
• tea; 
• milk; 
• an apple; 
• an orange; 
• lemonade; 
• juice; 
• coffee; 
• a strawberry

Ok.Thanks. Sit down, please.

Pupils stood up and do the tasks. They have a rest.

8 min

«Let`s think together!»

-How many meals a day do you have? Name them.That`s right! Let`s solve the next riddle.The next method is named «Let`s think together!».

1) For breakfast I usually have … - 1 group

2) For lunch I usually have … - 2 gro group

3)For supper I usually have … - 3 group

Pupils work in groups, make a poster and protect them and take smilies by their speaking.

6 min

«Who is clever?»

Your next task is to find the odd word.This method is named «Who is clever?». Work individually and find the odd word.

1.milk –cake –juice –tea

3. carrots –cabbage –tomatoes –fish

2. apples –oranges –potatoes –bananas

4. sweets –ice-cream –chocolate –meat

5. cheese- yogurt – onion- milk

6. garlic – carrot – strawberry – cabbage

They work individually and find the odd word.

They take smilies fo their speaking.

6 min

«Think, pair, share»

Work in pairs and do the method «Think,pair,share». Answer to questions like this:

- What do you eat for breakfast?

- I eat porridge for breakfast.

- What don't you eat for breakfast?

- I don't eat meat for breakfast

Pupils work in pairs , answer to questions to each other and take smilies for their speaking.

2 min

«Circle of question»

Our method are over. Today we learn about what meals must eat. I`ll give you different questions, answer to them.

They answer to question.

5 min



Show your smiles by all methods. Pupils show their smiles and know their marks.




«5» excellent


«4» good


«3» satisfactory

2 min


Write your impressions about today`s lesson and tick in a different smilies.

hello_html_72d97102.gifHome task: «My breakfast» write a short essay

Our lesson is over! Good - bye!

Pupils write their impressions and tick them.

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