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План урока на тему "Lifestyles"

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Lesson plan

Level: intermediate (9th graders)

Goal: students will be able participate in social conversations

(the main focus is on speaking and listening activities)

Objectives: By the end of the class students will be able to

  • Talk about their own lifestyle and find out about other people`s

  • Use the Present tenses appropriately

  • Use language beyond the classroom

Topic: Lifestyles

  1. Warm-up


Look at the photos. What kind of lifestyle do you think the people have?

Use the key words to help you.


Example: I think a shepherd`s life is peaceful and relaxing- but maybe it`s boring sometimes….

Key words:

Boring, busy, creative, dangerous, active, easy, lazy, exciting, free, interesting, peaceful, relaxing, stressful


Listen to the people speaking about their lifestyles and write specific information they tell us.

Speaker A

Speaker B

Speaker C


Work in pairs. Look at the dialogue and continue it. Make it as much interesting as possible.

A: Mary`s life is very interesting because she……

B: Yes, it`s very…..

(After completing the task students will change their dialogues and they will have a discussion about what lifestyle can be interesting for their peers)

4. Work in groups of four. Take turns to talk about activities you like and don`t like. Talk for as long as you can. Use hesitation words to give you time to think of ideas while you are speaking.


A: Mm, well, I really love playing football, you know, and my favorite player is …..

5. Listening

Listen and answer the questions.

  1. When do students suffer from stress?

  2. What social occasion can be difficult for shy people?

  3. What is a good way of organizing work or studies?

  4. Who can people talk to about their problems?

  5. What exercises can help reduce stress?

Now, tell about your own experience.

  1. Whole class activity “Chain”. Choose a topic and create a speech.

My lifestyle

Role models- lifestyle determiners

Escape from the big city

Going underseas


Try to make a chain of ideas. One student should start, next one should continue his thoughts, and the third should continue the idea of the second student, so on and so forth.

Home work:

Do a survey about lifestyles. Follow the stages

Stage 1

Work in groups. Work out questions to make an interview.

Stage 2

Go to a place where youth likes to go. Ask people what lifestyle they have, find answers to your questions.

Stage 3

Make a presentation on different lifestyles people have and try to find out the nature of the differences and what determines our lifestyle.

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